13 Best Microwaves for Every Budget

Evelyn Long

Feb 15, 2023


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A microwave is an essential household appliance. It’s perfect for eating leftovers or preparing dinner when in a rush. However, there are multiple microwaves to choose from. Many have special features, such as a convection setting, which makes your food crisper. Along with your preferences, your budget plays a role in the selection process. Here are some of the best microwaves to choose from. 

Best Microwaves for Those With a Lower Budget 

Sometimes money is tight, especially if you have a family. With other bills, such as utilities, you may not be able to splurge on a fancy microwave. So, here are a few affordable choices to consider. 

1. Black+Decker Digital Microwave Oven, 0.9 Cu Ft

This stainless steel appliance will look sleek in any modern-styled home. If you have kids, it offers a child safety lock for better peace of mind. It has multiple power options and pre-programmed buttons for popcorn, potatoes and pizza. 

It includes a clock and kitchen timer for more convenience. The device has a large LED display and a straightforward control panel for easy use. 

$114.99 from Amazon

2. Amazon Basics Microwave, Small, 0.7 Cu. Ft, 700W

Do you use smart devices in your home? Now you can bring them into the kitchen with a microwave compatible with Alexa. So, you can use voice control for multitasking when preparing dinner. 

Simply ask Alexa to defrost vegetables or reheat the rice. Other helpful features include quick-cook voice presets, a kitchen timer and a turntable. Just keep in mind you will need to purchase the Echo device yourself. 

$74.99 from Amazon

 3. Comfee’ m720cpl-PM Countertop Microwave Oven, 0.7 Cu Ft/700W

Do you find the beeping microwave noise annoying? This device comes with an on/off sound option to fix this problem. Plus, it includes multiple power settings, such as the energy-saving eco-mode. 

So, you can help the planet while lowering your utility bills. It comes in a beautiful steel finish and is a compact size for a smaller space. In addition, it has a digital display and an easy-to-use control panel.

Here are a few more features:

  • One-touch express cooking function settings
  • Inside light and glass turntable
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Two defrost settings (by weight or by time)
  • A manual instruction book

$90.02 from Amazon 

4. Galanz glcmka07bkr-07Microwave Oven

Do you like to see what’s happening inside the microwave when your food is cooking? Then this device is perfect for you since it lights up. The appliance also has a child safety lock and multiple power settings. 

In addition, it’s easy to defrost foods, with settings based on timer weight. Plus, the clear LED display shows the remaining cook time. The food cooks more evenly with a 360° heating rotating glass turntable.

$61.87 from Amazon

5. Commercial Chef chm660 Countertop Microwave

This is one of the best microwaves for smaller countertop space. It’s good for those who live in apartments or college dorms. In addition, they’re easy to operate with mechanical dials and a timer. There’s a also 30-minute timer that will automatically shut off when the food is ready.

Plus, with multiple power levels, you can complete various cooking tasks. For example, that could be reheating leftovers or making frozen dinners. Also, for easy cleaning, there is a removable and dishwasher-safe turntable. 

$79.97 from Amazon 

For Those With a Mid-Range Budget 

Maybe you got a promotion at work or have been slowly saving up. If you can afford to raise your price range, you may be able to get more features. Here are a few of the best microwaves to consider. 

1. Toshiba em131a5c-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

This device offers a stylish stainless steel exterior with a pre-programmed sensor. So, your favorite pizza or vegetables come out nice and crisp. In addition, the appliance has a large distal display with an easy-to-use control panel. That way, you can waste less time figuring out the buttons and more time enjoying your meal. 

Here are a few other useful features

  • One-touch start the popcorn  
  • Two defrost settings – custom or one-pound auto defrost 
  • Option to mute the microwave

$149.99 from Amazon 

2. Breville Compact Wave Soft Close Microwave

The compact size makes it easy to store, yet it still has convenient features. These include easy shortcuts to quickly prepare your meals. While they’re cooking, you can adjust the power or time if needed. 

There is also a button to add 30-second increments to your cooking time for the best flavor. Plus, the device has a soft-close door and a mute button for noise reduction. The product also comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

 $245.95 from Williams Sonoma 

3. Panasonic Nn-sn75lb Microwave Oven, 1.6 cft

This device uses technology to circulate 3D waves to heat food more efficiently. The microwave also uses a simple cooking process with a sensor and auto cook options. It has smart cooking presets for frozen entrees, vegetables and oatmeal. In addition, it has turbo defrost and senor reheat for quicker cooking. 

Here are some other valuable features: 

  • Dedicated buttons for popcorn, “keep warm” and “quick 30”
  • Child lock 
  • Kitchen timer 
  • Three-stage cooking

$279.95 from Amazon 

4. SHARP zsmc1132cs Carousel 1.1 Cu. Ft. 1000W Countertop Microwave Oven

Do you enjoy a midday popcorn snack? Then consider buying this appliance. It comes with a special certified popcorn preset. Plus, it includes a modern blue LED display, which provides a unique look. 

Here are a few other features to pay attention to: 

  • “+30 Sec” button for instant start
  • 11.2″ carousel turntable 
  • Express cook for one-touch 

$134.99 from Amazon

5. GE Jes2251sj

This product provides electronic touchpad control and warming and proofing settings. In addition, it has sensor cooking to efficiently heat all your favorite dishes. It comes with an Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification, proving its high quality. The company tests products and sets standard safety guidelines. 

$299 from appliances connection

For Those With a Higher Budget 

If you cook regularly and want something more functional, you may want to splurge on a microwave. So, if your budget is on the higher end, consider these options. 

1. Galanz gtwhg12s1sa10 4-in-1 Toastwave, 1000w, 1.2 Cu. Ft

This device makes cooking much more efficient with convection methods. So, the warmth is circulated throughout as the food spins 360° for more even cooking. You can get the perfect taste with sensors that automatically stop when food is ready. 

This can prevent over or undercooking. Also, this microwave contains four appliances for those who cook daily. They include an air fryer, convection oven and toaster oven. 

$479.99 from Amazon 

2. Whirlpool 2.1-CU Ft Over-the-Range Microwave

This microwave is perfect for people with children. It’s easy to maintain with a CleanRealse non-stick interior. It also includes a four-speed span for better food ventilation. It also uses intelligent sensors to adjust cook times automatically.

 So, you can spend less time watching the timer. You can even save space with a steam cooking device sold separately. 

$499 from Lowes 

3. Samsung – 1.1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Convection Microwave

This appliance uses convection technology to minimize hot and cold spots. Also, the grill function is perfect for heating meats. It can make your food nice and crispy on the outside but still tender on the inside. 

Its fingerprint resistance can keep it looking brand new for people with children. It includes a child safety lock as well. 

$399.99 from BestBuy

Best Microwaves For Your Home

When buying appliances, there are many choices. You want to find ones that have helpful settings and work well in your space. Budget is also a significant factor. So, review this guide of the best microwaves for every budget before heading to the store. 

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