Best Ways to Maximize Space in Your Tiny Apartment

Rose Morrison

Sep 1, 2021


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It’s a rite of passage to make use of as little space as possible. If you went to college, you should know how much space you have in a dorm. One-bedroom or studio apartments have a similar amount of space — meaning you’ll likely struggle to accommodate all of your items. Luckily, by implementing a few tactics, you’ll find that it’s easy to make the most of your space, no matter how small it is. Try some of these tips to make your apartment look larger and save storage space simultaneously.

Choose the Right Furniture for Your Apartment

Furniture can make or break the space in your apartment. You don’t want to buy a bunch of bulky furniture and then find you have no room to place it! Choosing your furniture is just as important as selecting the apartment itself. Pick wisely, and you’ll have a completely different space.

1. Loft Your Bed

a lofted bed to maximize space in your tiny apartment

Lofting your bed is an idea borrowed from dorm days. When you loft your bed, you open up so much more space underneath it. You can place a couch, an entertainment center, or even a desk underneath. All the large furniture that would take up too much room anywhere else could work excellently under your bed.

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2. Buy Furniture With Legs

orange furniture with legs in a bright room

Furniture that goes all the way to the ground can be bulky and take up too much room. But furniture that’s open at the bottom and has legs can give the appearance of more space.

Lifting any kind of chair or couch is bound to make your apartment feel more spacious. Utilizing the vertical space provided by the legs can draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of more space.

3. Bring in a Pull-Out Couch

a grey pullout couch for company

If you plan to have guests, your apartment might be a little too cramped for more than one person to sleep comfortably. If you purchase a pull-out couch, you instantly have a second bedroom for your loved ones. Having a pull-out sofa can also conserve floor space and save your guests’ backs. It’s an excellent way to maximize space while having an extra bed tucked away for whenever you might need it.

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Hide Storage in Plain Sight

One of the main struggles of a small apartment is not having enough space for the things you’ve acquired over the years. Rather than give it all away, you just need to find creative ways to keep the clutter out of sight and out of mind.

1. Use File Organizers

colorful papers in a metal file organizer

No, you don’t have to put one of those bulky filing cabinets in your apartment. Plenty of file organizers can be stuck on the wall in a cascading way. You can use these folders to store important papers, like necessary class syllabi and tests, lease information, tax forms, and more. You won’t have an excuse to keep cluttered documents all over your apartment any longer!

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2. Get a Rolling Cabinet

rolling storage in a dated kitchen

A rolling cabinet can easily fit into any cranny or gap in your kitchen. If you have plenty of materials but not enough space to store them, this cabinet can easily go between your fridge and a cupboard. You can use it to hold essentials, like spices, vinegar, or flour. You might find that cooking is easier and more fun without crowded cabinets!

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3. Opt for Storage Ottomans

a cat resting on a storage ottoman

Who doesn’t love blankets? While some blankets make for good decoration, they and other soft things like excessive throw pillows can take up too much room. A storage ottoman can function much like a coffee table: it can hold your remote and let you prop your feet up. Stuffing soft goods inside for whenever you need them is just a bonus.

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Pick Your Decor Wisely

It might be hard to throw away the items you’ve acquired over the years, and you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to declutter often. Just be careful about buying unnecessary items that will just add clutter rather than style or utility.

1. Choose a Light-Colored Paint

a lightly painted room with light decor

Darker paint might make a room seem smaller, but a lighter color does the opposite: it brightens your room. If you want your apartment to appear larger, make sure you stay as close to white as possible. White and paler colors seemingly increase your space by making it appear larger. When in doubt, paint it a nice, neutral cream color.

2. Use Sheer Curtains

a hand reaching at a sheer curtain

Blackout curtains might be helpful, particularly when trying to get healthy sleep, but they’re not practical for every room in your apartment. Sheer curtains will allow light to stream in, making your apartment seem sunny and open. Using a lighter curtain instead of a thicker one makes them look wispier, too, which will make it look like the curtain takes up less space.

If you want to change something about your apartment but can’t commit to something as permanent as paint, reassess the curtains you’re using.

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3. Pick Large Mirrors

a gold mirror leaning against a wall in a room

Mirrors are great decor because they can be hung on the wall and serve as a replacement for art, and they don’t take up as much space as bulkier furniture. They can also allow guests to look at themselves, which could contribute to their overall satisfaction with your place.

A mirror can have a similar effect as a window in that it draws light in and creates the illusion of more space. If you have a blank wall, you should add a large mirror and admire the space it seems to create.

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Think Big for Small Spaces

At first glance, it might be challenging to decorate your apartment in a fashionable way that makes use of the limited space you have. Before you move into a new apartment, make sure to go through your things and question whether you should bring them with you. The less stuff you bring, the less you’ll have to worry about storage. No matter what, you’ll feel prepared with plenty of space-saving tips at your disposal.

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