New Home Construction Ideas: 8 Trends

Rose Morrison

Oct 24, 2021

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Are you looking to build your dream home? Perhaps the pandemic madness taught you that there was no better time than the present to start breaking ground on your goal. 

When building from scratch, the world is your oyster. What are the most trendy new home construction ideas? The following list should help you design your dream dwelling. 

1. Eco-Friendliness

Eco-friendliness is all the rage for two reasons. More people now realize how crucial it is to protect the planet earth. Additionally, many sustainable features save homeowners hundreds, even thousands, on utility bills each year. 

One way to save the planet while saving cash is going solar. The extra money doesn’t stop at lowered utility bills. You can claim a 22% tax credit for systems installed in 2021. If you can hustle and get her done by years’ end, you can claim 26% in 2020. You’ll say “cha-ching” when you file in the spring. 

Other ideas include installing features like skylights and one-way window tint to take advantage of passive solar heat and more sustainable materials. For example, hempcrete is low-impact and annually renewable, plus it offers affordability and is non-toxic. 

2. More Spacious Kitchens

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and today’s models aren’t tiny cramped spaces. The best new home construction ideas provide ample space to make this room another living area. 

What happens when Thanksgiving rolls around, and you need two oven temperatures — one for a roast and other for the turkey? Features such as a dual oven allow you to tackle feeding massive crowds with ease. Make sure to include an island, also, so that you have a place to carve your culinary creations. 

With more schools holding classes on a part-time basis, your child might need a quiet place to study. A sunny nook doubles as a homeschool classroom — plus snacks like ants on a log are only feet away in the fridge. 

3. Well-Designed Entryways 

When it comes to well-designed entryways, your foyer welcomes your guests from the outdoors. You want a warm, stylish place with room for them to remove their shoes and hang up their coats and hats. 

However, you probably enter your home most often through your garage or side door near your driveway when laden with groceries. A well-designed mudroom lets you doff dirty dog covers so you don’t trail filth on your white carpets. Plus, the addition of a pet door allows Fido to shake off the last flakes of the leaf pile he recently rolled in instead of making it look like a tornado hit your hallway. 

4. Neutral Cabinetry 

If you ever checked out the price of cabinet hardware, you know it rings in at a pretty penny. Fortunately, today’s modern design features minimalist cabinetry with neutral tones and a lack of knobs. 

Think matte black or grey, or if you want a more sunny, open look, go with white or ecru. One or two glass-fronted cabinets to display your most elegant stemware breaks up the look. 

5. Layering Old and New Elements

Don’t overlook the value of remodeling when looking for new home construction ideas. You might opt to renovate an existing structure and discover a valuable treasure beneath that dingy linoleum. Polish that hardwood, and you have a floor that will last for generations. 

If you build from the ground up, look for ways to incorporate classic materials that stand the test of time. You see stone farmhouses standing for centuries because these substances last. 

6. Small, Efficient Designs

Are you downsizing because the kids went off to college, or you merely want the less-is-more experience? Why not get in on the small, efficient design trend by investigating alternatives like tiny homes or shipping containers?

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may need to build a larger structure and classify smaller buildings as accessory dwelling units. However, if your kids want independence after graduation without the high rent cost, you have new home construction ideas to explore. Your main home could contain a sizable kitchen and communal dining and game area, with each family member having their own she-shed-sized “house” containing their bed and bath. 

7. Or Multi-Generational Layouts

Another new home design trend involves multi-generational dwellings featuring two distinct living areas under one roof. The “in-law” suite might contain a small living area and kitchen, along with a bedroom and master bath. 

Such solutions make sense for extended families if you want to share utility and mortgage costs — saving you money. They also create convenience if grandma often minds the kiddos while you telecommute. 

8. Celebrating the Outdoors

More people today realize the value of spending time outdoors, and they want their living spaces to reflect their love of nature. Features such as extensive decks and patios can become the cherry on top of your new home construction idea. 

Look for wraparound porches or consider including a small balcony off each bedroom. In two-story dwellings, such features can make it slightly less cumbersome to escape if a fire breaks out on the first floor — especially if each porch has a stairwell. 

Get in on These New Home Construction Ideas When Building Your Dream 

If you’re designing your dream, use these eight new home construction ideas in your design. You’ll have the most modern and friendly home on the block. 

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