How to Get Rid of a Couch Before Moving House

Olivia Elsher

Feb 27, 2024

worn out and sunken in blue couch

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Many people contemplate how to get rid of a couch when they move houses. It’s a sizable and heavy, after all. Luckily, you have a couple of options that you can pick from when you’ve finally decided to move on from the sofa.

Reasons to Move Without Furniture

People usually decide to let go of couches because of the transportation aspect. Moving your personal belongings is already hard enough and adding the factor of a big furniture piece can take time and effort. This is even more difficult when your couch has a complicated structure and is divided into different components.

Age and quality are also factors in getting rid of a couch. If some of the fabric is peeling off or it doesn’t feel as structurally sound anymore, the sofa doesn’t feel like it’s worth salvaging anymore. Moving house just provides the perfect premise to move on from this settee.

On top of that, you may feel more inclined to replace the old couch with a new piece of furniture. Having a new place can be quite an inspirational environment to start anew. How you furnish your place is a good stepping stone to beginning a new chapter in your life.

Should You Try to Keep the Sofa?

It is entirely possible to bring your couch with you before moving house. However, the more important question is whether you want to try keeping this piece of furniture with you. If it has sentimental value, it is possible to add some stuffing and sew the tears together.

Aside from repairing, homeowners may also try to upcycle their couches before the big move. This is great if you want to crunch in a craft project. Change up the fabric of this lounge piece and transform it. You can also just turn a piece into an ottoman instead.

That being said, it’s essential to make a final decision on what to do with the couch. Ideally, you plan what to throw away and bring as early as two months before the big move. If you settle with keeping it, you can sort out how to revamp and transport it instead.

blue couch

Getting Rid of the Couch

If you’re set on getting rid of a couch, think about what you prioritize. Many people will have their own method of getting a couch based on their personal timeline and needs. Each one has its own pros and cons, so it’s up to you to assess what fits your situation the best.

1. Sell the Sofa

Selling the couch is one of the most attractive ways you can get rid of your couch. Aside from eliminating the troubles of transporting this to your new place, you get cash for your furniture. However, you can run into a few hiccups with this. For instance, it can be hard to find a buyer who’s interested in your couch. 

If you find a person willing to pay, there’s a chance that they’ll bargain the cost with you. This is especially a concern when the quality of your sofa is past its prime already. Plus, they might live a little far away. You’ll still have to arrange logistics.

2. Give the Couch Away

Giving the couch away is also a good option, especially if you’re pressed for time or want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. While you might not receive any cash for this, putting the sofa out for free will mean people will pick it up instead.

Here are a couple of options if you want to go through the gift route:

  • Family or friends: Have a family member who’s always eyed your couch? Got a friend that you need to repay a favor to? Giving the couch to a loved one makes them happy. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture is going to a good place. Just remember to check in if they have the space for it.
  • Neighbor: If you’re on good terms with your neighbor, it can also be a good pick to gift the couch to them instead. Since they live so nearby, it’ll be a quick haul and move that gets rid of the couch within the day. Or, alternatively, you can leave the couch to the next occupant of your previous home.
  • Community: When you want to improve a stranger’s life, consider joining the Buy Nothing Project. This movement connects you with different people to whom you can gift your belongings for free. Aside from making a stranger happy, you make a positive environmental impact by helping an item stay in use. 
  • Local charity: Many charities like the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity accept furniture donations. They will offer to pick up the fixtures for you. Your local Goodwill is willing to take in the couch, too.
green couch

3. Work Out a Trade

Another option to get rid of the couch is to work out a trade with someone. Give away your sofa and get something else in return. Maybe they’ll offer a different couch that you like or another household good that holds the same worth as your settee. Just remember to work out a fair deal with the person you’re bartering with.

4. Call a Removal Service

If no one wants the couch, it’s best to have it picked up and disposed of properly. Call in a junk removal team or rent a roll-off dumpster. Aside from getting rid of your sofa, you can dispose of other items that you won’t take with you on your move.

You can also consider your local waste service’s pickup and disposal services. For example, Penn Waste accepts furniture in its large item pickup policies. Just remember to look up the schedule and whether there’s an additional fee.

5. Drive to the Dump

If you want to remove the couch yourself, consider hauling it to the dump. This can be a more affordable option compared to at-home removal. It takes a little extra time and effort on your part. You’ll need to research the designated area in the landfill for used furniture and speak with a staff member regarding the load.

New Home, New Couch

Getting rid of a couch can be sad as it’s a big piece of your living room, but it can also be a sign of growth to let go of it. Whichever method you choose, at least it’ll be a weight off your shoulders. Plus, you get to browse furniture catalogs with fewer worries.

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