The Best Modular Apartment Furniture for Your Space

Evelyn Long

Feb 19, 2023


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Whether you’ve been in your apartment for a while or are moving somewhere new, you’ll want to find furniture that matches the size of the space and delivers greater functionality — because, let’s face it, apartment living is cramped. 

Thankfully, several modular furniture pieces are available to fit your needs. The brilliant aspect of modular furniture is its ability to grow with you and your living space as needed. Are you upgrading from a queen to a king-size mattress? An adjustable bed frame will expand wide enough to accommodate, allowing you a restful night’s sleep and less money spent.

Modular pieces are also much easier to move from unit to unit, typically compact enough to fold into themselves and reuse in a new way elsewhere. 

If you’ve never bought modular apartment furniture before and are unsure where to begin your search, think about what you may benefit from the most in your small living quarters. Are you in need of extra seating — but only when guests come over? Would storage space be helpful in your office or closet areas? Do you need a coffee table that can convert into an office desk?

Whether you’re interested in modular couches, consoles, dining tables or chairs, here are seven modular furniture pieces you may want to consider for your apartment.

1. HONBAY Reversible Sectional Couch

It’s common for renters to move from apartment to apartment when their lease is up. However, you may find that your new space has a different layout to work with. The HONBAY Reversible Sectional Couch delivers a sleek, modern look that allows you to assemble it to your liking. 

The dark bluish grey fabric is neutral enough yet offers a twinge of color and enhanced sophistication to your living room.  

Feel free to modify your sofa by placing the chaise on either side to fit against the wall. The square ottoman is a multipurpose design feature that acts as a footrest, storage compartment, additional seating or a place to rest magazines, books, remote controls or a tray full of drinks. 

Measuring 78.5 inches long by 53 inches wide by 35 inches high, you’ll love how easy it is to put this sectional together without any tools. 

$609.99 on Amazon

2. TomCare Cube Organizer

Apartments are usually tight on available storage, requiring you to get somewhat creative. With the modular TomCare Cube Organizer, you can solve all of your compartmental needs.

This storage unit comes with nine cubes measuring 11.8 inches by 11.8 inches each and is stackable however you see fit. Stick it in your closet for holding shoes and folded shirts and pants, or lean it against a wall in the living room or office for books, art, decor and other household items.

Choose between various colors, including black, white, gray, pink and woodgrain. The packaging includes a hammer and clear instructions on quickly assembling and disassembling the unit. 

$39.99 on Amazon

3. Zinus Adjustable Metal Compact Bed Frame

Much like your overall apartment living arrangements, the size of your furniture may get smaller or larger. Do you remember the modular bed frame mentioned earlier? The Zinus Adjustable Metal Compact Bed Frame expands to fit whatever size mattress you find yourself upgrading to. 

Perhaps you’ve gone from a full-size bed to a queen or a queen to a king. This bed frame is highly durable and capable of supporting the weight of your new box spring and mattress. 

Resting seven inches off the ground, you’ll have plenty of storage room to keep your belongings underneath your bed, such as suitcases or shoes. The look of this Zinus bed frame is also versatile to match multiple design aesthetics. 

Get ready for an easy assembly, too. Everything you need, including the tools and instructions, will help you put your modular bed frame together in less than 30 minutes. 

$74.91 on Amazon

4. WLIVE Wood Lift Coffee Table

Style meets utility with the WLIVE Wood Lift Coffee Table. As more people work remotely, sometimes multifunctional furniture is a necessity. Rest your coffee and notebooks on the side of this mid-century modern coffee table while utilizing the lift feature for your laptop.

In addition to its sleek design, this unit offers two compartments with a removable shelf and ample storage space under the lift-top. Hide board games, remote controls or other items out of view until you need them.

With the lift-top dropped, the measurements of this piece are 39.4 inches wide by 19.7 inches deep by 17.4 inches high. Overall, the coffee table can hold up to 200 pounds, with the extended lift capable of holding 11 pounds. 

$129.99 on Amazon

5. KOTPOP Folding Dinner Table

When you’re living in an apartment, you probably won’t need a giant kitchen table to eat at. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have more seating when you invite friends or family for dinner? 

The KOTPOP Folding Dinner Table is the perfect modular kitchen furniture for your apartment. Convert this table into a full dining area, writing desk or storage cabinet by folding down or lifting each side. Keep one side expanded for two people to comfortably sit and share a meal. 

Lock the casters into place to ensure your tabletop is sturdy. The straight edge makes it easy to lean the table flush against your dining room wall when the side is down to save more space.

The table itself is made from high-quality wood materials that are heat-resistant and easy to clean. Assembly is relatively straightforward, and the packaging includes detailed manuals and video instructions for you to follow. 

$199.99 on Amazon

6. Stakmore Solid Wood Folding Chair

Of course, you’ll need modular chairs to sit at your folding kitchen table. The Stakmore Solid Wood Folding Chair is an aesthetically pleasing addition to your apartment dining area and comes in a set of two. 

The espresso-colored chairs are timeless and include durable steel folding abilities that promise safety and comfort. Whether you live alone or with a roommate, fold your chairs when you’re not using them and lean them someplace where they’re out of the way. 

Keep an extra set of two on hand for when you’re hosting guests and need additional seating. The color will complement any style or theme you have in your home. 

$134.89 on Amazon

7. DVAISE 3-Piece Console

Your television is one of the main focal points of your living room, so a stunning console table is an important design element to include. Your console could have several purposes in an apartment, from being a television stand to providing plenty of added storage.

The DVAISE console has three adjustable pieces — two L-shaped shelves and one rectangular shelf — that can be worked into a variety of combinations. Hold movies, gaming consoles, music players, books and decor in one accessible location. 

In addition to using this as a console entertainment center, display it in the hallway, use it as a bookshelf or even as a sofa table. Its modern design will match whatever aesthetic you have in your apartment. The stand has a weight capacity of 55 pounds. 

$99.99 on Amazon

Functional Apartment Living With Modular Furniture

Modular apartment furniture makes living in a small space more practical and comfortable. It also makes moving a breeze. Consider buying modular furniture that looks nice, works well and is something you can grow with as time goes on. 

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