The Best Apartment Vacuum: 10 Excellent Options (Updated for 2023)

Rose Morrison

Nov 27, 2023

best apartment vacuums

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Depending on the machine you own, vacuuming can feel like a chore or be a super fun part of your day. The best apartment vacuum takes everything up in one swipe, making your life easy and the process of cleaning fun. However, the “best” vacuum depends on your budget, needs and storage capacity. 

Most apartments don’t have much storage, which can put limits on the vacuum you choose. However, homeowners with pets still need machines with powerful suction. Thankfully, apartment vacuums come in a wide range of sizes and have many adjustable features. Here are ten of the very best vacuums for apartments. 

1. Bissell AeroSlim Handheld Vacuum

Bissell AeroSlim Handheld Vacuum

Running out of closet space? This tiny handheld vacuum is about 12 inches tall and fits easily on a counter or inside a small cabinet. Despite its compact size, it has powerful suction and effectively picks up pet hair. It comes with crevice and brush tools for reaching nooks and corners in your home. 

This vacuum charges with a USB cord, so you can plug it into the wall or charge it from your car or computer. The filter is washable so you never have to replace it, making this vacuum even more affordable. Bissell is a well-known company and they support shelter animals with part of every purchase. 

$41.19 from Amazon

2. Black + Decker Handheld Dustbuster

Black + Decker Handheld Dustbuster

Although handheld vacuums aren’t a replacement for floor models, they can be incredibly convenient. They’re easy to store and are especially useful for spot-clean furniture or spills without having to get a big machine out. This handheld vac is a bestseller on Amazon for its suction strength and longevity. 

It’s lightweight at only 2.6 lbs and measures just over 17 inches long. It runs on a lithium-ion battery which should continue to recharge well for several years. This vacuum comes with a crevice tool and brush extension and is excellent for cleaning up pet hair. If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum tool, this model is perfect for you. 

$49.99 from Amazon

3. PureClean Robot Vacuum

PureClean Robot Vacuum

The Roomba has been a revolution in the vacuum scene, but its price is a little too expensive for most apartment dwellers. PureClean offers a much more affordable robot vacuum. All you do is press a button, and the automatic device springs to life to clean your carpet, hardwood, tile, and more. Robotic vacuum cleaners also use less electricity per unit of time than traditional vacuums, making them more eco-friendly.

Although it occasionally has trouble navigating over tall thresholds and might get stuck on larger debris, its convenience and quick charging ability more than make up for this minor issue. If you provide a clear path, this vacuum will make quick work. And if you’re a pet owner, you’ll be happy to know it picks up pet hair with ease.

$80.07 from Amazon

4. Shark Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum

Shark Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum

This fabulous stick vacuum is lightweight at under 9 lbs total. It easily converts to a handheld model and comes with three accessory tools to help you clean every crack and crevice in your home. Its bright orange accents will add energy and a sense of style to your cleaning routine. 

With over 900 reviews, this model has a stellar 4.7 stars. It’s extremely maneuverable, with a high suction perfect for cleaning up pet hair. This vacuum is bagless so you won’t have to order any replacements. It does use a cord but is slim and easy to store out of sight after use. 

$199.99 from Best Buy

5. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

If you’re looking for something flexible, this vacuum is perfect for you. You can easily lift the canister off the main body of the vacuum, making it easy to reach high places in your home. You can mix and match the parts of this vacuum cleaner to suit any situation, ensuring your home will stay clean and tidy with minimal frustration. 

The shark navigator also comes with a certified HEPA filter that traps allergens and improves the air quality in your home. The machine weighs a total of 13.7 lbs and comes with crevice and brush tools. It’s rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by satisfied customers and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

$199.99 from Amazon

6. Dyson Omni-Glide +

Dyson Omniglide

Dyson is one of the top names in vacuum cleaners for a reason. Although this vacuum is on the pricey side, it’s well worth the extra expense. Designed for high maneuverability, this vacuum cleaner turns easily in any direction and will make you feel like a cleaning ninja. This model is quiet and perfect for apartments where vacuum noise is an issue.

The + model comes with four accessory tools and is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by satisfied customers. It easily transforms from floor to handheld style and is fabulously lightweight. The filters are washable and reusable too. Instead of using a cord, you can charge this vacuum on or off its docking station. 

$349.99 from Dyson

7. Bissell Zing Lightweight, Bagless Canister Vacuum

Bissell Zing Lightweight, Bagless Canister Vacuum

If canister vacuums are more your style, check out this lightweight Bissell model. This vacuum brings a lot of value to your cleaning toolset at an affordable cost. Because it’s bagless, you won’t have to invest in new bags every few months. 

It has excellent suction and is a great choice for homeowners with pets. At 14 by 12 inches, this model is compact enough for small spaces. With a 15-foot cord and a weight of only 10.23 lbs, it can easily be carried around your home. Purchasing from this company will ensure that pets in your home and in shelters across America stay safe and happy. 

$78.00 from Amazon

8. Dyson Ball Multi-Floor

Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Vacuum

This powerful vacuum is designed on a ball for amazing maneuverability. Out of over 1500 reviews, it has a 4.7 rating. It’s equally excellent for carpet and hardwood, sucking up so much that many customers are horrified to discover how much debris was hiding underfoot in their homes. 

Dyson’s Multi-Floor model is bagless and comes with a washable filter for a lifetime of use. This machine weighs 17.37 lbs and may be large for some apartments at 42 inches tall and 15 inches wide. However, this vacuum cleaner’s power and flexibility mean that it’s worth making room for if at all possible. 

$299.99 from Dyson

9. Shop-Vac 1.0 Peak HP Micro Wet/Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac 1.0 Peak HP Micro Wet/Dry Vacuum

Its name is a mouthful, but this mini Shop-Vac model is compact and can handle serious messes. It has a full gallon capacity that’s capable of cleaning both dry and wet spills, making it a handy machine for the kitchen, living room, or car. You can also equip it with a crevice tool and gulper nozzle for different situations.

You will need to replace the bag when it gets full after every few months, which is the only maintenance task you need to worry about. It also comes with a wall-mounting bracket so you can easily store it in a utility closet. Clean-up abilities aside, the easy storage and easy clean-up alone make this model one of the best apartment vacuums available.

$72.79 from Shop-Vac

10. Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Cordless Upright Vacuum

Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Cordless Upright Vacuum

Hoover’s company name was once synonymous with the word “vacuum” itself, and this upright model is a classic example. It also comes with a detachable handheld vacuum for smaller messes. The main vacuum is fitted with a hair filter and antimicrobial brush roll to clean up after pets, and its dust cup holds three times more debris than a stick model.

At nine pounds, it’s more than twice as heavy as the Bissell Featherweight, but it still falls in the category of lightweight vacuums. Its cordless design makes it convenient to reach any spot in your apartment. It also has swivel steering to maneuver it under furniture.

$149.99 from Amazon

Make War on the Dust

Every apartment-dweller needs a trusty vacuum to take into battle against the dust, dirt, pet dander and other debris accumulating in their home. Use this list to find the perfect vacuum for your needs. Whether you have carpet, three cats or just really long hair, there’s a vacuum cleaner that fits your budget and will make cleaning your home a breeze. 

Originally published on 2/19/23, updated on 11/27/2023

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