What Colors Go With Tan Walls in Home Design?

Evelyn Long

Jun 29, 2022


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Decorating your space is an exciting part of purchasing a home. When it comes to choosing a color palette for your interior there are so many options to choose from. Tan is a great natural hue. Although, you may be thinking about what colors go with tan walls? Here are a few tone ideas to get you started. 

1. White 

Pairing tan walls with shades of white creates a classy appearance. Also, white can balance out the darker tone making the space feel more peaceful. If you have a smaller space white accents can cause the room to feel larger. The white shades may even give off a sense of cleanliness and simplicity. 

Also, when picking out decors you can experiment with brighter tones and fun patterns. Consider purchasing warmer hued throw pillows to add a pop of color. 

Here are a few other ways to add color to your space:

  • Decorate with plants
  • Add an area rug
  • Update your chair cushions
  • Bring in some artwork 
  • Create an accent wall 

With the versatility of white, you can use it in almost any room in the house. Consider using it in your living room or bedroom. 

2.  Black

When deciding what colors go with tan walls, black is another good option. It creates an elegant and more sophisticated style. The black accents also easily stand out against the tan walls. When used in a living or dining room, it can create a more formal setting. Black tones also provide a sense of comfort, protection, and mystery.  

To go with tan and black, add some splashes of green, red, or orange helping to warm up the space. Adding touches of silver can enhance the contemporary vibe. Also, hanging silky drapes can add to the elegant appeal of the room. Keep in mind you want to have ample lighting to make sure the space isn’t too dark. 

Consider adding this color combination in places your family often gathers.  

3.  Yellow

Yellow is often an underused color because using too much of it can make the space feel overwhelming. Although, when you pair it with a tan, it can also create a sophisticated look while brightening the room. Using yellow also makes a statement giving you a unique interior design. 

Along with its design appeal, yellow can also impact your mood. It can make you feel happier and more cheerful. So, you may want to add some yellow to your bedroom. 

Use yellow accents sparingly and choose a tone with some gold to keep the color from being too bright. Also, balance out the warmer hues with natural tones like white. 

4. Soft Pink

Pairing pink with a tan can give you a more feminine look when determining what color goes with tan walls. Consider this color combination for women’s or little girls’ bedrooms. You can even add silk material to create a more luxurious appearance. 

To add accents of pink, you can bring in flowers or purchase pink throw pillows. You can also add touches of pink in the window shades or rugs. Consider incorporating more neutral colors, such as gray, for a more soothing feeling. If you want to create a more playful atmosphere, mix in some warmer hues like red. 

5.  Soft Green

Using this tone can create a stunning country or cottage look. The color green symbolizes good health and healing. When you pair the tan and green, it can create a more earthy and refreshing feel. These relaxing shades are perfect to use in your bathroom or bedroom. 

Adding plants can be a great way to create green accents. Plus, you can remove them or place them somewhere else if your style preferences change. Also, bring in some florals and shades of white to complement the green. Consider incorporating splashes of green in your couch, kitchen island, or cabinets. 

6. Teal

Teal is a common color selection homeowners make when deciding what colors go with tan walls. One of the reasons is the tan and teal pairing creates a rich and soothing look. It also creates a striking contrast between the two tones. You may want to use this combination in your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Bring in touches of teal in your sofas, chairs, or even coffee table. To balance out the two hues consider mixing in some neutral shades, such as browns or whites. Also, try adding some touches of green to complement the teal. 

7. Dark Brown 

If you live in a busy household and want to create an atmosphere of peace, consider this color pairing. It can even create a cozy feeling making the room the perfect place to relax after work. Consider using it in your bedroom to help you fall asleep faster. You can use it in other areas of your home you relax in, such as a home library. 

You may want to add a tan area rug or window curtains to help pull together the design. Also, add wooden pieces, such as a coffee table, to help bring in the brown hue. Along with the tan and brown colors, mix navy blue and beige to enhance the darker palette. Adding black accents can also make the space feel more modern. 

8.  Bright or Bold Blue 

Blue is a great color to pair with tan because it creates a beautiful contrast. Since the two colors are opposite shades, it draws attention to the decorations within the room. The blue hue can also help balance out the more neutral color. 

To help your blue tones be the focal point, consider pairing them with black or white pieces. Also, decorating with bold colors can draw even more attention to your blue accents. To create a more cohesive look, incorporate some cooler tones, like greens and purple. 

9. Soft Blue 

This pairing can create a more calming atmosphere. Consider using lighter shades of tan with a more green undertone to enhance this effect. The relaxing vibe is perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. In your bedroom, add touches of blue to your wall art, cushions, or blankets. In the bathroom, try mixing blue into your flooring, shower tiles, or vanity. 

Also, add some decor with fun patterns, like stripes, in blue shades. This can help add visual interest to your space while complementing your tan walls. Pillows, blankets, or bedspreads are easy ways to add patterned decorations. Also, consider adding a blue-hued lamp to help brighten your room at night. 

10. Beige 

A soft beige color can nicely complement the neutral tan color. It can also give your space a tidy and clean look. Consider adding some vibrant red accents to warm up the room. For a more vintage and cozy look, try mixing in some burnt orange design elements. You could also try adding a gray rug or cushions to match the beige hue. 

Beige tones tend to match well with multiple colors. So, if you want to add a sense of personality, liven up the space with bright blue accents. These vibrant colors are perfect for artwork since the neutral tones allow them to stand out. 

How to Choose What Colors Go With Your Tan Walls 

Painting your walls can be a fun design project! It’s a chance to add some personality to your space. Tan walls are a good choice because their natural hues make them easy to match with multiple colors. With so many tone choices, it may seem a little overwhelming at first. When picking one, you may wonder what colors go with tan walls? 

Consider one or more of these colors to create a cozy and beautiful home interior. 

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