Beat the Winter Blues With Uplifting Decor

Olivia Elsher

Jan 5, 2024

Yellow Decorative Pillows

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Do cold, gray days have you feeling down? With the buzz of the holiday season behind you, you might look for ways to beat the winter blues. 

Your home interiors have a powerful effect on your mood and outlook. Let’s look at a few decorative items to remind you spring is only a few short months away.

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

If you have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you’re in good company. Nearly 5% of American adults have SAD, which may last 40% of the year. Some people refer to SAD as the “winter blues,” but the symptoms can be more serious than such.

January and February tend to be the worst months, with most individuals feeling depressed, anxious, irritable, fatigued and hopeless. Some have trouble sleeping, while others hibernate. Appetite changes, isolation and physical aches and pains are also common.

Nurturing yourself throughout the winter is crucial, especially when you have SAD. One way you can improve your symptoms is by sprucing up your surroundings. Research suggests your surroundings can significantly affect your mood, from the colors you choose to the textures, items and furniture you fill your home with. 

Improving your interior environments with the proper selections can induce positive emotions and better mental well-being.

7 Home Goods You Need to Buy to Beat the Winter Blues

Take a look at your home — what’s missing? Maybe it’s a pop of color or cozy textiles to brighten and warm each living space. Here are seven items to beat the winter blues and make your home more comfortable and uplifting.

1. Yellow Stick-and-Peel Wallpaper

Yellow isn’t everyone’s favorite color. But if you want to infuse each room with cheerful sunshine, you can incorporate it tastefully. For instance, opt for yellow in a new comforter or decorative pillows — or go bold with stick-and-peel wallpaper.

Is there a powder room anywhere? It might be time to zhuzh it up with a happy color and pattern. The Black Pepper Paperie Yellow Traverse stick-and-peel wallpaper is hand-painted by Hadiya Williams — a unique bohemian design for a small bathroom. You can always install white beadboard paneling halfway up the wall to break up the yellow pattern.

For something more subtle, why not apply a faux grasscloth adhesive wallpaper in light green, beige, white or a light blue-gray? For a high-moisture area like a bathroom, you’ll want to use a thicker vinyl wallpaper — something durable to last a long time.

2. Colorful Decorative Pillows

Transform your living room and bedroom in a cinch with decorative pillows. You can find pillow covers in various colors and patterns. It’s even possible to change the entire aesthetic of a space with a single design. 

MONDAY MOOSE has four sets of velvety pillow covers in various colors and sizes. For instance, one set comes with solid beige, teal, orange and mustard yellow, with each reverse side another color from the set. Others come in light aqua blue, olive green, teal, and navy blue.

Likewise, the JASEN Boho Throw Pillow Covers have everything you’re looking for to beat the winter blues — color, patterns, woven details and tassels. Choose from JASEN’s selection of geometric designs and colors that are soft to the touch.

3. Mirrors and Wall Art

Shorter days and cloudy skies make winter dreary. However, you can boost the natural light in your home with mirrors. A large wood-frame mirror is versatile in every room, whether you prefer a rustic aesthetic or something more contemporary. Considering many people throughout history find curved lines appealing and peaceful, make it circular.  

Conversely, a mirror can serve a double purpose as wall art. Embellish your interiors with a gold, free-flowing flower mirror to create the illusion of a larger room or to brighten darker areas.

If you’re not interested in a decorative mirror, opt for a canvas or framed artwork instead. You can hang a colorful abstract piece or one depicting your favorite, most relaxing landscape to get you through the season.

4. Citrus-Scented Candles

Like yellow, citrus-scented candles are a simple but effective way to lift your spirits and beat the winter blues. Citrus candles are tangy and fresh and pull the uplifting aromas from the following citrus trees:

  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Lime
  • Orange and mandarin
  • Bergamot

Always read candle labels to ensure they contain a natural-based wax — soy, beeswax, coconut or palm — and a wood or cotton core wick. Regular candles often contain paraffin, parabens and trace elements of lead, which can be hazardous to your household’s health.

5. Cozy Blankets

Stay warm during the cold season with fluffy, warm blankets. A chunky chenille-knit throw blanket is the perfect addition to your living room sofa — and makes for a much cozier time curling up for a good movie.

Otherwise, Bedsure carries plush winter comforters in several soothing colors for a warm and relaxing night’s sleep. You’ll love crawling under flannel fabric with fuzzy faux fur on the reverse side. Each blanket comes carefully crafted to ensure the filling doesn’t shift over time. This is a durable comforter you can use for seasons to come. 

6. Lush Greenery

Remind yourself spring is around the corner by purchasing houseplants. If you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants don’t require any care and have the same effect. 

Purchase a large artificial plant for the corner of your dining room, living room or bedroom. Many products resemble natural flora, so people will never know the difference. You can also find sets of smaller artificial plants, from succulents to small ferns. Most come with a decorative pot for an elegant display. 

Of course, windowsill herbs are easy to grow and maintain — even in the winter — and provide fresh ingredients for all your favorite dishes.

7. Collage Picture Frames

Spend an afternoon going through old photo albums and memories that make you smile. Select some to have blown up in different sizes, or opt for black and white versions for a particular aesthetic.

Then, buy a collection of frames in whatever color you like to display your photos on the wall. You can create even rows of frames or fit them on the wall like a puzzle. 

Regardless, surrounding yourself with pictures of loved ones will help you beat those dreaded winter blues. 

An Uplifting Home Through Every Season

You’ll likely spend more time inside your home during the winter months. Sprucing up your space with inviting, colorful and uplifting decor will pull you out of SAD and give you something to smile about.

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