6 Creative Dining Room Additions

Olivia Elsher

Dec 16, 2022


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The dining room has been an integral part of households for centuries. This part of the home symbolizes togetherness and companionship when you sit with your family for a meal. Breaking bread while discussing your day brings people closer together with quality time. If you think it could use an upgrade, try one of these six creative dining room additions. 

1. China Cabinet

A China cabinet is an excellent way to make a dining room feel fuller. If you have expensive dishware, this structure is an ideal place to store it. Putting your fancy plateware on display is a terrific way to impress guests who will ask where you got it. You can also show off your other prized possessions, such as trophies, awards, framed pictures or expensive bottles of alcohol.

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2. Centerpiece

When someone walks into your dining room, what do you want them to notice first? They’ll probably see your table and, after that, your centerpiece. When you first move in, your dining room may seem bleak, but a centerpiece is an excellent way to liven up the room and add a personal touch to the table. 

There are numerous options for a centerpiece, so find one that fits the theme you’re going for. Flowers are popular centerpieces for weddings, but some possibilities are excellent dining room additions. Candles can add an element of intimacy to date nights. If you want more light, chandeliers add elegance to your dining room with their beautiful designs. 

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3. Artwork

If walls could talk, what would they say in your dining room? When you first move in, the dining room can feel empty if you have a table with chairs. Another way to add a personal flair to the dining room is by hanging artwork on the walls. Hanging up your favorite paintings and other works of art can create a sense of warmth and add personality to a previously bleak dining room.

The dining room is where you likely use most days of the week. When you prepare dinner, you want to use that time to relax and unwind after a long day. Artwork on your walls can reduce anxiety and stress by increasing your body’s dopamine production. If you have an artistic hand, try creating your own artwork to hang on the walls. Creating art can boost your mental health and give you something to be proud of when you hang it up.

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4. Rug

If you cover the walls and the centerpiece, what’s next on the list? One of the best dining room additions is a simple one: a rug. The floors can feel bare without them, so adding a rug can brighten the room. The best part is that the only installation required is laying the rug under the dining room table. The possibility exists for spills, but rugs are worth it.

Rugs are also among the most affordable dining room additions. You can find high-quality selections at places like Pottery Barn, Lowe’s Target, Amazon and more. One tip for rugs is to find one that’s the same shape as your table. If it’s rectangular, then get a rectangular rug to match. You can also pick rugs to match a theme you’re creating. For example, a cowhide rug would work well if you want a rustic feel.

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5. Wine Rack

This dining room decor idea is for all of the wine lovers out there. A wine rack would be an excellent addition to your dining room, whether you’re a casual enthusiast or a sommelier. You could start small with a rack and a few shelves, or you can go all out with a wine cabinet as large as your China cabinet. A wine rack in your dining room can impress guests when they see your Chardonnay or pinot grigio. 

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6. Neon Signs

They may be a divisive decoration, but neon signs are terrific dining room additions if you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia. Vintage signs can take you back in a time machine when glass bottles of Coca-Cola were cheap and you were a kid with fewer responsibilities. This decor fits well if you want your dining room to look similar to a bar or old diner.

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Get Creative With Dining Room Additions

If you recently moved to a new house, the decorating tasks may seem daunting if you have multiple rooms to cover. However, you can frame it differently. Think of your home as a blank canvas, and you have the freedom to decorate it however you want. Use this list of six creative dining room additions to get started.

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