Paint Colors for Your Decor Style: A Guide

Evelyn Long

Jan 23, 2022

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Whether you’re embarking on a brand new home to call your own or looking to revamp your beloved space, splashing some color on the walls can bring new life into any room. Color can be a key factor in expressing your style through decor, and it’s a simple way to tie a room together.

However, finding the perfect paint colors for your decor style can sometimes be a bit challenging, especially when you’re trying to fill the whole house with the best color matches. There are so many hues out there, so it can be a bit overwhelming. But shopping around can be a great time.

There’s no need to worry. You’ll find the perfect match, or it’ll find you. However, it can sometimes help to break things down and look at all your options.

Go By Mood

Spending time around different colors can actually affect your mood. Therefore, painting your walls different colors can set the tone for that room and its purpose in your life. While white can evoke a clean, bright feeling, red is a great color for sparking socialization. Pink and lavender can calm you, while yellow can wake you up. 

Think about how you want each room to make you feel, and figure out which colors evoke that both in general and for you personally.

Stick to the Favorites

If you have a favorite color that constantly lights up your life, why fix what isn’t broken? While you don’t have to paint your whole house green just because you love green, you can make an effort to surround yourself with some of your favorite hues and tones. If the only thing preventing you from painting your walls a certain color is that color’s prevalence throughout the rest of your house and life, don’t even let that worry in.

Having a bit of cohesion between rooms and decor can actually be a great benefit. It can tie your home’s aesthetic together and let your personality shine through.

Find Neutral Hues

There’s nothing wrong with toning things down and keeping your walls subtle. Neutral colors can bring a fresh, sophisticated aura to any room and prepare it for whatever decor you please. If you’re not sure exactly what will go in a room yet, this can be especially helpful.

If you have a well lit room, you might be able to dip into some deeper, darker neutrals. However, lighter and more airy neutral colors can work for nearly every space. When you let the rest of the decor do the talking, the walls simply enhance whatever populates the room.

Pull From Inspiration

If you’re really having trouble figuring out what might work for your home, there are so many places you can turn for inspiration. From magazines to Pinterest to the walls of your best friend’s house, looking around can help you figure out what you like, and what you don’t like.

You can pull inspiration from anywhere — even the most unlikely of places. You might love certain colors found in nature or tones from a piece of art you already own. Look to those inclinations for a push. While you might not be able to figure out everything right away, pieces of your style will come together in time. 

Don’t Fear the Bold

It can be scary to go bright and bold, but if you stick to your guns, it can be well worth it. A bright color on the walls can tie a room together, especially if you’re pulling from details and decor throughout the space. Or, you could go neutral with the decor to let the paint be the star of the show.

Bold colors can express personality and make a space feel your own. Why not go the extra mile to make your home feel unique and special? Shop around through your favorite dream hues, and actually pursue the look! What’s holding you back?

Finding the perfect paint colors for your decor style can sometimes be daunting, especially with a world of options to choose from. But with a little bit of direction, you can express your creativity and create an environment that excites and inspires you. Whether you want to go neutral, bold or somewhere in between, there’s sure to be a perfect color out there for you.

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