12 Best Pool Accessories for Summer 2024

The summer season is here, and there’s nothing more exciting than a refreshing splash in the swimming pool. If you’re fortunate enough to have a…

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What Is the Best Homemade Fruit Fly Trap? 6 Key Solutions

Jul 11, 2024 — Olivia Elsher

Knowing how to make the best homemade fruit fly trap is a satisfying endeavor. After…

Electronic Air Cleaners - a home with cleaner air

Electronic Air Cleaners: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 10, 2024 — Rose Morrison

If you spend most of your time indoors, a quality air purifying system must have…

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How to Build a Color Palette For Your Lovely Home 

Jul 9, 2024 — Rose Morrison

Understanding how to build a color palette for your home should be a top priority…

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Mattress Cleaning 101: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 4, 2024 — Rose Morrison

Many people spend much time on their beds without knowing its hidden risks. When left…

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How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather: A Guide for You, Your Home and Your Pets

Jul 2, 2024 — Rose Morrison

Summer is a season of adventure for many, filled with beach trips and afternoon picnics.…

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6 Best Real Estate Blogs for Aspiring Agents

Jul 2, 2024 — Evelyn Long

Reading is one of the keys to success for real estate agents. However, consuming content…

Declutter Your Garage

Clear the Clutter: 5 Steps to Declutter Your Garage This Summer

Jun 28, 2024 — Rose Morrison

You straighten up your living areas and wipe down counters daily. However, over time, other…

Child running with a watering can in the garden.

9 Tips for Gardening with Children

Jun 28, 2024 — Rose Morrison

Gardening with children can be a delightful and educational experience, fostering a love for nature,…

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drawing of a spine to represent MSDs in construction

3 Examples of MSDs in Construction and How to Prevent Them

Jun 26, 2024 — Rose Morrison

Construction is a very accident-prone industry. Using the wrong equipment or slipping while on site…

two men wearing hard hats and standing on a construction site

Why Embrace Deconstruction? Sustainability and Waste Management in Building Better

Jun 6, 2024 — Rose Morrison

The opportunities to make the construction industry sustainable are abundant. From the early phases of…

large walk-in shower with a shower bench opposite the shower door

Aging in Place: 6+ Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible

May 14, 2024 — Rose Morrison

In the past two decades, the percentage of older adults staying in assisted living facilities…

5 Steps to Building a Granny Flat

5 Steps to Building the Ultimate Granny Flat 

Apr 4, 2024 — Peter Chambers

What is a granny flat? It refers to a self-contained dwelling unit that’s part of…

trailer home with sunset

Tiny House vs. Trailer Home: Making the Right Choice for Your Lifestyle

Mar 7, 2024 — Peter Chambers

What’s the difference between a tiny house vs. trailer home? Tiny houses are compact living…

highway with cars

Infrastructure Construction and Sustainability

Feb 28, 2024 — Peter Chambers

What does it take to build a greener planet? Infrastructure construction has a lot to…

a greenhouse garden with orange flowers blooming

Beyond Summer Yields: The Benefits of a Greenhouse Garden

Jan 8, 2024 — Rose Morrison

A garden is a creative space full of rich and colorful flowers and produce. When…

Black tiny house with a roofdeck.

Tiny House Floor Plans that Redefine Compact Living

Dec 8, 2023 — Olivia Elsher

More people are shifting to mobile homes that prioritize efficiency and simplicity. Tiny house floor…


Electronic Air Cleaners - a home with cleaner air

Electronic Air Cleaners: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 10, 2024 — Rose Morrison

If you spend most of your time indoors, a quality air purifying system must have…

worn out and sunken in blue couch

How to Get Rid of a Couch Before Moving House

Feb 27, 2024 — Olivia Elsher

Many people contemplate how to get rid of a couch when they move houses. It’s…

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7 Best Beds for Back Pain

Feb 23, 2024 — Evelyn Long

Finding the best beds for back pain can often feel daunting. Thousands of models are…

couch in front of windows with lamp and plant

How to Fit a Couch Through a Doorway: 6 Tips and Tricks

Feb 12, 2024 — Peter Chambers

Is your door too big to get through your doorway? Try these six tips and tricks to squeeze it through and finish moving.

living room decorated with lamps, vases, and art

Integrating Maximalist Interior Design In Your Home

Feb 6, 2024 — Evelyn Long

Maximalist interior design has always been at a point of contention with minimalism. Now, the…

living room with couch, side table, and air purifier

16 Best Apartment Air Purifiers (Updated for 2024)

Jan 26, 2024 — Evelyn Long

Cleaning the air is essential for keeping yourself and your family safe, so how do…

a man and woman in bed. The man is reading with the woman's head resting on his. They both have reading lamps over them

15 Best Reading Lamps (Updated for 2024)

Jan 4, 2024 — Rose Morrison

Avid readers need the right kind of equipment. Reading in low light can harm your…

A Murphy bed pulled down from the wall with bookshelves around it

Transformable Furniture: The Smart Choice for Solo Homes

Dec 28, 2023 — Rose Morrison

Transformable furniture is a revolutionary concept in interior design. This type of furniture can adapt…