Decorating for Spring on a Budget

Evelyn Long

Mar 4, 2024

flowers in a vase

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Spring arrives and the world begins to awaken with fresh blooms and baby animals. The winter holidays are long past and you’re probably ready for longer days, warmer weather and brighter colors. Decorating for spring can be a lot of fun and doesn’t have to cost much. Learn how to bring spring inside with a few simple decorating ideas. 

Decorate Your House for Spring

Finding ways to brighten up your interior can put the whole household in the mood for spring. You don’t have to paint or buy new furniture to refresh things a bit. Small changes sometimes have the biggest impact, especially when trying to focus on one season at a time. 

Decorate Your Living Room for Spring

In a survey of where people spend the most time in each room in their homes, the master bedroom came in first at 6.8 hours per day, but outside of sleeping, the living room ranks second at 4.4 hours per day. 

Adding some brightness and homey decor to your living room gives you a lot of return on investment. Not only will the brighter push out the winter blues and bring in the spring sunshine, but you’ll make an impact on those visiting your home as they are more likely to see your living room instead of your bedroom.

decorating for spring with throw pillows on bed

Add some pastel throw pillows or designs that scream spring, such as a tulip-shaped one. Pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to usher in a new season.

Add some wood pieces around an old mirror and paint them in a pastel color for a burst of spring freshness.

wooden picture frames with images of house plants

Add images of spring flowers and put them on a side table. 

multi-colored painting that says "spring vibes"

Paint a painting of something spring-related and hang it over your fireplace. 

Bring May Flowers Into the Kitchen

yellow flowers in a mason jar

You can bring spring into your kitchen by adding a pretty vase filled with lovely, cut flowers fresh from the garden. If you don’t have tulips or daffodils, you can pick some up for a good price at your local grocery store floral department.

You may want to invest in some potted plants to scatter on the countertops or as a centerpiece. Later, you can plant the bulbs in your outside landscape so you have beautiful spring blooms next year. 

yellow and orange flowers in skinny white vases on table

Think outside the box and go with sunny yellow and soft peach blooms in small white vases on your table. Think in sets of three for an interesting look. Place small bud vases on a pretty wood cutout or piece of marble. 

The great thing about fresh cut flowers is that they brighten the space but you can swap them out for a new look when they begin to fade. 

Add Spring Decor to Your Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be the one place in your house where you feel comfortable. Think about adding items such as pretty spring throws with chicks and bunnies, more fresh cut flowers and a new throw rug in pastel colors.

Get some wide ribbon and tie bows on your paintings and wall hangings. Drape a pretty pastel scarf over table lamps for a soft glow. Scatter some books on spring gardening on your bedside table.

Bring Some Spring to the Bathroom

white flowers in a pitcher on a bath tray

The bathroom is another place where you can add some pretty, soft flowers in a unique container to bring the outdoor blooms inside. Find a pretty pitcher or something unusual and add some spring blooms to the mix. 

Add spring-related hand towels for the guests. Choose pretty soaps and scatter tulip petals around their base.

Add some cute little chicks you pick up from the dollar store to grab attention. Velcro plastic Easter eggs to the corners of picture frames and swap them out for something different when spring ends. 

Decorating for Spring With Curb Appeal

Remember to decorate the outside of your house as well. The National Association of Realtors found 92% of realtors recommended sellers improve their homes’ curb appeal before listing. Even if you have no plans to move, presenting your best face to the outside world creates an appealing look and welcomes visitors into your home before they step through the front door.

outdoor spring decor in window boxes

Use your dormant window boxes to add some spring flair to your home’s exterior. A few fuzzy bunnies, some colorful plastic eggs and twigs and pastel flowers can all welcome people to your home and give a hint of spring festivities. 

decorating for spring with an outdoor wreath

Place a pretty spring wreath on your front door to show you’re celebrating the change of seasons. You can gather supplies from your dollar store and make a wreath or find them at your local thrift store for a fraction of the cost of buying new. 

While some people charge a premium for large, beautiful wreaths, there’s no reason you can’t learn this skill or buy ones others no longer want to save a few bucks. 

If you don’t already have crocus, tulips and daffodils in your landscaping, spend one fall planting them so they’ll come up each spring. A beautiful mix of colors creates a bright look for most homes. 

Improving your home’s curb appeal showcases what people might see on the inside and can make you happy each time you pull up to your house.

Fun Spring Decor Ideas

If you have children or grandchildren, you may want to add some inexpensive but fun decor.

  • Decorate a small shrub or tree in your yard with pretty plastic Easter eggs.
  • Hang drawings and paintings your kids/grandkids draw in your front windows.
  • Use window paint to create cute spring scenes.
  • Buy inexpensive frames from the dollar store or a thrift store and paint them in brilliant pastels. Hang drawings or favorite spring photos in them for display on tables or the walls. 
  • Invest in a few blow up outside decorations, such as the easter bunny or giant eggs.

You don’t have to spend a fortune when decorating for spring. A few well-placed decorations that mean something to you personally are far more valuable than luxurious items you only use once a year. 

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