Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for the Home Cook

Rose Morrison

Nov 16, 2020


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Are you remodeling your kitchen? When it’s time to upgrade your cooking gear, you can’t forget the essentials. What are the must-have kitchen appliances?

The following list of eight items will complete your project and transform you into José Andrés. Okay, maybe the last bit contains a touch of hyperbole, but the right tools do make mealtime less burdensome.

1. A Dual Oven

a fancy kitchen with duel ovens

Dual ovens are ideal because they don’t take as long to get warm as standard models. If cake-baking is your game, you can create multiple tiers at once without moving pans around. This appliance is on the pricier side, but it’s a must for serious chefs.  

Thanksgiving is on the way, and when turkey day arrives, you want everything served at the ideal temperature. How can you manage a bird and all the sides, several of which require different oven temperatures? 

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2. A Range Hood

a must-have silver range hood over a large silver oven

All that cooking kicks up the smoke and steam. You need a way to keep the air clear, lest your family breathe the aroma of your salmon for weeks. 

The right range hood fits anywhere, including over your island, allowing maximum ventilation. It also protects your safety by whisking steam away from your face. 

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3. A Refrigerator 

large silver fridge in a wooden kitchen for the home cook

You need a place to keep your veggies and fruit chilled. A quality refrigerator can save you considerable energy — look for those with the best Energy Star ratings. 

Should you get a fridge with an ice-maker and a water dispenser? You can, but remain aware of the pros and cons. While you can’t beat the purified flavor, such models require more frequent repair, which can set you back a few hundred bucks if you don’t have a warranty. 

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4. A Dishwasher

a must-have appliance dishwasher

You could get away without this item, but doing so makes cooking for a crowd a bear. No rule says you have to use it for routine cleanups if energy conservation concerns you. 

If you only use yours for hefty holiday tasks, look for a model that sprays from the side, not only the top and back. Some folks claim these do a superior job of eliminating baked-on grit. 

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5. A Disposal

a mom helping her daughter wash broccoli in the sink

Unless you enjoy a stinky trash bin, a disposal is a must for food waste. Plus, going without means risking a clog every time you wash dishes. 

It doesn’t pay to go frugal with this kitchen appliance. Anyone who has seen enough scary movies gets the screaming horrors at the thought of placing their hand inside to remove a stuck bit of chicken. Reduce the possibility with the most heavy-duty model available. 

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6. A Pressure Cooker

a large silver Instapot pressure cooker

Are you trying to cut out junk food? Reduce your temptation to hit the drive-thru with a quality countertop pressure cooker. 

Instant Pots are the most popular brand, although you can find others. The beauty of these gadgets is that you can whip up a nutritious meal in minutes — handy when you’re both famished and exhausted. Place your ingredients, hit a few buttons, and violá — dinner is served. 

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7. A Food Processor

a blender with smoothie ingredients in it

Chopping vegetables for weekly meal prep gets tedious, and if you have arthritis, using a standard knife and cutting board can become downright painful. A food processor reduces your burden and helps improve your health. 

Here, as with garbage disposals, it pays to seek quality. Look for a model that can create various cuts. If you frequently replace pasta with zoodles for low-carb cooking, you’ll want a spiralizer to make your “noodles,” for instance. 

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8. A Microwave

a built-in microwave appliance in a counter

While celebrity chefs might turn up their noses, microwaves serve vital functions. They enable you to reheat your lukewarm java when your meeting runs over, but that isn’t all. 

Not everyone has time to play Mario Batali at every meal. How else can you heat the healthy freezer burritos you lovingly prepared on food-prep day? 

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Does Your Kitchen Have These 8 Must-Have Appliances?

When planning your next remodel, make sure to budget for the eight items above. The right kitchen appliances make prepping meals a joy, not a chore.

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