The Most Iconic TV Apartments

Rose Morrison

Apr 14, 2023

most iconic TV show apartments

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You might not realize that you can name a show after only seeing the iconic home they stayed in. This backdrop sets the tone for specific characters. It reflects the show’s vibe and makes you feel like you’re in the room with them. It is an entertaining way to escape your life and live vicariously with your favorite characters on the screen. Some iconic decorations can even become a part of your home’s style and vibe. Here are the most iconic TV apartments. 

How I Met Your Mother, Ted’s Apartment 

Ted, Marshall and Lily have a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment before they move into a suburban home. It is located above MacLaren’s bar and has the perfect setup for hangouts, interventions and parties. 

The apartment looks packed with everything from books to video games and has many other miscellaneous but cool items the characters collected while they lived there. It gives it a very lived-in and realistic feel. Some notable things in the apartment are a piano, a work desk, a red phone booth and a pair of swords. There are many unusual objects to uncover in this famous apartment. 

ICarly, Spencer and Carly’s Apartment

This iconic apartment has three floors and is in Seattle. The home is originally Spencer’s and Carly’s, but only belongs to Spencer after the reboot. It’s a fun and artistic loft with lots of bright colors. It has an industrial look since it used to be a business building that got turned into a residential one. They have a private cargo elevator with high ceilings and plenty of room for making videos. Downstairs highlights Spencer more since there are sculptures and other notable creative items. 

The third floor is where the web shows take place. Carly, Sam and Freddie use the ample space to have special guests perform and have fun activities on the show. There’s a large window with colored glass panes in the back which complement the quirkiness of the bean bag chairs, rugs and the front of a car for decoration. One episode shows Carly’s bedroom, which has an iconic gummy bear chandelier that’s every kid’s dream. 

2 Broke Girls, Max and Caroline’s Apartment 

Located in Brooklyn, Max and Caroline live in a fun and lively home. They are supposed to be two broke servers but live in a desired area of New York. Although it’s unlikely they could actually afford the spacious apartment, it’s still a cool place. It also has notable features like a garden and exposed wooden beams. Their apartment is near the diner they work at and is the setting for many funny episodes. 

The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment 

For most of the series, Lenard and Sheldon live in an apartment in Pasadena. Their place is the hangout for this group that tends to stay to themselves. The place’s upkeep is enforced by a quirky contract Sheldon created.

They have seats that look broken in and are used for everything from gaming to eating dinner. The apartment is packed with science collectibles, tech gadgets and mind-boggling fun toys. A telescope and a DNA double helix molecular model are unique items that are staples throughout the show’s run. 

New Girl, The New Girl Loft

The New Girl loft is located in Los Angeles. It has high ceilings, big rooms and industrial metal doors. The space doesn’t embody the typical layout of an apartment you would find there. The spacious quality is hard to come by and would cost $4,800 a month for that kind of apartment. 

The style of this apartment is unique and would typically attract a crowd of musicians and artists since there are many windows and the space can be used as a studio. They have a communal-style bathroom which is unusual to have in an apartment, but Jessica Day makes living with it seem effortless. 

Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment 

Carrie Bradshaw lived in an apartment on the Upper East Side of New York. She mostly used her apartment as another closet, but it was also the most gorgeous on the show. Carrie paid $700 monthly to live in her rent-controlled apartment. As a writer who wrote one column, it would be safe to say she struggled to get her rent in on time. This one-bedroom apartment is still iconic, showcasing her life and love for clothing. 

The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri’s Apartment

Mindy is a successful OB/GYN, so she can live well in her new Manhattan apartment. Although she lives with Danny in the spacious loft, she could afford it on her own. It reflects her outgoing and fun personality and has beautiful and versatile furnishings, like her green couch and turquoise chandelier. Since she notoriously hated cooking, her small kitchen size was perfect.  

Friends, Monica’s Apartment 

Of course, you can’t leave out the most iconic apartment on TV, the one with the Friends. Anyone can identify the fun purple walls. Monica shared her apartment in the West Village with various group members over the seasons.

It’s conveniently set next to the iconic Central Perk café where they spend so much of their time. Back in the apartment, fans notably remember the gold frame around the door’s peephole and even add it to their home decor. Countless memorable moments happen here with lots of recognizable decorations. 

This home deserves to be at the top of the most incredible apartments. The final scene of the gang leaving their keys on the kitchen counter left many people in tears. 

The Bottom Line

There are so many unique and fun apartments on TV. Although they may not always be realistic for the location and price, it’s still fun to see how they reflect the people that live in them. What fantastic and iconic TV apartments can you think of? Did we miss any of your favorites? 

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