The 14 Best Desks for Small Rooms in 2023

Rose Morrison

Aug 31, 2023

best desks for small rooms

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Are you headed back to school? Perhaps you and your employer decided to make your temporary work-from-home situation permanent, and you need a proper office. Either way, you have a small space, and you need to start looking for desks for small rooms. 

What are the best desks for small rooms? Below, please find 14 models that are sure to delight your tastes, whether you prefer a classic, vintage or sleek modern style. 


If you’re moving into a dorm, you don’t have much room to put a desk. You get half of a 130 square foot space on average, plus you might have to lug your belongings up several flights of stairs. You need something easy-to-assemble and straightforward.

1. Elephance Folding Desk, $89.99.

Folding desks serve double-duty. You can use them to hold your laptop while you type an essay and carry them to the great outdoors when you want to throw a picnic minus a blanket full of ants. At only 26 pounds, it’s an easy desk to transport between home and school. It can also serve as a dining or console table.

2. Designs2Go Blue No Tools Student Desk, $123.26.

If you’re heading off to college, you probably don’t have a tool belt with you. That lack creates a problem when it comes time to assemble your new desk. With the Designs2Go No Tools Student Desk, you won’t need to swing a hammer to construct your study space. You’ll gain convenient shelves on either side for holding books or pictures of your pet hamster back home.

3. Grovelane Amos Secretary Desk, $127.99.

Eco-warriors, this desk is for you. Rubberwood is an ecologically sourced hardwood that produces latex throughout its lifetime. When the yield subsides, they get made into furniture — like this piece. 

4. Techni-Mobili Graphite Compact Computer Cart With Storage, $73.01.

This desk is uber-convenient because it has wheels. You can roll it up to your bed for when you want to burn the midnight oil without sitting in an uncomfortable chair. 


If you sometimes see clients in your home office, you need a credenza-style desk that hides clutter and cords while keeping pens and files close at hand. Here are two styles so affordable, you’ll barely have to send your expense report to HR. 

5. Ikea MALM Desk, $299.99.

If you are a tax preparer or an accountant, you want a handy drawer or two to stash a calculator and informational packets. This credenza-style desk comes in three colors to match any home office scheme, from streamlined modern to farmhouse cozy. You’ll find two drawers, one for supplies and another for files, as well as a hidden shelf to tuck away your computer cords. 

6. Lorell Chateau Series Mahogany Laminate Desking Credenza, $571.00.

Not all desks for small rooms are built the same and sometimes, more room behind your desk is what you need. If you’re an architect, you may need a place to stash blueprints or an oversized printer. The Chateau Series offers ample area to conceal what you need to from clients’ prying eyes while presenting a polished, professional front. 

7. Monarch Specialties Metal Office Desk, $326.99.

This desk is sleek with smooth lines and a modern design. It has large drawers for storage and a floating top that makes it easy to hide your cords and cables.

Corner Models

One way to save home office or dorm space is to tuck a desk into a corner. That way, you preserve more area on the floor for throwing down a yoga mat. 

8. CubiCubi Computer Corner Desk, $104.99

This compact desk has a lot to offer. It’s primary desktop seamlessly turns into a a shelving unit, providing plenty of storage space. The other side contains hooks to hang a headset or other items.

9. Tangkula Corner Desk with Hutch , $209.95.

If you are short on space but big on ideas, dream away at this corner computer desk. This model uses vertical organization to give you storage while maximizing your floor space. It also comes with a tray to hide away your keyboard for even less bulk.

10. GreenForest 51 inch L Shaped Gaming Desk.

For a large desktop that conserves floor space, consider using this corner gaming desk. It has room for multiple monitors and is simple enough to customize for your liking with file folders or shelves.

11. OS Home and Office Furniture Brown Corner L-Work Center and Two Hutches, $890.49.

Are you and your spouse sharing a home office? If you plan to continue this system, you might need a desk with elbow room for two. This model comes with a hutch and file cabinet drawers for you both. 

Floating Desks 

Floating desks save significant floor space because they mount to your wall. You will need to locate the studs, but once you do, you’ll have ample room to work and play, even in a tiny studio apartment. 

12. COSTWAY Wall-Mounted Desk, $64.99.

This floating desk has a large desktop while keeping your space breathable. It even comes with a pull-out keyboard tray. It has cable management and can double as a decorative table.

13. PrePac Rectangular Black Floating Desk With Cable Management, $155.33.

If you want something more permanent that also hides those nasty cords, you found it with this floating desk model. It can support up to 100 pounds, so you won’t tear out the drywall if your toddler uses it for balance. 

14. Andover Mills Sanner Fold-Away Floating Desk, $419.99.

When you want to go strictly minimalist, you’ll love this model that takes less space than an old-fashioned rotary dial wall phone. It folds up into a box so that you don’t bang your hip whenever you walk by it. 

Select One of These 14 Desks for Small Rooms 

If you have a tiny space to work-from-home, or you’re heading back to the dorms, you need a desk that doesn’t monopolize your living area. Select one of the 15 models above to telecommute or study in style. 

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