5 Best Garden Hoses for the Summer

Rose Morrison

Feb 28, 2023


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best garden hoses for summer work and play

You’ll need to find the right tools to water your plants or finally replace the ones starting to crack as you’re readying for the hotter months. If you’re looking for the best garden hose, look no further. This list has some great options for hose upgrades the green thumbs out there might love this summer.

1. Flexilla Garden Hose

Flexilla’s hoses are wonderful because of the many fine qualities they have. They are a bright green, so you’re almost sure not to lose them on the lawn. Flexilla also comes in a variety of lengths for any gardener — you can buy ones from 3 feet long up to 100 feet.

These are also very robust hoses. Their designers created them to resist mold growth and any potential nicks you or the environment could put in them. Weather is practically a non-issue for Flexilla hoses as well, with strength against ultraviolet (UV) light and -40° Fahrenheit temperatures.

2. Water Right Coil Hose

Need something a bit more compact for storage purposes? This is one of the best garden hoses for that need. The Water Right Coil hose comes in various colors and lengths, making it versatile for any home. The hose itself is made of polyurethane, which the company modifies to protect against UV.

Water Right describes its hose as “self-storing”, which you can easily see from its shape. It is also incredibly lightweight while still using lead-free brass. While the hose’s body is curly, the ends are straight, allowing easy installation and watering. This lightweight option is perfect for smaller gardens and patios.

3. LINEX Garden Soaker Hose

For those looking for the best garden hose for flowers, bushes and vegetables, you might want to look at the LINEX Garden Soaker Hose. If you don’t know what a soaker hose is, it has a seam along the body that allows water to drip, evenly watering your plants. This particular hose stores flat and rounds out as water flows through it.

You can leave this soaker hose at the surface or bury it to get at the roots of your garden. The LINEX has a kink-free plastic inner core and is made with recycled vinyl, making it a sustainable option for those who would like it. One great thing about LINEX is their customer service — the hose comes with a two-year warranty and they’ll replace it if it’s ever defective.

4. Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber Garden Hose

This is an excellent option for those who want extra caution for their lawn care. Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber Garden Hose now comes in bright yellow, so you’ll be very certain not to trip on or run over it. The company even now prints each hose with “CAUTION TRIPPING HAZARD” — an excellent feature for any place with customers.

As the name states, this hose is made of EDPM rubber, which the company says protects it from damage and cracking. The fittings are nickel-plated brass that should remain crush-resistant for years. It also has a hexagon shape for easy grip, lengths from 50 to 100 feet and stays flexible up to -25° Fahrenheit.

5. Flexi Hose

Another fantastic option for easy storage is the Flexi Hose. If you’ve never tried an expandable garden hose, this might just be your sign to do so. The big draw to this product is it stores at a fraction of its size and flushes out to its full length once you turn the water on. It’s made of multiple layers of latex and elastic, giving it its stretchable quality.

This company promises a lightweight hose that’s durable, leak-free and won’t kink. It also has a wide range of sizes, ranging from 25 to a whopping 150 feet. The Flexi Hose also comes with a spray nozzle that has eight spray patterns, giving you many possible uses. There are also a few colors for you to choose from.

Find the Best Garden Hoses for Your Yard This Season

As you’re getting ready to roll up your sleeves and start digging in the dirt, you may find you could use a new hose. These are all outstanding tools you and your plants could love for years to come. Use only the best garden hoses to help your lawn come to life in the summer.

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