15 Best Reading Lamps

Rose Morrison

Feb 16, 2023


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Avid readers need the right kind of equipment. Reading in low light can harm your eyes, so you should invest in one of the best reading lamps to help you see well under any circumstance. Reading lamps can be great in many different ways — they can add to your decor and pull your room together, or you can take them with you around the house or on your travels so you can read just about anywhere. These are the 15 best reading lamps for every type of reader, whether you’re concerned about price, size or quality.

Best Reading Lamps for the Price

When you want to read in the evening, you need some sort of lamp that can illuminate your reading without breaking the bank. These are the best reading lamps for a reasonable price — they’ll get the job done, and you don’t need to worry about all the extra frills when you just want to finish the story.

Brightever Industrial Desk Lamp

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to find a lamp that works for you. If you love the industrial style, you’ll enjoy this desk lamp with a swivel head — so you can turn the light toward your bed or your desk with one swift motion. This lamp is controlled by touch and can charge devices as it’s on. It’s also dimmable and comes with LED bulbs that last longer and are better for the environment.

$34 on Amazon.

TOPMB LED Wall Mount Reading Light

Without a nightstand, you may feel like your options for desk lamps are limited. You can stick this rubber lamp directly on the wall next to your bed. Using its bendable neck, you can angle the lamp toward your book to get the perfect amount of light every time. After four hours, it automatically turns off so you can get your rest.

$32 on Amazon.

GearLight NiteOwl Book Light

These adjustable reading lights can clip onto any surface. You have to charge them before you use them, but they’re such a great value because two are included in the pack. Also, it doesn’t contain any harsh LEDs that may mess with your eyes before bedtime. Instead, you can look forward to basking in these lamps’ soft amber glow.

$23 on Amazon.

White Crown LED Desk Lamp

With flickerless technology, this desk lamp is easy on the eyes and the wallet. It has a long warranty and a memory function to remember your lamp settings. With variations of white and yellow light, this lamp will meet every need you have without breaking your budget. You can use this lamp’s practical timer to inform you when to put the book down and go to sleep.

$20 on Amazon.

Vansuny LED Desk Lamp

This lamp has it all. It has anti-glare light that you can switch to several different modes to see what color and brightness work the best with your eyes. Its flexible neck allows you to bend it whichever way you need to see your book properly. It even offers USB charging ports so that you can charge your phone before bedtime. All of that, and it’s still an affordable price.

$25 on Amazon.

Best Reading Lamps on the Market

Some of the best reading lamps out there offer several amazing features that you can only get by spending a little extra. These lamps are more expensive, but for the extra bells and whistles that can add to the ambiance of your space and increase the quality of your reading experience.

Lastar LED Floor Lamp

This sleek, modern floor lamp can offer you a custom brightness and color, all according to your needs at the time. You can set lighting to be bright or dim depending on your mood, and you can control it all with the click of a button. It boasts a stable base, which is excellent for homes with children or pets that love to run around. For $20 more, you can get the pro mode, which has enhanced features like a longer timer.

$40 on Amazon.

DLLT Living Room Standing Floor Lamp

This floor lamp would fit perfectly in any living or family room. Because it has two bulbs with individual lampshades, it lights a room excellently and can also concentrate some light on your reading corner. The smaller side of the lamp is fully adjustable, so you can move it around to suit your needs and comfortability as you read when it’s dark out. As a bonus, the lamp looks great with most interior design styles.

$74 on Amazon.


The most unique factor of this lamp is its swinging arm, which allows you to adjust its light output to wherever you’re sitting with your book. This lamp comes with a second lampshade so that you can swap them out for a different look. The light has a warm feel that is easy on the eyes after a long workday.

$58 on Amazon.

Govee Smart Table Lamp

This uniquely-shaped lamp is as great a light as it is traditional home decor. It works with both voice and app control, so you can rest easy without getting out of bed to turn it off. You can set it on a schedule or timer. The app can help you create your own color combination. Since it can be used unplugged, you can charge up the lamp and take it anywhere.

$66 on Amazon.

JHD LED Floor Lamp

You don’t always read in the bed, and that’s why it’s essential to have a good floor lamp that covers enough space, no matter the room in your home. This thin lamp is a lot sturdier than it looks and can go up in increments of 25% for a spectacular brightness level and range. This lamp is also easy to understand, with a single knob that controls everything, making it perfect for people in your family who might struggle to understand technology.

$56 on Amazon.

Best Reading Lamps On-the-Go

Reading shouldn’t be limited to the comfort of your house. You should be able to travel and read your books with one of the best reading lamps that is also portable. These best reading lamps can be tossed into your carry-on bag so that you can read at night or on a flight.

Vont Clip On Light

The sturdy clip ensures that this light can clip onto any surface, making it perfect for your travels. Since it’s so lightweight and flexible, you can bend it to any angle, and it’ll be an excellent light for any hotel room or living situation. The lamp comes in both cool and warm white and has a setting for high and low light levels that you can alter depending on the focus level you need.

$16 on Amazon.

UNIFUN Touch Lamp Night Light

Entirely controlled by touch, this lamp has a unique look and a variety of color settings that can please your tired eyes before bed. It comes in two sizes if the default size doesn’t fit your needs. Your touch activates this lamp, and you can set it to any color you want. It can provide you with enough light to read, study or work in the darkness without hurting your eyes. Plus, it looks super cool and can add to the aesthetic factor of your bedroom or living room.

$20 on Amazon.

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

This reading lamp is unique in that it is completely portable. It sits around your neck, so you can read in any position or on any piece of furniture. The lights operate independently so that you can use one for dimmer light or both for maximum brightness. A single charge yields 80 hours of battery life, so you can enjoy reading at night no matter where your travels take you.

$22 on Amazon.

Energizer Clip on Book Light

This light clips right onto your book or e-reader so you can enjoy reading. It has a powerful beam that can keep going for hours after you charge it. This lamp would make a great gift or a travel essential to pack in your carry-on bag. The light isn’t invasive so it won’t disturb someone in the seat next to you or a sleeping partner.

$10 on Amazon.

W-LITE LED USB Reading Light

This lamp has a free angle and can be attached to almost any surface. With its rubber mat, you can be sure that this lamp won’t scratch up anything you link it to, making it the perfect travel companion when you’re staying in an unfamiliar place. The lamp’s round face ensures that light is distributed evenly, so you don’t have to worry about protecting your eyes in a hotel room.

$19 on Amazon.

Reduce Eye Strain With the Best Reading Lamps

Reading in low light will never benefit your eyes. That’s why you should invest in the best reading lamps that can light up your book and the space around you. Whether you want to avoid disturbing anyone else on your travels or just want a stylish lamp that serves a dual purpose, you’ll find something that suits every need you may have. Stop reading in the dark and let one of these lamps light up your life with its benefits.

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