Tips for Decluttering Christmas Decorations

Evelyn Long

Dec 30, 2023

Christmas ornaments sitting in a box

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Decorating for Christmas sounds fun, but when it comes to wrapping up decorations after the festive season, it can be a bit of chaos.

Stuffing your tree back into its box, dealing with the tangles of fairy lights and realizing you’re short — it’s a struggle most people know too well.

But here’s a plan for this year — make decluttering Christmas decorations easier. Discover the best ways to organize your Christmas clutter.

When’s the Best Time to Declutter Christmas Decorations?

mom and daughter setting up Christmas tree

In the song “12 Days of Christmas,” the start is actually on Christmas Day, which means the celebration lasts for two full weeks. According to Christian tradition, the coming of the three Kings happened on the 6th of January or the 13th day after the birth of Jesus. 

This day is referred to as the Feast of Epiphany or Three Kings Day, which marks the day Christ was hailed as a king in Bethlehem. It’s widely believed that keeping your Christmas decorations until this day.

Tips on Decluttering Christmas Decorations 

If packing ornaments after the holidays stresses you out, here’s a list of how to make decluttering more enjoyable. But before you take them down, remember the basics of storing decorations away.

  • Be clear on your approach: Set your intentions before decluttering. It entails organizing things, as well as letting go of some. Avoid being overly attached to something that you don’t need anymore.
  • Start it easy: Begin by sorting out small items before taking down the big ones.
  • Celebrate your efforts: Now that you’ve decided to declutter the right way after the Christmas season, give yourself a pat on the back. 

Now that you’re aware of the basics of decluttering, let’s dive deep into the specifics:

1. Label Storage Boxes

If you went grand on your decorations, chances are you’ll need a load of blank boxes for storage. Indicating the contents of your container will help you keep track of your items and help you quickly identify them in the future.

Consider putting a label on multiple sides if possible. This way, it can be easily identified no matter its placement in your garage, cupboard or attic. Use stickers and duct tape for transparent containers to create a color or visual code for each box. For example, use yellow for Christmas tree decors, green for lights and red for bedroom ornaments.

2. Sort Out Faulty or Single-Use Items

Christmas string lights

Look out for items past their prime, faulty, broken or not suiting your taste anymore. If you have leftover gift wrappers, repurpose them if you think you aren’t going to use them in the future. For instance, you can create gift tags — simply cut fun shapes from wrapping papers. 

Additionally, you can also opt to create garlands or pinwheels you can use to create personalized banners for upcoming events. If you want to memorialize DIY Christmas decorations, such as your kid’s wishlist to Santa, you can put it in a frame and use it as home decor or add it to your photo album or scrapbook.

Donate your pre-loved Christmas decorations to a charity if you feel guilty about throwing them. Time will come many people would love to put up ornaments but don’t have enough budget.

3. Determine a Certain Amount to Keep

Challenge yourself to keep the things that will matter for the following years to come. You can choose any physical boundaries. For instance, if your basement can only accommodate one big box and the artificial tree, think of decorations that will fit in that container.

If you tend to go all-out on decorating your home and think cutting down is too drastic, adjust accordingly. Find a way to minimize at least one box if it makes sense for you. You’ll be surprised to see how much you truly need for the holidays next year.

4. Organize Your Items

Christmas baubles and leaves

Sort out properly and make it easy for everyone to unpack next year. You can either sort by type, theme or color. Set a solid system that will help make things easier for you in the future.

If you’re categorizing by theme, see which decorations fit into various categories, such as modern, rustic and more. You can start by gathering all the traditional red and green decorations in one organizer.

5. Tidy up the Decorations

Cleaning and wrapping decorations, especially the delicate ones, ensures they remain in good condition for the next time you need them. Ensuring everything is well-packed will help unpacking things easier the next holiday season.

Begin by cleaning each item — dust off ornaments, detangle fairy lights and wipe off any accumulated dirt. Fragile items may need gentle cleaning with a soft brush or a damp cloth. Once done, ensure they’re dry before putting them inside storage boxes.

For figurines, wrap them individually in paper or bubble wrap for extra protection. Keep garlands and string lights tangle-free with a reel where you can wrap them around.

If you have a real tree, dust off any dirt so it doesn’t cause permanent damage. A mild soap and warm water should do the trick, but ensure you rinse your tree thoroughly.

6. Clean Your Storage

Clean your boxes and other storage containers before decluttering your Christmas decorations. Wipe with a dusting cloth and disinfect. 

Invest in high-quality storage boxes or totes. Buy sturdy and stackable containers that will last you many years. Look for tightly latching containers to keep your items safe and secure.

7. Plan Where You’re Going To Put Your Storage Boxes

Store your containers properly to make them more accessible for the next holiday. Here are some storage area ideas:

  • Attic: Since this place isn’t climate-controlled, use stackable containers tightly latching to weather through the following months. Avoid placing lights, candles and other items prone to melting in this area.
  • Closets: If you have a spare room or unused closets, fill them with Christmas decorations. This area is the best one when it comes to storing delicate items as they are very accessible to you. You can use your decor’s original packaging, cardboard boxes, totes or clear containers.
  • Garage: Whether you have a big or small tree, your garage is the best place to store it. Depending on your storage solution, you can place it on the topmost of a shelf or have it standing in a corner.

Start Decluttering Christmas Decorations Today

Organizing and decluttering Christmas decorations might not be as exciting as putting them up, but it doesn’t need to feel like a chore. With these tips, putting away your holiday ornaments every year will be as fun as decorating your home with them.

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