18 Best Coffee Tables For Your Living Space (2023 Update)

Evelyn Long

Nov 29, 2023

couch and coffee table with candles and mugs on top

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Are you looking for the perfect furniture that fits your style? Or are you on the hunt for a coffee table that already works with the rest of your space? Either way, we have you covered. No matter your budget or style, there are many coffee table options that can work with your needs. Here are some of the best coffee tables on the market right now — each with their own unique flair.

1. Household Essentials Coffee Table

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect round coffee table, this simple 31.5-inch House Essentials piece could be just what you need. Not only is it stable and sturdy, but it also comes in a variety of colors and finishes, which means that you can make the shape work for any room — even if you want something a little unique.

$60.72 from Amazon

2. Marisol Coffee Table

This woven coffee table is great for getting the natural look, no matter what the rest of your space looks like. While you can make this the star of the show in a sleek and modern space, you can just as easily add it to your already thriving bohemian paradise. Better yet — it comes in two sizes, meaning you can make it fit anywhere or even get both and utilize their nesting capabilities.

$99.99 from Urban Outfitters

3. Olee Sleep Cocktail Table 

Moving a bit back to the simple side, this reasonable and natural-looking coffee table is the perfect choice for a subtle, sophisticated space with a midcentury modern flair. With its storage space underneath and its simple, natural finish, this coffee table will definitely deliver on the price you pay for it.

$129.77 from Amazon

4. Homcom Acrylic Coffee Table

If you want something so simple that it stands out, look no further than the Homcom acrylic waterfall coffee table. This 32-inches rectangular table isn’t for the faint of heart — it leaves no room for hiding, pushing things underneath or leaving piles of clutter.

But what you get in return is a dazzling minimalist masterpiece sure to make your whole space pop. This clear table looks like something out of a movie, but it can absolutely live inside your home.

$169.99 from Amazon

5. Henn&Hart Coffee Table

This table screams vintage vibes and seventies flair. This faux marble top in a gold brass frame will make waves in your living space and leave a feeling of luxury. Designed with glass tops, this 36-inch double-layer storage can blend in any interior theme. The bottom storage gives you more space for books or magazines. It’s modern-looking, stylish and very easy to put together.  

$126.99 from Amazon

6. Lynwood Cube Bench

While bench or ottoman-style coffee tables aren’t everyone’s taste, they definitely have their place in plenty of rooms. This cube bench from Target is a great option for those looking for a slightly unique, affordable and comfortable ottoman and coffee table combination. It’s sturdy and gets the job done, all while remaining comfortable and stylish.

$185 from Target

7. Simplihome Johnsen Metal Coffee Table

If you want a coffee table that has a little bit of dazzle to it, this 30-inch wide metal coffee table is the perfect choice to turn heads. With a bit of a royal look and distinct texture detail, this coffee table offers a bit of an antique feel and a ton of storage inside, making it the perfect table for a cozy boho environment. Hand-finished in antique silver, copper, gold and oil-rubbed bronze, you have various options to style your home. You also don’t have to worry about matching woods, as this one is all metal. 

$339.99 from Amazon

8. Convenience Concepts Coffee Table

This solid wood coffee table definitely speaks vintage vibes, with its black finish and unique style, so you can add this one to your roster if you’re trying to go for anything antique. Even though this table is reasonably priced, it’s also extremely sturdy and offers shelving options. It has a bottom shelf for decor or functional storage. Though it looks the best in the living room, you can also use it in the bedroom or the outdoors. 

$115.76 from Amazon

9. Farmhouse Square Coffee Table

This farmhouse square coffee table from Signature Design by Ashley is too unique of an option not to put on this list. Its retro design hits you with nostalgia. Not only does it offer a stylish weathered gray finish, but it also has a dual-hinged flip top you can open on either the left or right side to have access to roomy storage space. While you can use the top base to display decors and plants, the storage can keep things you want to stay hidden. This is a fun detail that adds to the design and makes the table even more interesting.

$299.99 from Amazon

10. WELLAND Natural Edge Coffee Table

Speaking of interesting design, this wood slab coffee table with unique wood edges offers a dynamic, natural work that can work in both modern and primitive-style homes. It literally looks like a slice of a tree, giving off a unique, interesting and timeless aesthetic that adds a gorgeous accent to your living area. If you want something that functions both as a table and as a part of the ambiance in the room, this table is definitely for you.

$119 from Amazon

11. WLIVE Mid-century Modern Coffee Table

If you are looking for something a little bit more high-end, look no further than this mid-century pop-up storage coffee table. What appears as a standard asymmetrical table opens to reveal a dynamic, interesting compartment for storage. Besides, as a standard coffee table, this piece of furniture with multi-color options provides a floating raised tabletop, which you can use to work or dine to increase height and comfort. The side storage has a removable shelf, offering you more space for keeping your stuff. This can give off either a vintage look or a sleek, modern aesthetic depending on the designs surrounding it.

$149.98 from Amazon

12. Hassan Coffee Table

Even though these coffee tables don’t offer any secret storage, their sleek design and sophisticated aesthetic might just be enough to make your space into the cohesive environment you are looking for. Not only do they offer a simple and clean look, but they also nest into each other for even more surface area.

$250 from All Modern

13. VASAGLE URBENCE Coffee Table

If what you are looking for is a standard, sturdy coffee table to get the job done for a reasonable price, look no further than this accent table from VASAGLE. It has a 1.2-inch tabletop, perfect for heavy stuff and its rustic brown color will fit any home style. This coffee table gives you the best of both worlds with a sophisticated structure and a shelf for ample storage underneath.

$99.99 from Amazon

14. Andre Coffee Table

Asymmetry and modernism is your game, this coffee table has everything you need. Not only does it offer a bit of stealth storage, but it balances white color with wood tone and texture, all while it boasts a dynamic shape that’s sure to catch the eye. Use this to spice up an otherwise simple space or allow it to shine among a variety of other modernist gems.

$599 from Castlery

15. Vivian Glam X Leg Round Coffee

Topping off our Target picks, this round coffee table is a great way to simplify a smaller space while still offering a bit of surface area. This is also a great option for those uninterested in matching wood, as the structure is composed of metal and faux marble.

$169.99 from Target

16. Rolanstar Lift Top Coffee Table

This asymmetrical coffee table is stylish, sleek and of course, has a secret storage compartment inside. Leaning towards the affordable side, this table proves that you don’t need to sacrifice style or function for a good deal.

$139.99 from Amazon

17. IKIFLY Modern LED Coffee Table

If you’re a modernist, this table might be among your top choices. With its minimal design, sleek lines and glossy finish, this table isn’t just a table — it’s a part of the decor. Built with 16 colorful changing lights underneath with various settings, you’ll look forward to using it.  

$189.99 from Amazon

18. Targua Inlay Coffee Table

Near the top end of our price range for this list, this Moroccan coffee table doesn’t disappoint. This one is definitely a statement piece, so if you’re looking not just for a table, but for a decorative showstopper, this is the one for you. Between its sturdy, artistic shape and vibrant color makeup, this coffee table is as luxurious as it is intriguing.

$1,248 from Anthropologie

Finding the Best Coffee Table For a New Space

No matter what kind of coffee table you’re looking for, you can find something that matches the aesthetic of your home and gets the job done. Whether you need to keep your budget on the lower end or you would rather splurge a little for design and quality, there are so many options out there to help you top off your space. Which of these coffee tables is your favorite?

Original Publish Date 11/05/2012 — Updated 11/29/2023

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