Apartment Office Ideas for the Young Professional

Rose Morrison

May 26, 2021

apartment office ideas

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As a young professional, one of the most important parts of laying out your home is having a space where you can take care of business. Maybe you work from home, have a few work-from-home days, or even have creative projects you like to work on in your free time when you’re not in the office.

Regardless of your exact office situation, it’s important to cultivate a space where you can feel free to be productive and get things done comfortably. Of course, every young professional is different — you have your own unique home with features and qualities that you know and love, and that will affect your apartment office ideas in different ways. Not only that, but each person works best in their own unique environment. Some people prefer quiet, calm spaces, while others prefer a bit more decoration and motivation.

While everybody has their own home office preferences, there are a few universal tips that everybody can take into consideration, especially when you’re first starting out. Here are nine office ideas you can use for your apartment.

Make a Separate Space

One of the biggest apartment office ideas people give young professionals about their work-life balance is to have their own, separate space designated for their work. This is especially prevalent for those who work remotely, especially permanently — not just during the pandemic.

Having your own space where you can work and walk away at the end of the day can help you maintain a healthy and sustainable relationship between your job and your private life. If you don’t have an entire room to make your office, try tucking your desk into a special corner or section of your room.

Light Things Well

a desk with a laptop with sunlight shining and a plant

If you tend to work early in the morning or later into the evenings — or if you don’t have natural light in your workspace — lighting your space well can make a huge difference in your overall productivity and even your mood.

If you can find a simple, quality desk lamp with LED lights that doesn’t take up too much space on your desk, it can help out your eyes while you get your most important work done. This can be especially useful for those who are starting to notice their eyes bothering them from overlong screen time — you’ll notice the payoff and thank yourself later.

Use a Corner

Another great trick for those who don’t have a private room to make an office space? Tucking things away into one specific corner can give you not only the work-life balance benefit, but also allow you to spread out a bit more and feel more comfortable with your workspace.

Tucking your setup into a corner can help transform an entire room, and make the most out of your office space. Corner desks, a bit more wall space, and comfortable room to spread out your things? Yes, please!

Keep Things Organized

an organized home office with a blue wall

Another important piece of putting your home office space together is the organization element that usually comes into play — and if not, it should. As a young professional, it can be a little easy for life to get a bit hectic and feel out of hand. While some people are more organized than others, everybody has a level of organization that makes them feel comfortable with their home office situation.

Keep things as organized as possible by using drawer organizers, bins, labels, and other tools that can help you keep yourself and your space tidy.

Use a Room Divider

Whether your space is shared between an office and a bedroom or you share an office with another person — or you just want a bit more focus and separation from the rest of the room while you’re working on your tasks — a room divider can be a great way to stay focused and get a bit of privacy in the process.

While you can find a curtain that fits your needs, you can also use a classic folding room divider if that’s more your style. This can be a great solution for those who would rather have a bit of seclusion and work best independently.

Pump in the Good Vibes

a well-lit home office with shelves of decor

The vibe, the mood, the feeling. It’s arguably one of the most important elements of any personalized space. Why should your office be any different? While organization, space, and layout are highly important when it comes to office spaces, you need to feel good and comfortable in order to be productive in whatever space you’re using, too.

While this will largely depend on your personal taste, putting up art you love, playing music that makes you feel uplifted, using mood lighting, and decorating with your favorite colors can put you in a productive headspace so you enjoy your time a little more, and get more done.

Systems of Entertainment

You might not think about adding an entertainment system in the traditional sense — such as a television with a streaming setup or a video gaming system — in view of your home office. In fact, that seems a little counterintuitive. However, there is a certain kind of entertainment system you might want to consider for your home office: your music setup.

While not everybody enjoys listening to music while they work, it has been proven in many circumstances that white noise, relaxing sounds, and wordless music can help people focus. If you’re one of those people, having a simple Bluetooth speaker, a soundbar, or a quality pair of headphones can help you get in the mood to work and be more productive.

Get Shelving

a maximalist home office with shelving

When it comes to storage and organization, finding some quality shelving can make the difference you need in your office. Whether you have an extensive book collection, files that need storing, or a few different odds and ends, finding a bookshelf to store everything can keep clutter off your desk and allow you easy access to anything you might need.

While a free-standing shelf can be great for storing books in more spacious offices, you can also take a look at more stealthy shelving options like floating wall shelves and stackable shelves that can go on top of desks. It really depends on what you need to store.

Find a Comfortable Chair

In order to sit comfortably and work all day long, you need the right kind of support. That support should probably come in the form of a chair. While there are places where you might want to scope out a bargain for office furnishings, like secondhand stores, your chair is probably not the place you want to skimp.

Even if you find something basic and simple, your office chair will be responsible for the support you need while working all day long. Give your back a little love and find a chair that really makes you comfortable!

Try These Apartment Office Ideas

When exploring apartment office ideas, there are so many things you can try out. Whether you have a whole room or a shared space, or you need to squeeze it in wherever you can, there’s always room to create an optimal space for productivity. By bringing in the good vibes, creating a bit of privacy, and staying organized, you can get the best head-start possible to your professional life.

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