Best Multipurpose Furniture

Evelyn Long

Feb 27, 2023


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Small spaces can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. However, you can conserve room and add stylish pieces, through multipurpose furniture. Here are a few of the best items to get you started.

1. A Bookshelf With a Fold-Down Table

This item is perfect for adding more room to your office or living area. The table creates an ideal desk. The shelves then provide easy access to important documents and writing supplies. The best part is you can easily fold it up at night and have more room to walk around.

Suppose you live in an apartment, the bookshelf will work well in the living room. It gives you plenty of space to store framed pictures, plants and knick-knacks.

2. Under-Bed Storage

This multipurpose furniture can act as a bedside table as well. Buy rolling storage bins you can easily place under the bed. Then you can store your seasonal clothes and save floor space.

The covered bins can double as a bedside table for your phone at night. This saves you money and room by not adding another bulking furniture piece.

3. Turn a Side Table Into a Dining Table

This is a good trick if you have less room in your dining area. It can conveniently store items, like electronics, during the day and be a place for family dinner at night. Spending quality family time can strengthen your relationships. In addtion, you can use the table as a desk if you work remotely.

The table is even an affordable way to add more room when guests come over. Using the desk for many purposes also adds more space for decorative pieces, such as lighting.

4. A Mirror That Has Hooks and Storage

Mirrors can make a space feel larger by reflecting natural light. A mirror with hooks is great for storing keys and coats. Place the mirror in the entry hallway, so you can do one more hair check before heading out the door.

You can also place your phone or purse on top, so you don’t forget these items in a rush. Fewer things end up on the floor with plenty of storage room, keeping your home less cluttered.

5. A Sleeper Chair

This is a common multipurpose piece of furniture perfect for your overnight guests. The chair can be the prime television viewing spot during the day and double as a bed at night.

It also allows you to be prepared for any unexpected visitors. The sleeper sofa is good for day naps as well. Add more visual interest to the furniture with colorful throw pillows and blankets.

6. A Floating Desk With Ledges

In 2021, 45% of people were working remotely. So, a floating desk can save space in any size home. It provides both room for storage and an accessible workstation. You can easily store your laptop, notebooks and other essential office supplies.

The floating desk even takes advantage of vertical space. Then it’s not in the way when walking around during the day. Consider adding some family photos or plants to spruce up your desk.

7. Side Table With Cable Features

Most side tables don’t think about electronic needs. This multipurpose furniture item does, however. It can help manage cords and tuck them away safely while charging your device.

That way, you easily charge your phone while watching television or reading a book in the living room. In addition, look for a side table with storage to keep your personal items organized.

8. Under-StairCase Storage

For lofts and tiny homes, this is an excellent multipurpose furniture option. Build in pull-out drawers under each stair to increase storage. It can help hold loose items, like electrons or children’s toys.

Plus, it can keep clutter hidden when guests come over. This option saves you money on storage bins as well.

9. Multiple Stackable Beds

These multipurpose furniture pieces have various layout options. You can combine beds to create a corner sofa, a day bed or even twin beds. You can customize the design to fit the function of the space.

Suppose you often have overnight guests. Creating a sofa can give them somewhere to crash. If you have kids that share a room, making a twin bed reduces spending costs.

10. A Bamboo Room Divider With Removable Shelves

A divider can be a great way to add extra privacy. Suppose you work from home. The partition can act as a barrier to tune out distractions if you need to work in a communal space.

The storage shelves can store your small trinkets that clutter table surfaces. The dividers can then be folded and placed in the closet overnight for extra room. Plus, the bamboo material is eco-friendly.

Best Multipurpose Furniture

Decorating your home is fun and shows your personality. It can be hard sometimes to find items that fit the space and stay on budget. So, add these multipurpose furniture pieces to your next shopping list.

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