The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Need

Evelyn Long

Mar 27, 2023


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Moving is a fun and exciting time in life. You may be moving across the country or into a new home in your town. No matter the situation, preparing for such a significant change is essential. The fresh, new beginning should feel like an easy adjustment over a world of stress. Here is the only moving checklist you’ll need to make the process go smoothly. 

Two Months Before Moving

It’s never too early to start getting your home ready to move. Doing things earlier in advance will make you feel less overwhelmed in the future. Here are some things you can do to get things in motion. 

  • Make a moving binder. Staying organized is important when you move. Use the binder to keep track of inventory, receipts and any other information that is essential when moving. 
  • Sort your stuff. Evaluate every room in your house and consider if they make the cut to move. Also, consider if they need special packaging or help to get to your new place. 
  • Think about movers. If you need assistance when moving, request an on-site estimate to know how much it would cost to move your things. 

A Month and Two Weeks Before 

As things start to move along you can look into more complex projects. These are some things you can start working on early on. 

  • Get supplies. You are going to need a lot of boxes and bubble wrap to transport your items safely. Don’t forget little things like tape and markers to write what is in each box. If there are a lot of fragile dishes or valuable clothing, you can get special containers and bags to keep the items safe. 
  • Finish products. Take note of opened cleaning supplies and frozen or fresh foods. Remember that these things need to be used up by the time you leave or they will go to waste. 
  • Measure dimensions. Take measurements of your new home’s entrances and ensure furniture and boxes will fit through them. Nothing is worse than getting furniture you can’t even get into your home. 

One Month Before 

The excitement of moving is starting to build. It is time to begin making defiant plans and start packing. A month will fly by before you know it. 

  • Finalize movers. If you need movers, ensure you finalize the arrangements and take note of the cost. 
  • Start packing. Think about the things that you don’t use or need daily. It might be kitchen appliances or a sewing machine you don’t anticipate needing. Whatever they are, they can get packed away. 
  •  Change your address. Head to the post office to fill out a change of address form or you can do it online. Let important people know like banks, employers and health care providers and more know about this change. Ask a neighbor to look out for any mail that may still get sent to the home. 

One to Two Weeks Before

Moving day is approaching, so you want to be as prepared as possible. Start tying up some last-minute loose ends.

  • Call off work.  You are going to need a whole day to get through moving. Let your employer know that you will not be in that day a good amount of time in advance. 
  • Have a reliable car. Ensure your car is in good shape to bring things to your new place. If not, ask a friend to help and use their car, especially if you need a bigger vehicle. 
  • Refill prescriptions. If you have medication, ensure you have enough for the next few weeks to focus on your move. 

A Couple of Days Before

The big day is coming, so you need to wrap everything up. Everything should be packed and most things should be complete on your moving checklist. 

  • Pack your suitcase. It is best to finish packing your suitcase a few days before your move. Keep out the things you might need that can fit in a small bag. 
  • Turn off the refrigerator. If you take your fridge with you, you will want to defrost and clean it at least a day before moving. The freezer will need to be defrosted to avoid spilling. 
  • Double-check details. Before the day comes, make sure everything, including payments, movers and times, is all set and stone, so everyone is on the same page. 

Embrace the Change

Moving feels like a fresh start and will be easy with this moving checklist. After you get everything to your new home, enjoy unpacking and settling into your brand-new space. 

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