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The United States is filled with bustling cities and beautiful landscapes. While some people spend forever in their hometown, others feel the call to move…

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Before signing your first lease, check out the landlord, tour the space, determing who's paying for the utilities and review any guest policies.

Signing Your First Lease: What to Look Out For

Jun 9, 2023 — Evelyn Long

What should you look for before signing your first lease? Read on to learn about what little details to keep in mind before committing.

Two people painting a wall.

How to Get Paint Out of Your Clothes

Jun 8, 2023 — Evelyn Long

When you paint your home, your clothes are common casualties. However, there are ways to…

How to Unclog a Drain

Jun 7, 2023 — Peter Chambers

Dealing with a clogged drain is a frustrating experience that homeowners will face. Whether it…

get approved for an apartment

How to Get Approved for an Apartment With Bad or No Credit 

Jun 6, 2023 — Peter Chambers

Your living situation has become untenable. Perhaps you can’t stand staying under your parents’ roof…

10 Practical Renovation Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Jun 5, 2023 — Olivia Elsher

You’ve found a property you love, organized your finances, submitted a winning offer and maybe…

Building a Smart Home From the Ground Up

Jun 3, 2023 — Olivia Elsher

We may be some ways off from having a robotic housemaid like Rosie Jetson, but…

How to Clean Skylights Safely and Effectively

Jun 2, 2023 — Rose Morrison

Skylights make a stunning addition to your home, especially if you love bringing the great…

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Jun 1, 2023 — Peter Chambers

Kitchen remodeling can be an exciting but lengthy process. There are many decisions to consider…

Building Better

Building a Smart Home From the Ground Up

Jun 3, 2023 — Olivia Elsher

We may be some ways off from having a robotic housemaid like Rosie Jetson, but…


Living Locally: 6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Any Town

Apr 26, 2023 — Olivia Elsher

Live like a local is one of the buzziest travel tips — some say it…

What Are Passive Solar Houses, and How Do They Work?

Feb 11, 2023 — Peter Chambers

Building a passive solar house is a great addition to any homeowner’s green journey. This method of home building considers the sun as an indispensable – and inexhaustible – resource.

tiny houses movement

5 Roadblocks the Tiny House Movement Faces

Feb 11, 2023 — Rose Morrison

The tiny house movement seems to offer the perfect solution to today’s housing crisis. With…

tiny house movement

Housing Crisis: What’s Slowing Down the Tiny House Movement?

Feb 10, 2023 — Peter Chambers

 There’s a housing crisis in America. Corporate ownership of land threatens to turn entire generations…

why do buildings often have poor air quality

Why Do Buildings Often Have Poor Air Quality? 6 Facts

Feb 8, 2023 — Rose Morrison

The COVID-19 pandemic brought indoor air quality into the public eye, perhaps for the first…

tiny house movement

Can Changing Housing Ordinances Help the Tiny House Movement?

Feb 6, 2023 — Rose Morrison

Although they were originally meant to be helpful, housing ordinances sometimes get in the way…

What a Building Inspector Looks For

Jan 31, 2023 — Evelyn Long

A commercial building is a structure located on commercially-bought real estate. Buyers purchase commercial properties…


how to decorate the ceiling

How to Decorate the Ceiling

May 5, 2023 — Rose Morrison

Architects and designers often refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall. You may give…

Best Multipurpose Furniture

Feb 27, 2023 — Evelyn Long

Small spaces can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. However, you can conserve room and…

From Trash To Treasure: 4 Ways To Transform Your Furniture

Feb 25, 2023 — Rose Morrison

Transforming old furniture into something new and fresh is the perfect way to take something…

The Best Modular Apartment Furniture for Your Space

Feb 19, 2023 — Evelyn Long

Whether you’ve been in your apartment for a while or are moving somewhere new, you’ll…

9 Best Stoves for Your Kitchen

Feb 19, 2023 — Evelyn Long

The kitchen is a gathering place for people to enjoy home-cooking and make memories. It’s…

How to decorate a living room for fall

How to Decorate a Living Room for Fall: 6 Ideas

Feb 19, 2023 — Evelyn Long

If pumpkin spice, rainy days and cozy hours spent by the fire are on your…

8 Best Mops for Tile Floors

Feb 18, 2023 — Evelyn Long

Tile flooring is a popular design choice for home décor, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens.…

15 Best Reading Lamps

Feb 16, 2023 — Rose Morrison

Avid readers need the right kind of equipment. Reading in low light can harm your…