How to Keep Your Home Cool Without AC

Olivia Elsher

Aug 27, 2022

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Have you ever wondered how you can stay cool without AC?

For many households, the hottest time of the year lasts for longer than just the summer months. People who don’t have or use air conditioning might find it challenging to make it through those months, but there are ways to keep your home relatively cool even without air conditioning . These tips and tricks will provide you with some energy efficient, eco-friendly, and practical ways of cooling your home.

1. Blackout Curtains

People often put blackout curtains in their bedrooms to prevent light from leaking in and disrupting their sleep. They’re a must-have in any urban or suburban setting, where you’re bound to have lights outside your house. Still, they have a use beyond just nighttime.

By using blackout curtains, you can prevent light from getting into your home and warming it up during the hot summer months. They regulate temperature well and they’re useful for different reasons year-round.

2. Grill Outside

When it’s hot, you don’t want to draw more heat into your home by spending time cooking. Using the oven or stove will only heat up your house more.

If you need to cook, make sure to do it earlier in the day or at night when it’s cooler outside. Otherwise, opt for grilled food outside so you can keep the heat out of your home. Every night can be a “hamburgers and hot dogs” night for your family, and you can couple the entrees with fresh vegetables you can easily prepare inside.

3. Keep Box Fans Nearby

Box fans can change the temperature of a room very easily. Try to only have them running in rooms you frequent so you can be as energy efficient as possible. One box fan should be enough to cool down a room, but you may want one for each of your standard living spaces so you don’t have to pick a fan up and move it frequently. You may even find that you don’t need to run them all the time — just when your home needs an immediate cool-down.

4. Keep Windows Closed

Nothing feels more refreshing than a natural breeze when it’s hot outside. Unfortunately, opening your windows to bring in fresh air will also allow humidity and heat into your house.

If you want some fresh air, make sure to go outside and stand in the shade to catch the breeze. Once you’re inside, you should make sure that you keep your windows closed until it cools down a bit. You don’t want any of your cool air inside escaping, just as you don’t want heat leaking into your house.

5. Reflective Window Tint

Reflective window tint is useful for several reasons, and regulating temperature is only one of them. It also helps you see out while preventing nosy people from seeing inside your house. Window tint work just like curtains to prevent sun damage on furniture and flooring, making it a great addition to your home for windows that don’t have blackout curtains on them. That way, you can keep the aesthetic look of your sheer curtains while preventing heat from coming in.

You can opt for brand-new windows to apply tint to if you need an upgrade. Often, newer windows help with energy efficiency, which can keep you cool in the hotter months when you do decide to run your air conditioner. Replacing all your windows at once can get a bit pricey, so make sure to budget efficiently for these upgrades.

6. Replace Insulation

When was the last time you checked your attic for insulation? You may not have any, which means your house will easily become cold in the colder months and warm in the warmer months. Insulation allows for the proper regulation of heat, which can save you from a hot interior if heat is coming in through your attic. Replace your insulation so it can do its job well and keep your home temperature-controlled.

7. Plant Greenery

This solution is more of a long-term solution that can prevent heat in the future. Planting shrubs and trees can provide your forever home with shade over the years. Trees might take a while to grow, but bushes can block out some of the sun as soon as they mature. Make sure to pick variations with wider leaves and density so they can shade your home for years to come.

Provide Relief for a Warm House

For those that do not have AC whether it be because you do not have an HVAC system, or because you are trying to be more environmentally-conscious, everyone deserves to feel comfortable and cool in their home. By following the tips and tricks in this article, you can efficiently keep your home cool without the power of AC.

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