How To Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget

Rose Morrison

Feb 17, 2023


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If you want to decorate your bedroom, there are many ways you can do that on a budget. From updating your bedding to refreshing your walls, ideas are available for decorating a new room or renovating an existing one. Here are some ways you can decorate a bedroom on a budget. 

Get New Bedding

New bedding can change the entire aesthetic of your bedroom. Since your bed is usually the room’s focal point, updating your comforter can take your room to another level. If you don’t have the funds for a whole new set, consider getting a new throw blanket to display at the end of your bed. A pretty throw blanket can take the attention away from your outdated bedding. 

DIY Wall Decor

There are various ways to decorate your walls on a budget. One way that you can add texture to your walls is by incorporating natural elements. You can also amp up your space with DIY projects like creative tape art that you can use on a canvas or directly on the walls of your room. There are many other paint projects you can do to decorate your walls or you could add some cheap photo frames of your favorite memories. The right wall art can open up a space and give it a more inviting appearance. 

Add a Mirror 

Mirrors can make your room appear to have more light and add depth to the room. By adding a mirror, you can give the bedroom a more welcoming aesthetic. Another option is you could try placing your mirror by a window so it can absorb more light. If you get a mirror with a shelf, you can add storage space for books or decorative items. Depending on the size and shape of your mirror, you can mount it to the wall, angle it on a shelf, or dresser to fit the vibe of your room. 

Bring In Greenery 

House plants have many benefits ranging from their appearance to their contributions to your health. Greenery is excellent for creativity, energy boosts, and a serene and cozy vibe to any room. 

A low-maintenance house plant adds color and life to your bedroom while also cleaning the air you breathe. Pothos, English Ivy, snake plants, and succulents are all excellent options for your bedroom that don’t require much maintenance. As long as you give them a little water every week or two and bask in their charm. 

Upcycle Furniture 

Giving your furniture a refresh can change the entire appeal of your room. If you need new furniture, consider shopping at a local flea market and refurbishing some old pieces of furniture to make them yours. Upcycling furniture can be a fun project that doesn’t require many tools. 

Replace the hardware and give a second-hand piece of furniture some love with a fresh coat of paint and you’ll likely fall in love with the transformation. Obtaining furniture that fits well within your space is crucial for small rooms since cramped spaces can make you feel cluttered and overwhelmed. 

Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget

Overall, there are many affordable options when it comes to decorating a bedroom on a budget. By utilizing these ideas, you can create a tranquil and cozy haven for your bedroom that you will want to hibernate in all year round. 

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