Wall Decor Ideas on a Tight Budget

Rose Morrison

Mar 9, 2023

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Finding the right wall decor ideas is complicated when you don’t have a lot of money to work with. Fortunately, there are many ways to create a one-of-a-kind look on a shoestring with a bit of creativity and ingenuity. 

How Can I Decorate With No Money?

Home Advisor estimates the average cost to hire an interior designer is $6,710, while the cost to paint a mural is about $1,245. What if you want to come up with wall decor ideas you can DIY? How can you save a ton of money and still have a home that’s inviting and shines with your personality? 

Fortunately, there are many ways to find wall decor ideas without spending a fortune. 

1. Frame Kids’ Art

If you want a homey feel to your house, you can frame your children’s or family members’ artwork. Create an art wall. The key to a high-end look for whimsical drawings is in the frames. 

Use frames you already own, buy them from the dollar store or go to secondhand shops. Pick up any frames you like. They can vary. Use a can of black matte spray paint or any color of your choice and give them all a similar look.

You can create a border with scraps of cardboard you spray paint or pieces of cardstock you grab when on sale or clearance. The key is to have a theme so everything looks planned.

2. Buy Second Hand

Do you want some things with character or a specific theme? Visit your local thrift store and look for deals on decorations. When people get tired of the expensive wall decor they’ve purchased, they often donate it. You can pick up expensive decorations at a huge discount and wind up with something you love. 

Another idea is to get up early on the weekends and visit swap meets and yard sales to see what you can find. For some people, the hunt for something unique that meets their personal style is half the fun.

You could also attend local auctions or check on sites such as Facebook Marketplace and NextDoor to see what others no longer want. Some cities also have “Buy Nothing” groups where you can see what others want to get rid of at no charge to you. 

3. Check Out Art From the Library

Some county libraries offer art you can check out and keep for 60 or 90 days at a time. Depending upon the rules of your library, you may be able to renew your loan time, keeping unique paintings and photographs.

One of the best things about checking out art from the library is that you can swap it out regularly for new pieces and always have a fresh look and art lover flair in your home. 

If your local library doesn’t offer this option, think about who you know that is adept at art. Ask them if you can hang some of their work in your home and in turn you’ll tell people it’s for sale and help spread the word about their skills. 

4. Paint a Design

Do you love geometric shapes or stencils? You might be surprised what you can achieve as an accent wall with a bit of painting tape and a variety of colors.

Search online for inspiration. Pinterest has a ton of wall paint ideas you can adapt to your own needs and color scheme. 

5. Repurpose Items You Already Have

One thing home stagers often do is take items a homeowner already owns and rework them into something fresh or in a new room. Look through your house for things you aren’t using that you can repurpose. Perhaps that old wicker basket could be cut down, painted and some silk flowers tucked inside for a unique wall hanging/shelf that screams boho.

An abandoned mirror tucked in the back of your closet gets new life when you reframe it and hang it horizontally instead of vertically in the front hallway. 

Study Interior Designers

Spend time looking at some of the current trends in interior design with an eye toward how you can adapt wall decor ideas on a budget. There’s rarely a need to buy items new when you can find them used. As you develop an eye for design and embrace your personal style, you’ll find more ways to express yourself and grab the admiration of guests in your home.

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