15 Organizers for Home Office Harmony (Updated for 2023)

Rose Morrison

Nov 28, 2023

organizers for home office harmony

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Maybe your work-from-home situation has become your permanent office space, or maybe you just started a new business and want creative ways to organize your workspace. To get on your A-game, you need the right home office organizers to outfit your base of operations. How can you get your home office ship-shape and ready for productivity? Here are 15 of our favorite home office organizers to create a place for everything you need daily. 

1. Blu Monaco Desk Organizer Set 

Every home office needs a quality desk organizer set. You’ll know where to find every piece of paper or notes come crunch time. You can get it in gold, aqua, dark teal, hot pink and other colors to suit your office aesthetic.    

$34.97 from  Amazon

2. CoolBros Elephant Pencil Holder 

This pencil holder is the definition of whimsical.  You can store your stationery on the elephant’s back and store your phone on the trunk while you work. You’ll feel like the gentle-yet-undisputed master of your home office with this playful fellow gracing your desk. It’s ideal for kid’s study areas, too. 

$12.99 from  Amazon

3. Three-Tier Rolling Cart

If you run a home-based business that involves assembling gift baskets or keeping supplies like nails and small tools handy, you need a place to stash everything until you need it. This three-tiered rolling cart holds your ribbons, wrapping paper and buttons tidily. It also lets you wheel  your latest craft from your home office to the living room for a little TV break. 

a three tier white rolling organizing cart

$36.88 from  Amazon

4. FireKing Locking File Cabinet

If you work in accounting or any industry where you handle clients’ personal data, you must adhere to your profession’s confidentiality standards. A locking file cabinet helps you safeguard documents containing Social Security numbers and birth dates to keep you compliant. 

a brown three drawer filing cabinet

$3,076.79 from Staples

5. Dual Monitor Stand Riser

Improve your home office ergonomic with this stand rizer. It will raise your monitors to the correct eye level length that supports your back and neck for better posture. It comes in a sleek and modern design with wood finishes that are water-proof, scratch resistant and fingerprint resistan.You can install a slot on one side to to hold your smartphone and another on the othr side for efficient cable management. Store your notebooks and other office items under the stand raiser for efficient organization. The side boards are adjustable, so you can angle your monitors if needed.

$25.99 from Amazon 

6. Wireless Charging Stand with Pen Holder 

Trying to clear up a messy desk to make space for productive activities? Or maybe you’re a serial notetaker and always need different colored pens nearby. This desktop organizer is the one for you. It has a pen holder, space for a notebook or iPad and a tray to put items like keys, a stapler or your Airpod charger. The organizer is made of faux leather and has velvet material in the pockets to ensure your items remain scratch-free. 

$39.99 from Amazon 

7. Paper Shredder

Protect your identity with a paper shredder for documents with personal information. Amazon’s paper shredder comes in 8 different models with capabilities from 6-sheet shredding up to 200-sheet shredding. It cups up pieces of paper into 0.2×1.9 inches, and even has a special slot for credit cards. It can run for three minutes, then it wil cooldown for thirty minutes before it’s ready to shred some more. 

$40.95 from Amazon

8. Quill Brand Heavy-Duty Reinforced Expanding Wallet

Come tax time, you will be your accountant’s best client when you bring them a 12-month accordion binder full of organized receipts instead of a shoebox. Models with expandable sides help when those Starbucks client treats start piling up. 

a tan expanding wallet file organizer

$99.99 from Quill

9. Clamp-on Pen Cup and Desk Organizer

If placing one more object on your desk will cause a wayward elbow to scatter things all over your desk, it may be time to invest in an alternative desk organizer.  Keep your pens and scissors nearby with this model that clips to your desk to save space. It also has a convenient hanging hook for your headphones. 

a black headphone and pencil holder that clamps on a desk

$29.99 from Stand Steady

10. Command Center Cord Control and Tech Storage

This set comes with a desktop organizer for stationery, cable box, fabric pinboard, dry erase board plus a tablet stand and a pencil cup. It’s everything you need to tuck your monitor cord out of the way, stash your iPad and keep up to date with deadlines. 

a grey home organizer that holds phones, cords, and notes

$161.44 from The Container Store

11. Cable Management Tray

Keep everything rolled up and tidy with this hanging cable tray that keeps each cord distinctly wrapped and knot-free. It even has space for your wifi router. 

$24.99 from Amazon. 

12. Wood Hanging Bookshelf 

Whatever your field, you’re bound to have a book or two that you open often. A mounted hanging wall shelf will save floor space and add stately class and elegance. This unit has three shelves, which provides more than enough space to add a houseplant or two for tranquil energy and better air quality. 

 $44.99 from Amazon

13. Brooke Wall Organizer

Do you have an important meeting or an anniversary coming up? Always remember the important dates by investing in this wall organizer. It also has a blackboard for weekly planning and a corkboard for pictures, notes, recipes and invitations. 

$189 from 1Thrive.

14. Basic Framed Dry Erase Board

Install a hanging dry-erase board near your office door so you can readily check what you need before going to the office supply shop. You can also use it for reminders to do urgent tasks or make important calls.

a grey framed white dry erase board

$41.84 from Wayfair

15. ArtBin Super Satchel

Maybe you started a business teaching arts and crafts to children in your neighborhood. You need an effective carrier to move your supplies from place to place without the glitter blending with the gold star stickers. An artist’s super satchel will keep small craft supplies neat and separated on the road. 

two clear small, flat, stacked organizing boxes

$13.29 from Cheap Joes

Stay Organized With Our Favorite Home Office Organizers

Improve your productivity with these innovative organizer and desk storage options. You’ll always know where everything is and can shift your focus from finding your favorite pen to completing your tasks on time. 

Original Publish Date 3/21/2021 – Updated 11/28/2023

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