8 Clever Tips for Storage for Small Spaces

Peter Chambers

Mar 5, 2021

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When you don’t have a lot of square footage, figuring out personal storage for small spaces becomes more crucial than ever. The last thing you want is to leave clutter out because all the “stuff” can make a small space seem even tinier. 

One survey of 50 to 60-year-olds showed 43% want to buy a home the same size as their current one. In another study, 45 to 65-year-olds said they planned to stay in their current home and make do with the space they had. 

Whether you’re turning your dwelling into a multi-generational space or have already downsized, finding smart storage for small spaces ideas is a must. Knowing where to start is the challenge. Here are eight ideas to get you started on your journey to a more organized home that seems spacious and roomy.

1. Shelves and Hooks in Entryway

three coats hanging on hooks

Many smaller homes lack adequate closet space. There may not be a coat closet or a separate mudroom. One solution is adding shelves and hooks by the entry. You can hang jackets worn frequently, add an umbrella stand in the corner and place shelves to hold items such as mail or car keys. 

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2. Dual Purpose Furniture

Look for pieces serving the purpose of furniture and storage. For example, a flip-top ottoman with room inside for blankets or puzzle pieces. Add a coffee table with cabinets underneath to store books or user manuals. Another idea is a small armoire serving as an office area but closes up to save space when not in use. 

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3. Covers with Pockets

Some couch and chair covers serve the purpose of protecting your furnishings from spills and pet hair. However, they also come with pockets draping down the sides. Use the pockets to store cords, remote controls and other small items. You’ll also have these things in easy reach when you need them.

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4. Underbed Totes

under bed storage for small spaces

Put your mattress on a frame with space underneath and add some shallow totes to store shoes, seasonal clothing and other items you’d like to tuck out of the way. If you use it well, there is a lot of valuable storage space under your bed.

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5. Bench with Storage

A bench just outside your front door or inside your garage entry is a great place to sit and remove or put on shoes. Look for a seat that lifts up and offers storage inside. Such a piece gives you a place to keep shoes or items you don’t wear as frequently, such as boots and rain gear. 

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6. High Shelves or Cabinets

When you feel you’re almost out of space, look up. You can usually find more storage high on your walls. Add shelves or cabinets in your laundry area, bathroom, bedroom and other places they won’t destroy your home’s aesthetic. Store items you don’t have another place for in those areas.

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7. Inside Cabinet and Closet Doors

a locker closet with a mirror hanging on the door

The backside of cabinet doors offers a lot of great storage space. Put your hair drying on a hook inside the bathroom vanity. Add a spice holder to the back of the cabinet over your stove. Store lids in a pocket on the door. 

Use every inch of space available. Put hooks on the back of your closet door to hold scarves and hats. Look for places to add storage you might not have thought of, such as a cubby or tucked away corner inside a window seat. 

8. Pullout Staircase Bookcases

If you’ve watched the tiny house movement, you’ve likely seen stair solutions that pull out for climbing. They look like a bookcase when not in use and tuck neatly against the wall. You can use them to climb to a loft area or simply to climb and reach something on a top shelf. 

Get Organized With Clever Storage for Small Spaces Ideas

You can do a lot with a small amount of space if you take the time to get organized. Throw out or store anything you no longer need or don’t use. Cut the clutter ruthlessly and organize what’s left inside bins, trays and containers. The more organized you are, the better you’ll utilize the space you do have.

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