10 Low-Maintenance House Plants

Olivia Elsher

Feb 23, 2023


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array of low-maintenance house plants

Decorating with plants adds color to your space and creates a relaxing ambiance. Plus, they’re easy to add decor that won’t break the bank. For those who don’t have a green thumb, there are still a few options. Here are some low-maintenance house plants to consider. 

1. A Paddle Plant

This plant is big, with round leaves and pink tips. They need bright light, so place them on your windowsill. Make sure to turn the pot a quarter turn weekly, so all sides get enough sunlight. The paddle plants will look lovely in your kitchen or bedroom. One of the benefits is these plants are on the drier side, so it’s okay if you forget to water them occasionally. 

2. Try Lady Palm

Palms create an excellent addition to any space. Their leaves provide texture to liven up your living room. It’s easy to care for and only needs indirect sunlight. So, consider placing them along dim hallways. Just be sure to water it properly. In the spring and summer, water, whenever the top inch of soil, feels dry. In the fall and winter, water whenever the top two inches of soil feel dry.

3. Add Peperomia

These are perfect indoor plants. One of the main reasons they’re low-maintenance plants is their drought resistance. They hold water in the stems and leaves. So, try not to overwater them. Check that the soil is fully dry before the next watering session. Peperomia is excellent to add to kitchen tables during warmer summer months. You could also place them in sunnier spots in your living room. 

4. Buy Pothos

Pothos is one of the more common low-maintenance houseplants. It can withstand darker conditions and over and underwatering. So, place them in underlit hallways or basements. These are also great for people with busy work schedules and less time to water the plants. The vegetation also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space. It has bright and waxy leaves with a heart shape. They’re often green, white or yellow.

5. Incorporate a Mini Jade Plant 

The Jade plant retains liquid in its leaves if you forget to water it. Place them in a sunny window and water them when the soil feels dry. They work best in the south or west-facing areas of the home. They have thick, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves. They also have a miniature, tree-like appearance that helps bring the outdoors inside. This aligns with the popular biophilic design trend. 

6. Add An Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen

Suppose you tend to overwater your plants. This is one of the good low-maintenance houseplants for you. It can withstand excess moisture. They can tolerate periods of drought and the dry air often found indoors.  Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen comes in various colors, such as green, pink, white and red. This can help brighten up your living room or office space. Keep them at low to medium levels of light.

7. Add a Chinese Money Plant

This fluffy plant can tolerate harsher conditions than other ferns. It can adapt to both brighter spaces and darker corners. Just be sure to keep the soil moist. Due to their adaptability, you can place them in almost any room, like the guest bedroom. These create statement pieces due to their distinct shape. The green shoots grow up and out with saucer-shaped leaves. 

8. Go for a Kentia Palm 

This plant provides a sense of elegance with strappy dark leaves. It can grow quite tall and doesn’t require constant care. Position it in bright light but away from direct sunshine. You only need to water in spring and summer. Aim for moist, but not soggy dirt. During the winter, keep them away from radiators and mist with water. 

9. Place Some Yucca

Yucca’s do well in sunlight. Place it deep enough pot to balance top-heavy wooden branches and water. Look for homes in your house that get the most sun exposure. For example, which rooms have the most windows? The benefit of these plants is that slow growers don’t need to water them daily. You can also add some general-purpose fertilizer in spring and summer. 

9. Grow a Spider Plant 

These are great plants for beginners. They have beautiful pale green leaves. The one thing to remember is to keep them away from direct sunlight. So, place them on coffee tables away from windows. Also, keep the dirt moist but not soggy. Feed them with houseplant food in the summer only. Suppose the tips turn brown; this may be due to dry conditions or underwatering. You can cut off the ends and move the plant to a cooler area. 

The Best Low-Maintenance House Plants To Add To Your Home

Houseplants are perfect directions that can even help purify your air. Although, for some people, gardening doesn’t come naturally. Vegetation requiring less water and growing in dark conditions is best for beginners. Use these low-maintenance house plants as design inspiration for your next remodeling project.

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