Your Guide to Coastal Boho Decor Inspiration

Evelyn Long

May 4, 2023


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Have you ever wanted to pack up resort living and bring it home after a seaside escape? If so, the coastal boho style may appeal to you. Coastal boho decor inspiration marries natural elements and refreshing hues of coastal excellence with more whimsical tastes.

Coastal boho is more apt to leave out kitschy nautical items like mermaid key racks or starfish fan pulls and keep it more straightforward and chic. Conjure the most relaxing interior design for a casual style that looks and feels great. 

What Is the Coastal Boho Style?

Your coastal boho decor inspiration should reflect you — a relaxed person who values quality relationships, sunshine, time spent outdoors and caring for themselves. 

You might also be the type who drinks homemade smoothies, eats avocado toast, buys local produce at the farmer’s market and lives sustainably. Summed up, the coastal boho design is organic, laid-back and clean. 

Of course, traditionally, bohemian style is saturated with bold colors, lots of patterns, layered fabrics, textures and accessories. While there’s room for some of these elements in coastal boho design, perhaps strike a balance in your decor inspiration.

In coastal boho, you’re bound to find the following elements:

  • Oversized rattan pendants
  • Woven baskets
  • Neutral colors
  • Natural wood elements
  • Distressed tables
  • Whimsical pottery
  • Splashes of seaside tones
  • Lots of greenery
  • Patterned rugs
  • Textured wallpaper

Are you ready to return to a relaxing resort-style oasis after a long day at the office? It might be time to start shopping.

7 Must-Haves for Coastal Boho Decor Inspiration

Overhauling your home’s decor can be costly, so you shouldn’t try to do it all at once. However much you’re willing to spend on your transition to coastal boho, these seven must-haves will help you bring your decor inspiration to life.

1. Woven Items

A core element of the coastal boho style is woven items — from pendants to baskets to wall art. You’ll likely come across bamboo or rattan pendant shades, ideal for over the kitchen island, dining room table, living room or bedroom. Bamboo pendants are eco-friendly decorative options since bamboo is a highly sustainable raw material.

Woven wall art is another way to bring boho aesthetics into a calming coastal environment. For instance, you can hang handmade woven wall baskets in various sizes and grass materials. 

Another idea could include hanging a prominent macrame wall art fixture above your bed or fireplace mantle — an excellent way to bring unique and soft textures and natural tones into any space.

2. Breezy Neutral Color Palette

Your coastal boho decor inspiration board should primarily include a neutral palette — a bright or off-white color is popular for walls. However, you don’t want your home to feel sterile.

Consider painting your interior doors a light blue-gray color. Of course, turquoise tones are best if you want doors that remind you of seafoam green and ocean waves.

You could also consider installing a sea glass-colored backsplash instead of the typical white subway tile in the kitchen. Just remember that whatever colors you choose should be added tastefully against light walls and natural wood elements. 

3. Unique Ceramics

Accessories are a great way to incorporate some of the boho look’s more whimsical design. For instance, uniquely-shaped ceramic craftsman vases look beautiful on a sofa table alone or with pampas florals.

You could also include subtle patterns and some color with ceramic flower pots. Look for ceramic flower pots with geometric designs and a rough finish to give your house that textured, natural boho aesthetic without going overboard. 

Your coastal boho decor inspiration can even make its way into your kitchen. Handmade dinnerware with a special glazing that makes each plate one-of-a-kind is the perfect addition to your coastal boho decor.

4. Indoor Greenery

If you’re going to have visually-stunning ceramic pots in your house, you might as well fill them with beautiful greenery. Plants are a cornerstone of boho design and a common element in coastal-style homes.

Pet owners will want to purchase non-toxic plants to protect their animals. Spider plants — which grow to be 12 to 15 inches tall — are easy to care for and don’t require a lot of water. Hoyas are also beloved florals for those who like plants draping over the pots.

Of course, as previously mentioned, artificial pampas grasses are fluffy and dense for a feathery look.

5. Natural Wood Elements

Wood elements are essential to both coastal and bohemian designs. Whether wood plays a prominent role in your home — such as your floors or ceiling beams — you can also integrate it into decorative pieces. 

Consider hanging a floating tiered wood shelf to display succulents, photos and collectibles. Floating shelves deliver a clean look and double as extra storage.

Unfinished wood-beaded garland with rope tassels is another simple accessory to decorate a centerpiece. 

Of course, artisan-made candle holders made from coconut shells are organic and subtle additions to your coastal boho home.

6. Cozy Textiles

What’s a home without cozy textiles to inject warmth? Even a refreshing, breezy coastal home could use a bit of fluff and softness.

Lay a tribal-patterned rug in the living room to bring in bohemian patterns — make it a light blue color, and you have the perfect combination of coastal boho.  

You have even more options in the bedroom — for instance, opt for neutral-tone bedding with a tufted design that’s the right weight and material for all seasons. Conversely, you can have fun with color and design by choosing an abstract duvet in muted earthy tones for visual interest.

7. Textured and Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper can deliver whimsy patterns and texture to any room — another boho essential in home decor. However, when tying in the coastal vibe, ensure that the wallpaper follows your breezy color palette and is utilized strategically. 

A saturated aqua-tone peel-and-stick wallpaper could make the perfect textured accent wall in your dining room, bedroom or nursery. 

Conversely, you could opt for a modern line design in beige — an interesting wallpaper to stick in the back of your living room shelving or a small powder room.

Elevate Your Coastal Decor Inspiration with Bohemian Flair

Many people have moved away from kitschy coastal decor as others have sought to tone down the bohemian design. If you’re unwilling to give up either style entirely, coastal boho is the perfect way to achieve both seamlessly without feeling overwhelmed in the space. 

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