Our Favorite Accent Colours for Grey Kitchens

Evelyn Long

Oct 27, 2021


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These days, it’s common to choose neutral colours for your kitchen. Hues like beige, white and black offer a no-regrets approach. The same applies to grey. This minimalistic yet complex tone has become a favorite for homeowners worldwide. But how do you ensure your cabinets and drawers don’t look overly washed up? It’s all about accents. Here’s a look at six accent colours for grey kitchens.

1. White

A white backsplash or countertop against warm grey cabinets can create a contemporary or modern look that lasts for ages. This combination offers a clean backdrop for other colours, too. For example, your favorite red hand towels won’t look garish when paired with these tones. That’s a plus!

If you’re someone who changes their kitchen’s decor every season, it’s essential to choose a neutral accent. This way, you can incorporate different colours without any worries that they’ll clash together. Look for whites and creams to complement your grey kitchen.

2. Brown

In this case, you probably wouldn’t choose a chocolatey brown tone for your kitchen’s walls. But a few light and dark beiges can invoke richness into your space. Think wooden bar stools, brass hanging lights and more. These rustic touches work perfectly with dark greys to create a more sophisticated, industrial look.

Try to balance your deep greys and brows with white to ensure your kitchen doesn’t feel overly cold. A butcher block countertop with white paint can add a natural feel to both light and dark grey kitchens. In any case, it’s essential not to be too heavy-handed.

Beige and brown woods are a prime choice when considering accent colours for grey kitchens.

3. Purple

A grey kitchen with purple accents? Yes! If you love light shades like lilac and lavender, you can use them to create a fabulous space. Purple tends to be a colour that people associate with royalty. Therefore, it’s a wonderful way to make your kitchen seem a bit more glamorous.

If you have an island, you can paint that area with your favorite purple tone. Then, you can use neutral colours to create a balance. You may also want to try an accent wall for a more impactful pop. Either way, you shouldn’t shy away from uncommon colours. Most tones look stunning when paired with grey cabinetry or countertops.

4. Yellow

A cheery yellow hue looks especially attractive against light grey cabinets. A colour like yellow helps to brighten up areas that otherwise look dreary. Plus, why not have a little fun with your space? Your kitchen should be a room that inspires creativity.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your design. If you’re unsure if you want to commit to a permanent yellow accent like paint or tile, it’s best to start small. You could keep lemons and other citruses out on your counters. Chairs with yellow cushions look terrific, too.

5. Black

Like white, black works as a go-to neutral for many homeowners. That’s for a good reason, too. It complements any colours, but it’s also deep, edgy and modern. You can use black with any grey tone to add “oomph” to your kitchen no matter what style you’re after.

For an industrial vibe, you could try metal bar stools, sleek matte hardware and more. A sink can feel a little more contemporary with a black faucet. You may also want to try a more polished look with classic metal fixtures and black and grey tiles. The possibilities are endless.

6. Green

Green works as both a playful and adult colour. It’s serious enough to look like a wise design choice, but it’s also incredibly fun. If you’re not into bland kitchens, but you don’t want to leap into yellow territory, you’ll find green works as a decent medium.

There are several shades to explore that pair perfectly with grey. A light seagrass, mint or pistachio would look delightful with warm grey tones to create a playful feel. If you’d prefer a sophisticated vibe, you could try seaweed or olive. Those tones work best with deeper greys. 

In any case, you can’t mess up when you choose this accent colour for a grey kitchen.

Consider These Accent Colours for Grey Kitchens

An accent colour can add another dimension to your grey kitchen. Whether you want to be classic with black or bold with yellow, you can create a beautiful space with these accent colours for grey kitchens.

a guide to our favorite accent colors for grey kitchens

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