How to Fit a Couch Through a Doorway: 6 Tips and Tricks

Peter Chambers

Feb 12, 2024

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Everyone’s been there: in the excitement of moving, you get stuck trying to figure out how to fit a couch through a doorway. If you find yourself and your moving buddies looking like the cast of Friends trying to get Ross’s couch up the stairs, you may be able to make things a little easier. When your cozy sofa is just a little too wide for your new front door, try these tips to get it into your home. 

1. Remove the Legs

The first thing you should try to help your couch fit through your doorway is removing the legs. If your couch is shorter than it is deep, you might be able to get it through the door on its side if you just take off the legs. This isn’t possible on all couches. However, if it is possible on your couch, you should just be able to twist the legs to unscrew them. When in doubt, you can also refer to your sofa’s assembly instructions if you still have them. 

2. Remove the Armrests

If you’re trying to figure out how to fit a couch through a doorway, the armrests might actually be your problem. Removing the armrests of the couch can allow you to angle the couch easier, especially if the armrests are as long or longer than the seat of your couch. 

Of course, not every couch has removable armrests. If they are removable, you may have to unzip (or un-velcro) the fabric of the seat back or underneath the couch to access the screws that connect the armrests. 

3. Push it Through the Door at an Angle

Another easy tactic that often solves the problem of getting a couch through a door is angling it. This is especially helpful if you’re in a hallway that’s preventing you from pushing the couch through the door straight on. Angle the couch horizontally and tilt it on its narrowest side then try to push it through the door in a straight line. This is often even easier if you remove the couch’s legs. 

4. Slide it Through Vertically

When you’re trying to figure out how to fit a couch through a doorway, your first instinct is usually to keep it horizontal and angle it in different ways. However, depending on the dimensions of your couch, it might be easier to get it through the door by standing it upright on its side so it’s vertical. 

This tactic only works if the length of your couch is less than the height of your door. So, it’s not an option for extra-long sofas. However, it might work for smaller couches or loveseats. Turn the couch vertical right in front of the door and turn it as you slide it through, almost like there’s a hinge in the angle of the couch. 

5. Squish the Pillows if Possible

Some fluffier couches might look like they’re too wide for your doorway when they’re actually not. If your couch is close to fitting through the door, try pushing it through in a way that squishes the softest part of the couch. 

For example, feel the top of the seat back of your couch. Does it have an inch or two of give before you feel the hard frame underneath? If so, turn the couch sideways so you can press down that soft part of the couch as you push it through the door. You may need to push hard, but that squishy part of the couch should just bounce back once it’s through, like a pillow. 

6. Remove the Door From its Hinges

When all else fails, if you just need another inch or two to squeeze your couch through the door, try getting rid of the door. By taking the door off its hinges, you can get a little more wiggle room in the doorway. 

Removing a door from its hinges requires a few tools, but it’s relatively easy. Make sure you keep track of all the pieces as you remove the door so you can put it back on afterwards. Also, for the sake of safety make sure you have at least one other person to help you take off, move and reattach the door. 

How to Fit a Couch Through a Doorway

These six tips and tricks can help you figure out how to fit a couch through a doorway the next time you get stuck during the moving process. If you’re getting ready to move and haven’t purchased a new couch yet, you should always measure the width of your new front door before buying a couch. One way to make it very easy on yourself is to keep the couch in its packaging until after you get it inside. Moving a disassembled couch is way easier than moving a fully assembled one.

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