The Expert Guide to Finding Subcontracting Work

Evelyn Long

Jun 18, 2021

how to find subcontracting work

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Subcontractors are always competing with one another for the same job, especially if it means landing a particularly lucrative contract, and it’s not always easy. Wondering how to find subcontracting work? Learn more below about what you can do to secure more subcontracting work in your field.

Have a Strategy Going In

As with any major change to your business practices, you need to have a strategy going in. Don’t jump into the pool with both feet if you haven’t figured out how to swim yet.

Your strategy doesn’t have to be complex. It can include a few of our suggestions, all of them or none at all. Just make sure you have a plan and that everyone in your business is on the same page going forward. That way, you can organize your outreach efforts and conquer the industry with a focused approach.

Build a Strong Network

Word of mouth used to be the best, if often the only, way to advertise your company and secure more subcontracting work. While it isn’t the only option anymore, word of mouth can still be a valuable marketing tool and you should utilize it whenever possible. The easiest way to do this is to build a network of similar and like-minded individuals. Talk to everyone. Exchange business cards. Connect whenever possible.

Be the person that your network calls if they have a job they can’t complete or lack the skills to bid for. While competitive, the industry is also very tight-knit. If you take the time to build and foster those relationships, it can help you secure more subcontracting work in the long run.

Go to Trade Shows

Yes, trade show tickets can be expensive, but these massive, industry-wide events can also be valuable for networking and securing more work as a subcontractor.

You don’t need to attend every single show in the country or around the globe. Focus on the ones that offer the most benefit, such as the ability to network with local contractors or put your name in the hat to win local bids. The available possibilities will vary dramatically from one trade show to the next, so do your research and pick the shows that work best for you.

Maintain a “Looking for Work” Page

In today’s internet-steeped world, it’s nearly impossible to succeed without a strong online presence. If a potential client can’t find you on the web, they will probably move on to the next available option. One way to circumvent this is to maintain a “looking for work” page on your website.

This is a quick and easy place for potential clients to find information about you, up to and including your specialties, your schedule and how to contact you for an estimate.

Search for Help Wanted Ads

While we might be living in the Internet age, help-wanted ads are still one of the best places to find potential projects, especially as a subcontractor. Pay close attention to local classifieds and ads on sites like Craigslist to see what might be available in your area that you might not otherwise find.

Make sure you’re doing your research before you start submitting bids or seeking out employment through the wanted ads. Not everything is as it appears and there are plenty of unscrupulous individuals out there who are more than happy to take advantage of your goodwill and your desire to work.

Use a Lead Generation Service

Finding leads is often the most challenging part of securing work as a subcontractor. You can do all the legwork yourself, but if you’re having trouble securing leads, you do still have some options. Consider tasking a third-party lead-generation service to help you secure more bids and, in turn, land more contracts.

These lead generation services are also valuable tools if you need some help growing your business. They’ll help you find leads outside of your normal network and keep them constantly heading your way.

How to Find Subcontracting Work

The construction industry is fiercely competitive. But with a little bit of research and perseverance, you can learn how to find subcontracting work and secure it more frequently. Don’t be afraid to ask for help outside of your bubble or network. There are plenty of resources out there to help if you’re willing to do the work to find them and apply them to your company.

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