What Colors Make a Kitchen Look Bigger?

Evelyn Long

Dec 29, 2021


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When it comes to things home buyers look for, a spacious kitchen often tops the list. People want a gathering spot for family and friends, and the kitchen is a natural place to congregate around food and fun. 

According to Kiplinger, an eat-in kitchen is in the top 10 features people want in a home. For second-time buyers, they are a must. While you can likely make space for at least a small bistro table and chairs, it may wind up making a small space look cluttered.

Fortunately, there are some colors you can choose that will make a kitchen look bigger. There are some obvious choices and some unique surprises that might fit your style perfectly. 

1. White

White is the obvious first choice to brighten a room and make it look larger than it is. Most people are aware that darker colors make a room seem smaller and lighter colors open things up. 

If you have dark flooring or cabinets, you need to keep everything as light as possible, from the paint to the backsplash to furnishings. The contrast between dark and light can draw the eye where you want it to go and add interest to an otherwise drab space.

2. Soft Gray

If white seems a bit too harsh for your style, you can also use a soft gray with some blue undertones. The cool colors can help soften the room, while the paler hue keeps things open. The walls won’t seem like they’re closing in.

Always go for the palest shade on the color strip. In an extremely tiny kitchen, err on the side of the lightest color.

3. Pale Taupe

With a neutral shade, such as a pale taupe, you can also pull in almost any type of accent you’d like for a pop of color. For example, with a warmer taupe with yellow undertones, go for orange place settings on the table or pillows for the chairs in a brilliant red. For taupe with cooler undertones, add a pop of bright blue.

4. Glass Elements

In addition to paint colors you can use, don’t forget that bringing in glass reflects light and opens up a space. Go with a mirror on one wall. Add windows if possible. Use a glass backsplash in a pale shade of sea foam green or white. 

You can even opt for furnishings with glass tops to make it appear as though there is more floor space than you actually have. Add glass to some of your cabinet door to display your beautiful china or unique collectibles. 

5. Focal Wall

If your room is short and narrow, you can make it look longer by drawing the eye to the end of the room. Add some interest to a far wall so people’s eyes are drawn to that spot and the space appears longer.

For example, add some geometric stripes in deep purple to your back wall. Hang some vivid acrylic pour paintings that perfectly match your decor. Think about what is most interesting to you and matches your style and then add that color and things that will pull interest and give the appearance of a larger room. 

6. Colors with Reflection

Go with appliances that reflect a big, such as stainless steel fridge and stove. Your backsplash is another place you can add metallic colors to make things airy and fool the human eye into thinking there is more space than there is. Go with stainless countertops or a high gloss shine in a light color that reflects the lights hanging from above. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Don’t be afraid to use soft colors in your small kitchen. If you adore green, go for the lightest green mist you can find. If you prefer blue, choose the pale blue of a hazy sky. There are ways to use color and still make a kitchen look bigger than it actually is. 

Think about where you can add pops of color to draw interest and elongate or widen rooms. Even a beautiful antique pitcher on a shelf can trick the eye into thinking there is more space than there actually is.

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