What is a Casita? 4 Common Uses

Rose Morrison

Sep 19, 2022

what is a casita

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If you saw the movie Encanto, it’s possible you heard the word “casita” for the first time. The main characters lovingly call their home a casita, though the movie portrayal differs from an actual casita.

You might consider building a casita on your property since it has a variety of use. Here’s all about the casita and four ways to use one.

What are Casitas?

In the Disney movie, Casita is its character and is a grand home that generations of characters live in. An actual casita is a small dwelling built next to a primary property.

For example, if you own a home, your casita would be another dwelling, like an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

The word “casita” means “small house” or “cottage” in Spanish. The term came to the United States when migrant workers used it to describe their dormitories.

The term is now used broadly for tiny homes, campers and other small living spaces on a property.

What are Casitas Used For?

You can use casitas for many purposes. Some support complete independent living. Others serve as a separate kitchen or bathroom.

Here are four common uses for casitas.

1. Guest House

The most common use for a casita is a guest house or mother-in-law suite. It’s for guests to have a place of their own while they stay with you. It’s beneficial for long-term guests.

Some people like their guests to be nearby but do not share the same living space. Others like making guests feel like they’re on vacation by giving them a home that’s all their own.

If your household welcomes several friends or family members at a time, casitas are a great way to provide extra space so people don’t have to spend money at a hotel.

For couples with kids, a guest house is a wonderful date-night location close to home.

2. College House

Speaking of kids, another excellent use of a casita is for them.

Some families keep casitas on their property for their children to live in during college or as they start gaining independence. It lets them do their own thing while saving money to rent or purchase their place.

This type of casita gives your young adults a taste of living independently. It allows them to figure out what works best with the security of you being near. You might even charge a small rental fee to help them learn to handle finances.

3. Rental Property

If you don’t want a casita for your guests or kids, you might like one to rent. Casitas can make great temporary homes for singles or couples.

Compare properties online to determine an appropriate lease. Depending on your location, a casita can even serve as a vacation rental.

Having a rental property is a great way to make extra income and you might even make new friends. Ensure that you know your community’s policies around having rental properties.

4. Clubhouse

The last common use for casitas is to make them a designated clubhouse.

Casitas make great hang-out spaces for small gatherings. You could add a bar, a poker table or even a hot tub to make it a fun gathering place for yourself and others to unwind.

A clubhouse is an excellent way to add entertainment without taking up needed space in your home. It’s also suitable for family members who struggle to go out very far from home.

Having a Casita on Your Property

If you’re looking to expand your home, consider adding a casita. These quaint properties are versatile and are a great way to add value to your home.

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