The Best Closet Organizers for Your Wardrobe (Updated for 2023)

Rose Morrison

Nov 27, 2023

best closet organizers

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Any time is a good time to deep-clean your closet! Donate what you don’t wear anymore and fix any clothing with holes or tears. You’ll finish with a tidy closet. But how can you prevent it from getting messy again? The answer is organization. These are the best closet organizers to get your wardrobe back in shape and keep it pristine before your next seasonal clean-out.

1. Pocket Shoe Organizer

You only need your favorite heels or fancy flats for date nights or holidays, so they may form an unsightly pile in your closet. A pocket shoe organizer gives every pair of shoes a permanent home while minimizing how much space they require. It also ensures your shoes won’t get crushed underneath other things in storage. If you have any fancy or delicate shoes, this is one of the best closet organizers for your wardrobe.

mainstays over the door clear pocket shoe organizer

$6.92 at Walmart

2. Adjustable Hanging Rod

Add another hanging rod to your closet without drills or screws. An adjustable rod hangs between your clothes to create a lower rod that extends as far as you need to organize the rest of your clothes. It’s the perfect closet addition for anyone who doesn’t want to make holes in their walls due to their rental contract.

hanging closet organizer for your wardrobe

$14.98 at Lowe’s

3. Honeycomb Drawer Dividers

You’ll never waste time searching for a matching sock when honeycomb drawer dividers keep each pair separated. Tailor each partition to your drawer depth and store your socks, underpants and other small accessories in each pocket for easy access. The honeycomb design also adds a touch of interior design to the smallest spaces in your home.

multi-colored honeycomb drawer organizers

$11.99 at Amazon

4. Vacuum Seal Bags

Sealing your clothes in vacuum bags is perfect when you’re storing winter sweaters and jackets away for the summer. The suction removes all the air keeping them puffy without damaging any of the down feathers or padding. These bags can also make a significant storage difference if you have extra blankets or pillows taking up valuable shelving space. You might even find yourself using them for other things like blankets or comforters.

three stacks of vacuum storage bags with a hand pump

$15.36 at Home Depot

5. Chrome Hanger Stacker

Extra hangers take up too much space on your curtain rods, but they’re also impossible to put away neatly in a bag or drawer. A chrome hanger stacker lays them flat so you can store them vertically and match any closet design.

It’s one of the best closet organizers for your wardrobe if you’re dealing with limited space or anticipating an upcoming move. There’s no need to worry about shoving your hangers in trash bags or suitcases just because they don’t store easily.

a chrome hanger stacker with clear hangers on it

$12.27 at Store Supply Warehouse

6. Garment Rack With Shelving

If you live in a studio apartment, you may need to get your wardrobe back in shape because your tiny closet can’t hold everything. A garment rack with shelving doubles as a second closet and takes up little floor space. Use the extra shelving to store decor like potted plants or hang fairy lights over the wrack to make it look extra beautiful.

metal closet rack with shelving

$187.99 at Wayfair

7. Multi-Rung Pants Hangers

When you can’t decide between folding or hanging your pants, do both! Multi-rung hangers store numerous pairs vertically by folding them over each other, so you have more rod space for shirts or dresses. You won’t need to iron your pants when you want to wear them because the hangers have gently rounded edges that don’t leave crease marks.

$15.99 at Amazon

8. Minimalist Leaning Ladder

Minimalist interior designers often recommend leaning ladders. They’re some of the best closet organizers to get your wardrobe back in shape because you can fold blankets and jackets over the rungs while storing smaller things on the built-in shelves.

white towel rack with ladder shelving

$98 at West Elm

9. Hanging Tie Rack

Ties get crumpled if you don’t hang them, but they could take up too much space if you have an extensive collection. Investing in a hanging tie rack keeps them pristine and holds onto each one securely without clips.

black hanging tie rack

$8.99 at Amazon

10. Linen Hanging Organizer

Linen organizers are a multi-use central station for anything you don’t know how to store. They can hold baskets, shoes, and clothes, so you’ll always have a place for whatever’s in your closet. It can even double as office storage if you have a small closet in your at-home workspace. Keep your folders and electronics on each shelf without using screws to install shelves.

