Improving Curb Appeal in 5 Easy Ways

Peter Chambers

Feb 14, 2023


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Nowadays, it’s all about curb appeal. When guests or potential buyers arrive, the first thing they’ll see at your house is the front yard and your porch. First impressions go a long way in their perception of the house, so give them something to admire and put a smile on their face from the start. Use this article for improving curb appeal in five easy ways. 

1. Decorate the Door

The door is the center point of any front porch, so take some time to decorate the door. Give it a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint to make it stand out. Wipe down the door knobs and use polish for the fixtures like the number and the frame. Add personal touches like a wreath, especially during the holidays. Or you can add a hanging basket, a plaque or a vintage letterbox.

Nowadays, energy efficiency matters a lot to homeowners. Choose a door with low emissivity (low-e) and adequate insulation. Doors with low-e reduce the heat gain inside your house. Or you could upgrade your current door by weatherstripping and filling in any cracks or gaps that could compromise your indoor temperature. 

2. Use Outdoor Lighting

Another helpful tip for improving curb appeal is to utilize outdoor lighting. These fixtures add a warm, inviting ambiance to your front yard and provide security at night. There are numerous lighting options on the market today. For example, you could get post lights. Put a pair of post lights at the front of your yard to create a welcoming entryway for visitors. 

Outdoor lighting is another way you can improve your energy efficiency. Take advantage of light-emitting diode (LED) or solar lights. These options show guests and potential buyers your environmental consciousness. If you get solar lights, you won’t have to worry about energy consumption because they harness power from the sun throughout the day and use it at night. The only thing you’ll need to consider is their batteries. 

3. Add Greenery

Improving curb appeal is all about aesthetics, and one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to add greenery. You can add it nearly anywhere in the front yard, improving the appearance. Remember to keep it organized and avoid cluttering the spaces. 

One effective way to add greenery is to have an outdoor garden. This feature will catch looks as people drive by and walk into your yard. Your garden could feature plants like flowers or vegetables to grow for dinnertime. If you have a garden, remember you’ll need to maintain the plants throughout the year. Find low-maintenance crops that don’t need a lot of water and soil draining. 

4. Clean the Gutters

Improving curb appeal means making your yard and porch look beautiful and ensuring there aren’t any weak spots that could turn off visitors. One of those soft spots can be your gutters. Once autumn arrives, leaves will fall from trees and quickly fill up your gutters with debris. Take time to clean your gutters for curb appeal and protection from lousy weather. 

Gutters can become a liability, especially in the wintertime, if you live in areas prone to heavy snow. The snow and ice can build up in your gutters and cause debris to pile up behind. The heavy weight of the precipitation can cause them to sag and break if it remains that way long enough. Check your gutters regularly to see if they need cleaning. 

5. Place Beautiful Pieces

Curb appeal and home value go together, but how much does it matter? A study from the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics shows that curb appeal accounts for up to 7% of a property’s value. The premium on curb appeal is primarily helpful when the housing market is weaker. Find little ways here and there to improve your yard’s aesthetics. One way to do that is to place beautiful pieces around the yard.

When you think of a beautiful yard, what do you picture in your mind? Some people like to place a fountain in the yard for aesthetics and to attract birds. You can find quality fountains nowadays made from granite, stone or fiberglass. You can also use bird baths, wind chimes, sculptures and other complementary pieces for your yard. 

Improving Curb Appeal for Your Home

First impressions go a long way, and you only get one chance to make them. When showing your home to guests or homebuyers, your front yard, porch and door are the first things they’ll see. Let them know you take improving curb appeal seriously by using these five easy ways. 

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