Integrating Maximalist Interior Design In Your Home

Evelyn Long

Feb 6, 2024

living room decorated with lamps, vases, and art

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A maximalist home with the sunrise in the background

Maximalist interior design has always been at a point of contention with minimalism. Now, the latter has gained more recognition in the last few months. If you want to integrate this design option into your home, how do you go about it?

What Is Maximalism Interior Design?

Maximalism is an interior design style rooted in believing that more is more. It contradicts minimalism, going for bold and stylish instead of simple and neat. During medieval times, castles and households competed over decorations. The more intricate items and designs were, the more lavish the appearance of a building was.

Many people are divided over where they stand with maximalism in interior design during these modern times. Back in 2020, 15% of interior designers and enthusiasts in the US believed that maximalism would have very high relevance in the next two years. 

Meanwhile, 29% of those professionals backed up minimalism. The trend was already gaining plenty of recognition thanks to Marie Kondo. With her book and show, many homeowners decided to take a look at the items in their house and wonder whether it brought them joy or not. Decluttering and tidying became incredibly trendy.

While minimalism continues to be popular, there is no doubt that maximalism is starting to have its boom again. Especially with TikTok, many people are sharing their maximalist decor. They preach their love for this interior design style that’s fueled by self-expression. 

Is Maximalism Good or Bad?

It’s hard to say whether maximalism is good or bad. Most up-and-coming trends are concepts that come and go. It becomes more straightforward to determine whether they’re sustainable. However, being a maximalist has existed in art and music for centuries. 

In maximal interior design, cleanliness is a factor that’s highlighted. With more items, people wonder whether the home accumulates more dust and if it’s sanitary to house as much decor. This sentiment often ties into the environmental impact of being a maximalist.

Many people state their dislike for maximalism as the design style is often compared to hoarding. However, this practice of keeping things to the point of severe clutter in the home differs from what maximalism is intended to be.

Maximalism is meant to be an aesthetic where the room looks over the top while still being cohesive. It blends layers and layers of unlikely design elements that work great with one another in the same space. It is a healthy and conscious version of appreciating excessiveness and expressiveness.

Some people don’t like the maximalism design style because it doesn’t match their personality and desires. This is valid, with plenty of people having the same opinions about minimalism. Everyone is entitled to their preferences of how they want their home to look.

Maximal interior design with art on the wall

Maximal Interior Design Tips 

When you want to integrate maximalism into your home, pick a room first. Whether you want to work on the living room, bedroom or bathroom, choose one. It can be incredibly challenging to alter your house’s whole interior design in one go, as it can exhaust your funds, time and energy. 

Some people may also feel overwhelmed when their whole household is in a maximalist style. Working on one room can give you a sense of whether you like this design principle and if you want to implement it in every corner of your home.

1. Pick a Theme

Like other interior design plans, try to contemplate a theme. Identifying the vision that you have for interior design will make you more intentional with planning. Choosing the elements that will make your interior design more maximalist will be a lot simpler too. For instance, a dark academia design in your home will entail books and vintage furniture for the decor.

2. Know Color Theory

Maximalism leans heavily on color theory. Some households may focus more on a monochrome approach with their interior design, which maximalism also adopts. However, when bringing together various items, it takes more finessing. Learn what hues are complementary and contrasting to one another. 

With that knowledge, you can give different items a chance to stand out. For instance, a blue couch is more attractive against a cream-colored wall as it’s likely to stand out. When you want to get a cluster of throw pillows in different colors, opt for red, orange and yellow. They complement one another and they’re perfect if you love warmer tones.

3. Find Things You Like

Dopamine decor is a maximalist interior trend that people adore on social media. Essentially, you freely decorate your home with colors and items that make you happy. If you love the outdoors, get many houseplants and nature-themed ornaments. For those who are into games, think retro game consoles, funky lighting, gaming figures and more. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your interests and what you can find on the market.

4. Utilize Patterns and Textures

Another interior design principle maximalism takes to heart is its use of patterns and textures. Many people use home decor with very similar items. Only one or two objects are striking and different in their appearance to draw eyes. 

As a maximalist, your interior design plays off of various shapes and finishes that show up multiple times in your home. Or maximalist designers can repeat the same patterns and textures over and over again in different elements of a home.

woman reading on a chair with matching patterns on chair and curtains

5. Add Complementary Items

What sets apart maximalist interior design is that you can keep adding to the decor after the initial layout of items. More is more regarding this style, so show off extra trinkets in your possession. Display items that would go well with the rest of your home.

6. Turn Your Walls Into Galleries

The walls are vital to a maximalist home, as they offer plenty of surface area you can work with. The best way to use them is to turn it into an art gallery. Display artwork, prints and photographs that are meaningful to you. Use different sizes of media to create some variety.

7. Group and Organize Decor

It’s easy for maximalism to slip into disorder, but that’s where organization comes into play. Group your home decor and be meticulous with your placement. By doing this, you can make the assortment appear intentional rather than chaotic.

8. Remember Comfort and Functionality

Maximalism makes you go off the charts regarding decorations, but they’re inherently meant to be cozy. Like any other interior design plan, keep comfort and functionality in mind. Know when to draw the line and make your home livable.

Try the More-Is-More Mindset

Maximalism and its moderated excessiveness can be quite the turn for many minimalist homeowners to take. If you feel ready to take the leap and transform your interior design, remember the tips above as you change your decorations.

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