The Seasonal Clothes Storage Tips You Need

Evelyn Long

Mar 21, 2023

a rack with neutral sweaters ready for seasonal clothes storage

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Though it may feel miles away, we’re approaching the end of winter. You’ll soon see crocuses and daffodils popping up their first shoots, and birdsong will once again fill the air. You can finally pack away those bulky sweaters and coats in favor of spring’s lighter layers. Is your seasonal clothes storage ready for the influx?

Pulling a majority of your clothes out every few months can make quite a mess if you aren’t prepared. Streamline your process and gather all your materials ahead of time so you aren’t left with a giant pile of clothing on the floor of your bedroom for weeks. These storage tips will get your new wardrobe ready for the coming months and help you tuck your old ones safely away. 

1. Store Only the Best

Before purchasing any new storage containers for your growing seasonal wardrobe, you should ensure you’re storing only the best. As you look through your closet, you’ll probably notice at least one or two items you didn’t wear over the last few months.

Be honest with yourself and purge anything you no longer like, use or want to repair. You should save your valuable storage space for clothes that are still serving you. 

2. Clean Everything

Crumbs, dust, debris and old marks left on your clothes or in your storage containers could spell disaster for your off-season clothing. These messes send a blazing arrow pointing the way for vermin to get to your belongings. Avoid damage by washing everything before you put your items in storage, remembering the containers as well. 

3. Use the Right Containers

Speaking of storage containers, you’ll want to ensure you have the right tools for the job. Most types of seasonal clothes storage will work, depending on where you plan on keeping them during the off months. You must balance your budget, available space and potential roadblocks in your storage area.

Cardboard Boxes and Garbage Bags

You can’t get much more budget-friendly than cardboard boxes and garbage bags. These solutions work fine if you intend to store your clothing for the short term in a climate-controlled and easily-accessible location in your home. Otherwise, your clothes will be at nature’s mercy. They may not be the prettiest storage containers, but they do in a pinch. 

$19.49 on Amazon

Storage Tubs

Storage tubs are your best bet if you need to stash your clothing in the basement, attic, garage or even a storage unit. The heavy-duty plastic will keep out any number of pests and the elements. However, they take up quite a lot of space, and you’ll need to check them each year for cracks or holes. 

$35.99 on Amazon

Cloth Bins

Cloth bins are the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch and allow your clothes to breathe. However, they don’t hold up well to storage outside your climate-controlled home, so ensure you have room for them in the top of a closet or under your bed before going this route. 

$17.99 on Amazon

Under-Bed Storage

Your seasonal clothing storage needs are solved if you’re lucky enough to have a bed with built-in storage or a decent height clearance underneath. Place your clothes neatly in the drawers or other containers small enough to keep under the bed. You could also stash your items under a guest bed to remove them from the room altogether. 

$26.84 on Amazon

Vacuum-Sealed Bags

When you’re short on space and have bulky items like coats to store, your task may seem impossible. Vacuum-sealed bags may be your perfect solution. They condense even the largest of things, so you can easily pack them away in the storage space you have available. 

$24.99 on Amazon

Clothing Racks

If you have a lot of fancier clothing or delicate materials, you may want to prioritize their safety even further. When space allows, you can invest in a clothing rack to hang your best pieces. You can even purchase a cloth protector to zip around the rack to keep your items safer while still allowing air to circulate. However, similar to cloth bins, you wouldn’t want to stash this outside the comfort of your home. 

$19.97 on Amazon

4. Choose a Safe Location

Once you have everything safely tucked in your seasonal clothes storage, you need to place them in a safe place. Your available space and container types will largely dictate where you can keep things when not in use. Many people use their basement, garage or attic, which is fine if you’ve chosen secure storage. However, most clothing will fare better if you can keep it in a more climate-controlled area, like under your bed or in a spare room closet. 

5. Consider Your Off-Season Needs

As you finalize your seasonal clothes storage, remember your off-season needs. Are you planning a getaway to a climate different than yours? A ski trip may require quick access to snow gear, and you’d need a swimsuit for a beach destination. Consider any upcoming plans and stash your stuff accordingly, with items you may need closer to the top or front. 

Check in From Time to Time

Even if you take every precaution with your seasonal clothes storage, things happen. Insects make their way through the best of containers, and the elements cause further damage. No matter where you’ve decided to keep your off-season wardrobe, you should check on it occasionally to ensure there’s no damage.

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