DIY Christmas Ornaments for Holidays on a Budget

Rose Morrison

Feb 20, 2023

family making homemade Christmas ornaments and doing crafts at a table

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Everyone feels more accomplished when they can use something they made with their own hands. The do-it-yourself method is a great way to furnish your Christmas tree, especially since it allows your whole family to enjoy the fun. These DIY Christmas ornaments are some of the most unique decorations you can make for your tree. Some are simple, while others might take some time and effort. Either way, your household is bound to enjoy them.

1. Cross-Stitched Ornament

Though it might be time-consuming, nothing quite catches the eye like a cross-stitched ornament. You don’t have to come up with patterns on your own. You can easily find one you like online that captures the season’s festivities. Otherwise, you’ll need a small hoop to display your embroidery and hang it on the tree.

You can teach your children to cross-stitch as you learn. Learning to work with your hands and create such a precise work of art requires concentration and builds motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Working together on your tree embroideries could be a family bonding activity, one that they’ll remember forever.

2. Christmas List Ornament

If your kids are still young enough to write Christmas wishlists to Santa, make sure to memorialize their lists in the form of these cute DIY Christmas ornaments. Have your kids write their wishlists on a scrap of paper. You can wrap that piece of paper around an empty thread bobbin and glue it down. Remember to tag the ribbon with your child’s name and the year they made it.

3. Candy Pieces

Candy might just be one of the more unique ornaments you could put on your tree. They can break up your tree’s other decor by offering something sweet and organic for eyes to rest on. The best part is that you can use any candy easily accessible during the holidays, and you can eat them once you take down your Christmas tree for the year.

4. Ribbons Inside Ornaments

When you buy those empty plastic ball ornaments, you can do almost anything with them. Some people paint them or add glitter, which would be a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your Christmas tree. One of the best choices you can make is to repurpose some of the scrap ribbons you have left over from wrapping presents. You can fill an ornament with as much ribbon as you like, creating a layered, colorful effect that will bring joy to your tree.

If your family recently welcomed a baby, you can make the ribbon inside the ornament more sentimental. Measure out the ribbon to the length the baby was at birth. Then, you can curl the ribbon inside the ornament and keep it as a sentimental symbol of how big your baby was on their first Christmas.

5. Dried Citrus

There’s a reason people associate certain scents with Christmas and the end of the year. Smell creates connections and can establish memories stronger than any other sense. If you associate the scent of citrus with Christmas, you’ll want to get some orange slices for your tree. The orange scent mixing with the aroma of the pine needles of a live tree will combine to create a pleasant smell that reminds you of the holidays.

Adding orange slices to your tree is a simple, fun way to make DIY Christmas ornaments. Cut an orange into round slices, then lay the pieces out on a baking sheet. Bake them at 250℉ for three hours. Turn them over halfway through the baking to ensure they’ll be completely dry. Once they’re dried out, poke holes in them to string ribbon. Then, you can add them to your tree.

Choose DIY Christmas Ornaments for a Handmade Holiday

Whether you’re hoping to stick to a budget or just want something more sentimental this season, these DIY Christmas ornaments will help liven up your living room. A handmade holiday might not be as fancy as you would like, but you can count on it to warm your home and remind you that one of the greatest things to be thankful for is that you have each other.

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