Tips for Living With Less

Rose Morrison

Feb 23, 2023


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In today’s society, there is a draw towards a bigger and better lifestyle. Televisions and billboard ads get people excited to buy the next newest thing. However, living a minimalist lifestyle allows you to focus on what matters in life. Plus, it can help declutter your home. Here are ten tips for living with less. 

1. Reduce the Number of Clothes You Own

Do you wear every single piece of clothing in your wardrobe? For most people, the answer is probably no. You may have pieces in the back of your closet you only wore once.  

When you grow out of certain items, they also waste space. So, consider spending a day decluttering your closet. If you want some extra cash, sell the unwanted clothes online. Then you’ll have fewer clothes to sift through in the morning. 

2. Get Rid of Old Decorations 

Many decorations may not be that sentimental. You may pick up items because they go with your home’s design or are on sale. You might also have holiday decorations collecting dust in the garage. 

However, these decor pieces take away from meaningful ones. Walk around your home and remove any decorations that don’t have sentimental value. Consider getting rid of these items at your next garage sale. 

3. Limit Your Children’s Toy Collection

Kids are also brought up with a more is better mindset. They may collect too many toys that end up cluttering your living room. Try to reduce their collection and buy new items only on special occasions. 

Having fewer toys can teach kids to be more creative and share. Also, it encourages kids to go outside and play. In fact, kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Remember to talk with your kids before moving their stuff. 

4. Get Rid of Unused Cooking Supplies

Your kitchen can quickly fill up with cooking utensils. Often it’s hard to find enough places to store items. However, sometimes simple cooking is better. You probably don’t need all those fancy devices sitting on the countertop. 

Buying less also saves you money for more important expenses and keeps your space organized. Go through your cabinets and drawers and take out any items you don’t use regularly. Store these in a plastic bin somewhere out of sight. Then separate the rest of the items into four bins-trash, redistribute, donate and keep. 

5. Have Fewer Televisions at Home

We spend about three hours a day watching television. Many homes often have more than one for separate viewing. Although, binging your favorite television show for hours isn’t good for your body. 

It’s essential to get up and be active. Sitting for too long can cause lower back pain and increased blood pressure. Fewer devices allow you to spend more quality time with your family. 

6. Clear off Countertops 

Clutter can cause distractions when trying to work or focus at home. Everything on your countertop competes for your attention. Although, in today’s age, we have become more accustomed to distractions. 

Try to remove excess trinkets from your countertops. Place these in drawers and cabinets. Less clutter can also make your space feel more relaxing and less crowded. You might even realize you don’t need some of the items. 

7. Remove Some Furniture 

Clearing furniture gives you more space to move around and increases airflow. Consider what furniture pieces you don’t often use, such as an older chair in the corner. These furnishings can take up more space than you realize. 

If you need more room for storage, rent a unit or give it to friends or family moving to a new home. Suppose this feels a little overwhelming. You can also do a trial run and temporarily store certain items. 

8. Keep Items That Hold Value

The first step to living with less is knowing your values and priorities. What matters to you? This information helps you spend money on things that make you happy and less on unnecessary junk. 

Reduce your weekly shopping trips if financial security is a top priority. If connecting with family is important, spend less money going out on the weekends. 

9. Prioritize Self-Care 

Self-care is crucial to keep you feeling good. It can also help make a minimalist lifestyle easier. For example, when stressed out, you can make quick and convenient choices that aren’t the best. You may overspend on items to cheer yourself up. So, make your self-care routine a priority. To start, get plenty of sleep and eat healthily. 

Here are a few more tips:

  • Dedicate time each day for yourself. 
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Talk to yourself kindly.
  • Spend time off social media.
  • Put yourself first. 

10. Cherish Experiences 

Living with less allows you to focus on experiences rather than possessions. Spending time with people you love and creating lasting memories is essential. So instead of collecting things, collect moments. 

Just because you’re a minimalist doesn’t mean you live cheaply. Plan trips away, nights out with friends or unique adventures. Suppose you have a tighter budget. There are fun things to do for free, such as hiking. 

 Ideas for Living with Less

Having too much clutter drains your energy and makes your home feel crowded. That’s why the idea of a minimalist lifestyle is growing in popularity. Follow these tips for successfully living with less. 

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