5 Best Ways to Fold Towels to Save Space

Evelyn Long

Mar 18, 2024

bath towels folded and stacked on counter

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Folding towels may be something you do on auto-pilot while zoning out in front of the TV as part of your regular laundry routine. It’s typically not a task that requires a lot of thought — you just want to get it done, stuff the towels in the linen closet and carry on with your day. What if your closet is getting out of hand, though? Towels can take up a lot of room and you may be running out of space.

You can use various techniques to maximize your closet and keep everything looking tidy. Here are the best ways to fold towels to save space.

Ready, Set, Fold

Stacks of folded towels in various colors.

Folding towels may seem elementary, but there are several things to consider before jumping in. 

First, know what you have to work with. Empty your closet and inspect all your towels, removing any that are torn, faded or permanently stained. Eliminating them will give you more space to work with. Consider donating them to an animal shelter, which will gladly put them to use.

Sort what’s left by categories, such as beach towels, bath towels and washcloths. You can even organize by color. Keeping the same sizes together will provide a neat appearance and make the most of your space.

If your towels are fresh from the dryer, ensure they are completely dry. Items that are even slightly damp when put away can develop unpleasant odors or even mold, which can spread to other towels. 

Ensure you have a flat, clean surface — the last place you want to fold your clean towels is on a dirty floor or in your hands. A workbench, table or even the top of your dryer are good options. 

Space-Saving Folding Methods

Pink and blue towel folded in the best way to fold towels to save space

The best ways to fold towels to save space vary. Consider these methods to make the most of the room you have and appeal to your aesthetic.

Deep Fold

The deep-fold method is best for stacking items on your shelves.

  1. Place the towel on a flat surface with the finished side facing down.
  2. Fold one long side of the towel one-quarter up, smoothing it down and making a crease. Do the same with the other half so the two sides meet in the middle.
  3. Fold the towel in half lengthwise so there are now four layers.
  4. Fold the narrow ends to the center, leaving an inch or two gap in the middle.
  5. Do one more fold to bring the two sides together.

Now you have a neat package that will look great on your shelves. 

Narrow Fold

Narrow-fold towels look great in your linen closet or displayed in a bathroom basket for a spa-like look.

  1. Fold the towel in half lengthwise.
  2. Fold the towel in half in the other direction and align all four corners.
  3. You can either fold in thirds to create a narrow packet to store in your closet or make a tight roll, starting from the open edge, if you’d like to display it in your bathroom.

This method creates an attractive packet that allows for more room in your closet.


Tri-folding your towels is quick and easy and is a real space-saver.

  1. Lay the towel flat with the finished side down.
  2. Fold one long side to the middle, making a crease.
  3. Fold the other third over the folded portion to create three layers.
  4. Fold in half lengthwise and smooth. Repeat one more time to create a small square.

The resulting shape is easy to stack and store.

Kon-Mari Fold

Marie Kondo is an expert on paring down your belongings and living simply, but you may not know that the KonMari method can also be applied to folding towels.

  1. Fold the towel in half lengthwise.
  2. Fold the towel in half widthwise.
  3. Fold into thirds by folding one side in and rolling the other over it.

The best thing about this method is that the towels can stand upright, which saves space and also looks great in your bathroom.

Spa Fold

Perhaps you enjoy luxury with practicality. In that case, the spa fold is for you.

  1. Lay the towel on a flat surface.
  2. Fold one corner diagonally to the center. The short sides will line up with the long side, creating a point at the end.
  3. Fold the towel in half lengthwise.
  4. Flip it over so the folded edge is on the bottom
  5. Roll the towel tightly starting from the side opposite the point.
  6. Tuck the point into the roll to secure it.

This is a great folding method for displaying towels in a basket or washcloths in your guest bathroom.

Keep It Neat

A folded green towel stacked on two folded white ones.

There are several things to remember when determining the best ways to fold towels to save space. Otherwise, you’ll end up with wrinkles when unfolding and a generally untidy look, which negates your efforts.

Ensure the raw edges of the towel are hidden — that’s why you always want the finished side facing down when folding. Be sure to smooth the towel after every step to keep wrinkles at bay and have everything lined up properly. Avoid bunching around folds so your finished product does not look messy.

Take your time when folding your towels. Although you may be inclined to hurry through this task, slow down and be mindful of your actions. The idea is to save space, which will be challenging if you end up with a sloppy stack. Along that mindset, keep like items together, such as washcloths, face towels and bath towels, for a neat and cohesive appearance. Stack your towels before putting them away instead of shoving them in willy-nilly.

Be consistent with your folding techniques. Find a method you love and stick with it to save space and look stylish. You can even have two techniques for different areas, such as tri-folds in your closet and spa-folds in your bathroom. Make it work for you.

Discover the Best Ways to Fold Towels to Save Space

Once you learn the best ways to fold towels to save space, you’ll never want to return to a messy methodology. You’ll enjoy extra room in your linen closet, have a stylish bathroom and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being organized. 

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