Our Favorite Home Office Organizers

Rose Morrison

Mar 21, 2021


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If your work-from-home situation recently became more permanent, it’s time to get organized. To get on your A-game, you need the right home office organizers to outfit your base of operations. 

How can you get your home office ship-shape and ready for productivity? Here are 18 of our favorite home office organizers to create a place for everything you need daily. 

1. Blu Monaco Desk Organizer Set 

Every home office needs a quality desk organizer set. Leaving papers and envelopes scattered hither and yon means digging frantically come crunch time. The custom colors in this version make it fit nearly any decor. 

a collection of teal metal home office organizers

Buy Blu Monico Cute Desk Organizer Set: $35.97 at Amazon

2. CoolBros Elephant Pencil Holder 

This pencil holder defines the word “whimsy.” It also comes with a handy place to store your iPhone while you work — the trunk. You’ll feel like the gentle-yet-undisputed master of your home office domain with this playful fellow gracing your desk. It’s ideal for kid’s study areas, too. 

a colorful, geometric elephant pencil and phone holder

Buy CoolBros Elephant Pencil Holder: $20 at NewEgg

3. A Three-Tier Rolling Cart

If you run a home-based business that involves assembling gift baskets or keeping supplies like nails and small tools handy, you need a place to stash everything until you need it. This three-tiered rolling cart holds your ribbons, wrapping paper and buttons tidily. It also lets you drag your latest craft from your home office to the living room for a little TV break. 

a three tier white rolling organizing cart

Buy Three-Tier Rolling Cart: $29.99 at The Container Store

4. FireKing Locking File Cabinet

If you work in accounting or any industry where you handle clients’ personal data, you must adhere to your profession’s confidentiality standards when it comes to protecting it. A locking file cabinet helps you safeguard documents containing Social Security numbers and birth dates to keep you compliant. 

a brown three drawer filing cabinet

Buy FireKing Locking File Cabinet: $2,851.99 at Staples

5. Iris Small Latch Boxes 

These pint-sized delights can hold anything from buttons to unused charging cables neatly. They also stack, making them ideal for organized closet shelves. 

a small clear latch organizer with a handle

Buy Iris Small Latch Boxes: $3.99 at Iris USA

6. Vaultz Locking Personal File Box 

If your work requires you to travel from your home office to various courthouses — perhaps investigating land ownership or transcribing court documents — you need to keep paperwork secure during transport. Otherwise, one smash-and-grab can mean an ethics violation as car thieves take off with accessible client data. Get a locking travel box to safeguard others’ information — and your reputation. 

a black personal file box

Buy Vaultz Locking Personal File Box: $36.99 at Target

7. ArtBin Super Satchel

Maybe you started a business teaching arts and crafts to neighborhood children. How can you schlep supplies from place to place without your glitter blending with your gold star stickers? An artist’s super satchel will keep small craft supplies neat and separated on the road. 

two clear small, flat, stacked organizing boxes

Buy ArtBin Super Satchel: $13.29 at Cheap Joes

8. Dual Entrance Paper Shredder

With identity theft on the rise, paper shredders make welcome additions to nearly any household. This five-to-seven sheet model helps you render credit card offers unusable without bothering to open the envelope. 

a person shredding a white piece of paper in a black paper shredder

Buy Dual Entrance Paper Shredder: $38.78 at Walmart

9. Quill Brand Heavy-Duty Reinforced Expanding Wallet

Come tax time, your accountant will kiss you when you bring them a 12-month accordion binder full of organized receipts instead of a shoebox. Models with expandable sides help when those Starbucks client treats start piling up. 

a tan expanding wallet file organizer

Buy Heavy Duty Reinforced Expanding Wallet: $64.99 at Quill

10. Clamp-on Pen Cup and Desk Organizer

If placing one more object on your desk will cause a wayward elbow to scatter things hither and yon, you’ll spend more time cleaning up messes than working. Keep your pens and scissors handy nevertheless — this model clips to your desk to save space. It also creates a convenient hanging hook for your headphones. 

a black headphone and pencil holder that clamps on a desk

Buy Clamp-on Pen Cup and Desk Organizer: $29.99 at Stand Steady

11. Command Center Cord Control and Tech Storage

All those wires and stray electronics turn your desk into a minefield. This set comes with everything you need to tuck your monitor cord out of the way and stash your iPad. 

a grey home organizer that holds phones, cords, and notes

Buy Command Center Cord Control and Tech Storage: $112.93 at The Container Store

12. Hanging Cable Loft Cord Organizer

Your office tech guru tells you to unplug the ethernet cable, but you can’t disentangle it from the clump of wires under your desk. Keep everything rolled up and tidy with this hanging cable loft that keeps each cord distinctly wrapped and knot-free. 

a white cord organizer that clamps onto a desk

Buy Hanging Cable Loft Cord Organizer: $11.99 at The Container Store

13. Aluratek Alarm Clock With Nightlight and Wireless Phone Charger

You know that you should turn your phone off while you work, but every time you plug it into the charger, you check a notification or two. Keep yourself distraction-free with a touchless wireless charger. This version includes an alarm clock for when you need to set a timer without getting distracted by social media notifications. 

a grey digital alarm clock with a wireless charging pad

Buy Aluratek Alarm Clock With Nightlight and Wireless Phone Charger: $29.99 at Best Buy

14. Arched Three-Tier Metal and Wood Hanging Bookshelf 

Regardless of your field, you probably have a dictionary and a few houseplants to improve your indoor air quality. A mounted hanging wall shelf won’t take up much floor space, but it adds stately class and elegance. 

a metal three-tier hanging bookshelf

Buy Arched Three-Tier Metal and Wood Hanging Bookshelf: $120 at Target

15. At-a-Glance Large Wall Calendar 

Do you have a birthday or an anniversary coming up? Never forget a date that’s vital to your clients by investing in an extra-large wall calendar where you can write important reminders. 

a large hanging wall calendar

Buy At-a-Glance Large Wall Calendar: $25.27 at Amazon

16. A Wine Cork Memo Board Kit

You need a place to pin those Post-it notes that you write while on the phone. You could recycle the corks from your bottles, but why not encourage yourself to polish off another chardonnay when you can buy this wine cork memo board? 

a cork board made of wine corks

Buy Wine Cork Board Kit: $24.95 at Wine Enthusiast

17. Basic Framed Dry Erase Board

If you don’t like individual notes competing for your attention, why not keep a running list of what you need at the store? Install a hanging dry erase board near your office door so you can readily check what you need before making a trip to the office supply shop. 

a grey framed white dry erase board

Buy Basic Framed Dry Erase Board: $62.49 at Wayfair

18. Bedford Office Lazy Susan 

Did you think lazy susans were only for the kitchen? Think again! This office-ready version keeps everything from rulers to tape in quick reach with just a spin. 

a clear and white lazy susan that holds office supplies

Buy Bedford Office Lazy Susan: $39 at Pottery Barn

Stay Organized With Our Favorite Home Office Organizers

If you want to work at your productive best, you need to know where your supplies are. Keep your home office organized with this list of our 18 favorite home office organizers.

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