How to Declutter Your Bedroom in 8 Simple Steps

Rose Morrison

May 28, 2019


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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary — somewhere you can go after a long, stressful day to relax and enjoy your personal space.

But it’s all too easy for your bedroom to get cluttered, especially when most people tend to focus on cleaning up the visible parts of their home or apartment. In just a week, your bedroom can become inundated with dirty clothes, scattered books, charging cables and more.

If you want to keep your sleeping space tidy and serene, follow these tips on how to declutter your bedroom. You’ll be enjoying all of your extra space in no time.

1. Get Rid of Unwanted Items

A woman sorting through a variety of clothes to donate

The first step toward uncluttering your bedroom is going through all of the items and separating them into three boxes: one for items to keep, one for items to store away and one for things you want to donate or get rid of.

Some have found success with the Marie Kondo method, where you ask yourself the following questions while going through your items:

  • Do you love it?
  • Do you use it?
  • Is it special?

2. Pick a Multi-Use Stand

A teal nightstand with three drawers and a lamp and two books on it

If you have a small bedroom, you have to get creative with your storage options. One decluttering method is a multi-use nightstand or dresser. Not only does this type of furniture provide an excellent surface for items like a lamp or alarm clock, but you can also use the inside shelving for storing clothing, blankets or pillows.

3. Get a Hamper

An upclose image of a blue hamper to declutter your bedroom

One of the biggest culprits of a cluttered room is dirty laundry. Clothes lying on the floor or hanging across chairs can quickly pile up and take over your room. One of the best options for preventing this is by investing in a hamper.

Experts say the best laundry baskets are those made from heavy-duty plastic that won’t crack or snag your clothing. You should also look for a basket with sturdy support handles that can easily manage a load of up to 40 pounds.

4. Organize Your Closet

Multiple different colored clothes hanging in a crowded closet

Even if you have a large closet, it can be easy for clutter to take over. When clutter gets in the way, you’re often not using your closet space as efficiently as possible.

To organize your closet, first, empty it of all the contents. Then, give it a good cleaning, being sure to sweep the floor and wipe down shelves. Then, go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in more than a year. Once you have all your clothes ready to put away again, hang them in groups of similar items, being sure to choose up-front spots for your most-worn items.

5. Get Drawer Dividers

A white drawer with white drawer dividers to separate pencils

Drawer dividers are a great way to store small items without them flying around in your dresser. Things like makeup containers, pens and jewelry are the types of odds and ends that can easily fit into a drawer divider and reduce clutter.

6. Install Hooks

A white pegboard with white, pink, and green accessories hanging

Another way to maximize wall space, beyond installing a pegboard, is to add hooks to your shelves, doors and walls. Hooks are great for hanging up clothes you want to wear again before washing. You can also use them to store coats, hats, scarves and other accessories.

7. Remove Unwanted Furniture

Wooden paneled room with green plants and old furniture

Take a look at the furniture in your room and decide what you need and what can go. Since furniture tends to be big and bulky, an unused piece can take up lots of space you could be using more strategically. For example, say you have a rocking chair you haven’t used in years. Consider donating it or storing it away for another time.

8. Create Seasonal Storage

Brown cardboard box with "storage" written on it

If, like most people, you live in an area with changing seasons, you can reduce clutter by storing away your seasonal clothing. For example, when it’s summer and your clothing preferences include T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops, it makes sense to store away bulky sweaters and winter jackets until the appropriate time.

Some recommend using vacuum-sealed bags for storage, which can save additional space by removing air from the bags and allowing you to store more in one spot.

How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Ultimately, your bedroom needs to be a space for peace. Unfortunately, clutter only adds to the stress, making it hard to relax after a long day. Thankfully, a day or two of fixes and shopping for storage solutions can help you keep your room well-organized for the long haul.

Turn your bedroom back into a sanctuary by following the tips above on how to declutter your bedroom.

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