Small Apartment Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Evelyn Long

Mar 28, 2022

small apartment ideas

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Small apartments can be a cost-effective option for many people striking it out on their own. Having a little flat can even feel inviting and cozy once you know how to get the most out of your space.

Are you struggling with space optimization in a miniature rental? Consider these small apartment ideas to make your home feel more expansive.

Remember the Benefits of Living in a Miniature Apartment

First, let’s start on a positive note. Your apartment may be small in size, but that comes with a lot of benefits for many renters — particularly in regards to maintenance and cost. Here are some of the top advantages of living in a smaller residence:

  • It’s easier to clean.
  • It saves you money on furniture.
  • It’s easier to prioritize quality over quantity.
  • It lowers your heating and cooling bills.
  • It’s easier to keep track of items.
  • It reduces clutter.

Top Small Apartment Ideas to Organize Your Home

Now, let’s explore some ways to decorate and lay out the apartment so it’s an even better living experience. To take advantage of these benefits, you want to maximize your living area effectively. Here are some small apartment ideas and principles any renter can use.

1. Decorate Lengthwise

Does your rental have a narrow layout? Some smart furniture arrangement can help you make the most of unusual dimensions. Consider furniture with smaller horizontal dimensions and thinner legs that doesn’t look visually bulky in a confined space.

Another tip is to place longer items, like couches, along the walls to save space. You can zone out a skinny space using furniture arrangements rather than attempt to create a central living area that will only feel cluttered to navigate.

woman on narrow couch

2. Create a Multi-Purpose Space

Priorities, priorities. Who needs a dedicated dining room, anyway? If you have limited space to separate individual rooms, consider crafting multipurpose spaces for all your living needs. For example, you could add a sleeper sofa to convert your living room into a guest bedroom.

You could also combine your dining area, entertainment area, and office all into one space. Use dividers, such as a bookshelf, to isolate each section. This can create little reading nooks or a home office setup without walls.

3. Build Upwards

Some apartments feature small square footage but luxurious wall heights. Going vertical is always a good idea, as you have the option of expanding upwards to maximize space. Decorate with tall mirrors, higher-mounted curtains, or higher shelving to make your home feel bigger.

Additional vertical shelving also increases your storage. This is important, as clutter is the enemy in a smaller apartment. If you’re following our multi-purpose design advice above, consider adding a shelf divider to help you stay organized, too.

4. Use Mirrors

Mirrors can help make your space feel more open. They also reflect light and brighten up your home. Consider placing one near a window to absorb more light and have a view of the outside. You can add multiple mirrors to your wall to cover up space and provide a greater sense of expansion.

Full-length mirrors can bring depth to a narrower area. Hanging mirrors are good for decorative accents. Consider placing them in your entryway for an unforgettable first impression for your guests.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Character

Minimalism certainly has a role to play when it comes to space optimization. But if neutrals and open space don’t feel like home to you, that’s okay, too. You can still make the most of a small apartment with some bright color, fun accents and decor.

The key is to make your color scheme feel cohesive and to thoughtfully choose home accents that add character without feeling cluttered. Books, indoor plants and candles are all great choices here. Consider adding a display of artwork along your walls to make it more personalized. Adding fuzzy rugs can also make your apartment feel cozier and more inviting.

apartment with plants and decor to make the most of your space

6. Design Using Linear Styles

Try incorporating objects into your design that have linear patterns. This will give your room a sense of order and create the illusion that it is longer. Think about lining your picture frames and art along the walls.

7. Expand Your Storage Options

To make your studio feel more expansive and useful, you need to have multiple places to keep your items. Consider these small apartment ideas for better storage:

  • Fold-down desk: This allows you to have more available floor space and still get work done when you need to.
  • Wall-mounted seating: Install a floating bench shelf and add a chair underneath it to open up the middle of the room.
  • Convertible furniture: Take advantage of furniture that can have multiple functions, such as a drop-leaf table.
  • Under-the-stairs storage: Build additional cabinets into the nook beneath your stairs.
  • Entryway table: This is the perfect place to drop off keys or wallets when you first enter inside.
  • Built-in nooks: Built-in nooks can be a great way to optimize your space and provide additional workspaces and seating areas.
  • Baskets: These are easy to store items in and don’t take up a lot of room.

8. Switch to a Loft Bed

This type of bedding provides additional room underneath to store items. It also takes up less floor space, saving room for other furniture pieces. Here are some of the loft bed options available:

  • Mid-century loft bed: This bed provides a sophisticated look and even includes a built-in desk.
  • Oeuf Perch full loft: It’s made from birch and requires no assembly.
  • Aime loft bed: This bed provides a built-in desk and bookshelf.
  • Bowen loft bed: It comes with a desk, drawers, and open shelves.

Maximize Space With These Small Apartment Ideas

Small properties can have their perks, such as lower costs and less maintenance. Consider having a creative design layout and increasing your storage to ensure you’re getting the most out of your living area. With these tips, your small apartment can feel warm and welcoming!

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