Small Room Decor Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Rose Morrison

Feb 20, 2023

a small living room decorated with stuff despite how small it is

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Interior design can be one of the most challenging things to help make your house look cohesive, especially if you’ve merged households in the past. Small spaces make it even more difficult, as you have to find enough small room decor ideas to make the most of your area. Nearly 45 million housing units host renters, meaning that not everyone can create a permanent solution to not having enough space in their homes. Opting for little pieces of decor can change how you look at your small spaces.

1. Utilize Mirrors

Decorative mirrors can be a great way to lean into accent colors in a room while also being a unique piece of decor. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and will fit just about any interior design style. Using mirrors strategically can help your room feel more open, which can deceive the eye into thinking it’s larger than it actually is. Plus, they can make great conversation pieces and serve more of a purpose than many other forms of decor.

2. Use Every Corner

Every corner should be a space for you to show off your decor or place something practical. Opt for angular shelving in a living room to display your beloved items. You could shove your bed to the side of your room to open up more space in the middle. When every corner has a purpose, no matter how small, your home will look more balanced without seeming too cluttered.

3. Paint It One Color

Many people think that bright colors are the way to go to make a room stand out more. While that may make your room look more spacious, you want to ensure that your walls are all one color. You must use color strategically if you want it to serve your small space well. Rooms that are entirely one color aren’t as loud or in your face, meaning they won’t distract from the other decor. The walls flow seamlessly into one another.

Certain dark colors can also make your space look larger, so you shouldn’t feel like you have to stick to light shades only. For example, navy is an excellent color to use that can actually seemingly widen your space. Choose your colors carefully, but don’t worry if you have to paint over them again in the future.

4. Opt for Storage

Your furniture should be stylish and functional. Opt for ottomans with hidden storage, where you can store things that can’t go elsewhere, like blankets for your guests. Another approach is to subscribe to minimalism, which is better for the environment and easier on your wallet. When you live in a small space, working toward minimalism with all of your decor, even your furniture, is a great plan.

One of the best small room decor ideas you can follow is to make sure your furniture is functional enough to serve a secondary purpose. Whether you buy an ottoman with storage or a pull-out couch that can turn into a guest bed in a pinch, you’ll feel like you’re using your space as best you can.

5. Place Decor on Shelves

Utilizing shelving correctly is a great way to display things you want to display without cluttering up your coffee table and other spaces. Since you’ll be using more of the open wall space, it may make your walls appear taller because people’s eyes will be drawn upward. Another bonus of utilizing shelves correctly is having more floor space. You can use this space for more seating arrangements or floor lighting, both of which are necessary for any home.

Try These Small Room Decor Ideas to Brighten Your Home

No matter if you live in an apartment or a mansion, you deserve to feel at home in every single room you enter. These small room decor ideas will help you maximize your space and make your home look larger than it is. While it’s nearly impossible to add more space to your living environment, you can still trick your eye into thinking that the room is larger than it is. Whatever your living space, you should embrace it as yours — and put your own unique spin on your decor.

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