The Best Ceiling Fans for Your Home

Rose Morrison

Oct 20, 2021


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If you’re thinking about a home remodel sometime soon, you shouldn’t neglect your ceilings. Whether you want to dress up a room or find a fan that’s more functional, you should check out the best ceiling fans on Amazon that can fit into any budget.

15 of the Best Ceiling Fans You Can Find on Amazon

Amazon is quick and convenient for many things, but did you know they also house many fans with excellent reviews? Check out some of these fans on their website and see if one fits your home’s needs and aesthetics.

1. Hunter Conroy Low-Profile Ceiling Fan

Optimized for the indoors, this modern-style ceiling fan would work best in a bedroom or living room. It boasts a “whisper wind” motor that keeps the fan silent, even at high speeds. Reviewers note that the fan balances well, but you may consider extra supports to hold its weight.

Buy it for $101.30

2. Lotus Indoor and Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan

This fan comes in a range of sleek colors: black, white, bronze and silver. It can pair with any smart appliances you have, such as Alexa or Google Assistant. This fan comes with its own app, but you can still control it manually via a wall switch. It’s an excellent choice if you want a fresh, lightweight fan and have a higher budget.

Buy it for $390

3. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-Inch Ceiling Fan

This brushed nickel fan comes with a remote and is best suited for a small space. Many reviewers call it fantastic for the price, which is great if you’re looking for a fan in a distinctive color. You can determine the light’s brightness and intensity by holding down a button on the remote.

Buy it for $89

4. Honeywell Xerxes Ceiling Fan

If you’re searching for a fan to take up space in a large room, look no further than this fan. The Xerxes might be one of the best ceiling fans for spacious living rooms. The three-speed motor is reversible, so you’ll love this fan through winter and summer. Reviewers love this fan in industrial homes.

Buy it for $299

5. Sofucor Crystal Ceiling Fan

This beautiful fan would feel most at home in a modern house to show off its walnut blades. Because of the crystal and iron lampshade, your light may not be as direct as you want it, but the style makes up for it. This fan also has a reversible motor for any season, and you can operate it via remote control.

Buy it for $149.99

6. Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan With Lights

This indoor fan is an excellent option for households on a budget. With four brushed nickel blades and a reversible motor, it has almost everything anyone could want out of a basic fan to keep their home cool. Reviewers rave that this fan is quiet and powerful, perfect for smaller rooms like offices or bedrooms. You can operate it by remote.

Buy it for $139.99

7. Prominence Home Alvina Ceiling Fan

This fan was made for people with a farmhouse aesthetic. If the farmhouse design isn’t your thing, this fan also comes in multiple colors, some cheaper than others. The blades are reversible, so you can decide whether a worn pine look or a deeper brown would work better for your room. It also boasts that it’s easy to install so that you won’t spend too much time on it.

Buy it for $122.99

8. Monte Carlo Maverick Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Made for the outdoors, this ceiling fan is as sleek as it is powerful. Its remote control offers you six speeds to choose from and can generate plenty of air for a sitting area. Lightweight, you should install this fan on a flat ceiling, which makes it perfect for a backyard patio. Reviewers state the blades are made of natural wood, not plastic, which adds an elegant look.

Buy it for $699

9. Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan comes without a light, but its affordable price and excellent features make up for it. If you just want a ceiling fan in one room and are happy with floor lighting, this quiet fan will brighten up any indoor space. It operates via a pull chain and has a clean appearance with rectangular blades that can fit in with almost any decor. Reviewers say this fan is best if you want a gentle breeze rather than mighty wind throughout the room.

Buy it for $164.92

10. Depuley Farmhouse Ceiling Fan With Light

This remote-controlled fan has three different appearances depending on which fits your home best. The iron frame of the fan lends a cohesive element to any farmhouse decor. Reviewers say to handle this unique fan carefully as you unpackage and wire it. Once set up, this fan is quiet and won’t disturb the room. The seller recommends it for larger spaces, such as a kitchen, living room or dining room.

Buy it for $209.09

11. Springer Collection 12-Blade Coastal Windmill Ceiling Fan

Boasting a rustic feel, this fan has 12 powerful blades that quickly cool down a large area. The fan was inspired by a windmill and can be installed on flat or sloped ceilings. Reviewers love sticking this fan in their living rooms and knowing that it works well while being silent. If you have room in your budget for a rustic-looking addition to your home, this windmill fan is an excellent choice.

Buy it for $696.75

12. Prominence Home Hero Hugger Ceiling Fan

This small fan features a schoolhouse globe light that can illuminate the whole room. It also has reversible blades, allowing you to choose between white or white oak to match the rest of your decor. Like many other fans, it has a reversible motor that you can change depending on the season, and it’s relatively powerful for its size. This fan is excellent if you’re looking for functional decor that can match almost any style on a budget.

Buy it for $59

13. Casa Esperanza Vintage Indoor Ceiling Fan

A traditional decorative fan, the Casa Esperanza Vintage Ceiling Fan is one of the best ceiling fans to dress up a room. With its rich color, it looks more expensive than it is. This fan comes with dimmable lights and a remote control. Reviewers say that it’s quiet and simple to install in a short time. If you’re searching for a way to dress up one of your smaller rooms, look no further than this elegant fan and light combo.

Buy it for $449.99

14. Westinghouse Lighting Alloy LED Ceiling Fan

This sleek ceiling fan would fit great in a modern or industrial home due to its beautiful gray exterior. The blades are reversible, so you can choose between defaulting to gunmetal gray or soft applewood. It’s a powerful fan that can function well in large or small rooms. 

Buy it for $144.10

15. Trifecté Outdoor Ceiling Fan

In addition to the remote control that comes with it, this ceiling fan and light combo is compatible with smart devices and can be controlled with an app. This sleek ceiling fan can find its home indoors or outdoors. If you don’t want the fan running at all times, you can set timers for it to turn off during designated hours. It may only have three blades, but you can set this fan to your favorite out of the ten speeds it offers. It’s an excellent choice for someone who wants a ceiling fan that operates as nicely as it looks.

Buy it for $274.99 

Find the Perfect Fan for Your Home

With so many choices, it’s challenging to pick out which fan would work best for your family. When you’re shopping for fans, make a list of your must-haves. Do you want a quiet fan above all else, or do you prefer the convenience of controlling it from an app? Once you know what you desire most out of your fan, you can narrow it down to just a few of these best ceiling fans that can suit your household well.

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