10 Best Organization Hacks for Small Spaces

Evelyn Long

Jul 24, 2020


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Whether you have a little apartment or a tiny house, it’s not always easy to stay organized. In fact, any small room has its challenges. The recent quarantine has taught remote workers everywhere that it’s imperative to keep their home office areas clean and tidy. You should also ensure that your house as a whole stays organized.

Here are 10 organization hacks for small spaces.

1. Use Vertical Storage

A living room with a wall of built-in shelving with blue accents

You should think vertically if you need organization solutions for small spaces. Your walls can make a significant difference when you outfit them correctly. A tall, skinny dresser makes more sense for a tiny area than a long, wide armoire. You can hang shelves, bins, cabinets and more. You’ll be able to keep different items there so they don’t cause clutter.

2. Hang Over Doors

White cloth shoe rack hanging on a white wooden door

Like walls, doors can provide another way to store objects. Hang a shoe rack over your bathroom door to organize toiletries. You could even drill wire baskets into a closet door to store cleaning products. If you don’t want to try a DIY project, it’s easy to find over-the-door storage containers at various retailers. There are many options for cabinet doors, too.

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3. Build Custom Pieces

A close up of a woman using an electric screwdriver

An exceptionally small space may require a custom approach. If you can’t find storage to fit your office, bedroom, closet or another area, you should consider a more specific design. You can create cabinets and cubbies with a few simple materials. This way, you’ll be able to save yourself some headaches. It’s often more cost-effective to make your own furniture anyway.

4. Stow Objects Underneath

Three grey bins with toys stored under a bed for a best organization hack for small spaces

Many people neglect the space under their beds. This area can serve as a place to stow bins with clothes, blankets and shoes. You could even store items under your couch if there’s enough room. Feel free to use plastic containers or buy a more design-friendly storage system with cabinets. Either approach makes for a tidier space.

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5. Stack Tension Rods

A white tension rod with multi-colored clothing hanging on it

One of our organization hacks for small spaces is often overlooked – using tension rods. Tension rods can do more than hold curtains. In fact, they’re an effective solution for many storage woes. You can use them to hang up bathroom products, create shelves for shoes, divide a spice drawer and more. You can even use them inside a closet that doesn’t have a bar to hold clothes. Because tension rods are flexible, it’s easy to apply them to multiple spaces.

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6. Don’t Forget Magnets

A set of knives and scissors hanging on a magnetic knife holder strip

Magnets can help you store various items on walls in your kitchen and elsewhere. Try a magnetic knife holder and spice rack for greater accessibility. If your fridge can hold magnetic objects, you can buy a more extensive storage solution that serves many purposes. Some products have several shelves and racks to store many items at once. This trick can help you save space when you can’t use a permanent solution.

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7. Try Functional Furniture

A wooden trunk used as a coffee table in a living room

It’s important to think about functional furniture, too. Every decision counts when you don’t have much room. You could try a bench with space for bins underneath. Or you could opt for storage-friendly furniture like hollow ottomans for your living room. If you are interested in a hollow ottoman, we recommend Songmics folding storage ottoman bench. Consider all aspects before you fill your home with one-dimensional furniture. A single piece can make a huge difference.

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8. Place Hooks Everywhere

Four bathroom hooks under a clock and a shelf

Hooks should be your best friend. They’re perfect for decorations, but they’re also effective for storage. Does your kitchen need more cabinet space? Hang up pots and pans with an s-hook. Keep your shower towels behind your bathroom door for easy access. There are several ways to install hooks for storage around your house. You’ll never have to rummage inside your closet for your favorite bag again.

9. Buy Movable Racks

A black moveable rack with clothing and a hat hung on it

A temporary rack can make organization easy. Place one over your kitchen sink to dry dishes and store soap and sponges. A shelf over your toilet can keep toiletries ready to use. You could even put one inside a closet for better storage. If you decide to move, it’s easy to pack these storage solutions for another home.

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10. Decorate With Baskets

A boho decorated living room with three baskets used for storage

A few baskets can make your house look more put-together for two reasons. They’re not only tasteful, but they also provide hideable storage. Use them to stow blankets, laundry and any other object that you don’t need to access frequently. When your house isn’t cluttered with random objects, it looks much nicer.

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Use These Tricks for a Clean and Tidy Home

You can find storage tricks that work for your needs, whether you have a disorganized closet or a messy bedroom. Try these organization hacks for small spaces to keep your house tidy.

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