$34.99 at Amazon

11. Four-Tier Shoe Rack

Storing shoes in pockets isn’t for everyone, but you can always stack them on a shoe rack. The four tiers have plenty of room for tall heels and chunky snow boots without creating an eyesore under your clothes rack.

wooden four-tier shoe rack

$25.99 at Wayfair

12. Chic Woven Baskets

Woven baskets double as decor and storage space. They add a bohemian touch to any closet with their natural texture, but they also have enough room to handle stacks of shirts or jeans.

5 woven organizing baskets

$79.99 at Walmart

13. Wire Shelf Dividers

Everyone’s watched their belongings pile up on the shelves over their clothes rack. Wire dividers keep everything separated without interfering with your existing interior design scheme.

open wired shelf divider

$9 at The Container Store

14. Revolving Boot Rack

Move your boots out of your closet and store them on a revolving rack. They’ll hang upside down to avoid crushing your taller pairs and twirl around when you’re ready to find the best pair for your daily outfits.

$31.46 at Amazon

15. Removable Wall Hooks

Another solution on our list of best closet organizers is a set of removable wall hooks. Removable hooks can hold up to 13 pounds and don’t leave damage behind. They’re perfect for renters who need some organizational help for things like jackets, purses, keys and hats. Once you get used to them, you can even use these types of hooks to hang fairy lights, garlands, picture frames and more.

12 piece clear adhesive wall hooks

$5.97 at Amazon

16. Shapely Hat Hanger

Anyone who treasures their many hats won’t want a storage solution that crushes them. A shapely hat hanger organizes your closet by lining your hats along the wall and sitting inside them, preventing them from losing their shape even if you don’t wear them for a while.

a white hat hanger

$23.99 at Etsy

17. Slim-Line Hangers

The width of your hangers determines how many you can use on your closet rods. Slim-line hangers maximize how many garments you can hang side by side without compromising on strength or durability. They’re perfect for linen or thin cotton clothes as well because the hanger material maintains each clothing item’s quality.

a pack of slim black hangers

$24.95 at Only Hangers

18. Canvas Storage Bag

Take extra clothes and belongings out of your closet and keep them under your bed to maintain more free space. A canvas storage bag protects everything from dust and hides it away in a classy container. Say goodbye to unsightly plastic bins that are bulky and difficult to use in storage spaces of different sizes.

a beige canvas under bed storage bag

$42.95 at Lands’ End

19. Loop Scarf Organizer

Putting scarves away is challenging because they usually end up in a pile. A looped organizer hangs anywhere between 10 and 20 scarves together without creating excess wrinkles.

a hanging metal scarf organizer

$9.74 at Amazon

20. Over-the-Door Rack

Don’t forget that your closet’s door can amplify your storage space. An over-the-door rack gives you instant hooks for hanging bulky backpacks or coats, which often take up the most room in a closet.

nickel overdoor hanger with hooks

$14.98 at Home Depot

21. Floating Corner Shelves

People with extra wall space in their closets can take advantage of floating corner shelves. They use every spare inch of empty walls, so you have more places to put things away. There’s no wonder this one made our list of best closet organizers.

three black corner floating shelves

$43.99 at Amazon

22. Bi-Level Coat Rack

There’s nothing wrong with setting up a bi-level coat rack inside your closet, especially if it’s a walk-in. You’ll have twice as many hangers as a traditional coat rack for all of your coats, hats, and even an umbrella or two.

black and white standing coat racks

$108 at Dwell

23. Cube Organizer Shelves

white cube shelving

Many people use cubed shelving to add some iconic decor to their homes. The cubes come in many different sizes, making them the perfect closet addition to hold everything from shoes to extra sheets.

$44.99 at IKEA

24. Cotton Twill Laundry Hamper

The worst part of your closet is likely the pile of dirty clothes that’s a hassle to migrate over to your washing machine. A trendy cotton twill hamper keeps the dirty clothes out of sight and helps you get everything in the wash with built-in handles.

cotton and woven laundry bag

$29.99 at H&M

25. Stackable Jewelry Trays

After moving your things onto hangers and shelves, you might have more room in your dresser. Stackable jewelry trays move your loose necklaces and rings off the top of your dresser and into smaller drawers while keeping everything separated to prevent tangling.

five white stackable jewelry trays

$24.49 at Amazon

Get Your Wardrobe Back in Shape

Transforming your closet has never been easier. These are the best closet organizers to get your wardrobe back in shape and help you keep it that way. Think about what clutters your space to find the best storage solutions.

Original Publish Date 4/5/2021 — Updated 11/27/2023

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