6 Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

Olivia Elsher

Feb 24, 2023


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indoor plant decoration ideas

Move over dog dads and crazy cat ladies — recent surveys show that plant parents are all the rage. 

According to the Consumer Houseplant Purchasing Report 2021, nearly 78% of consumers believe their plants make them happier — a likely reason for the 5% increase in indoor plant purchases during pandemic lockdowns in 2020. 

The real question is what to do with all the plants you bought. Here are six indoor plant decoration ideas you might want to consider for your home or apartment. 

1. Vertical Wall Garden

Vertical wall gardens are aesthetically pleasing to look at and can deliver a beautiful, organic touch to your living area. They’re also easy to install, with various modular planting systems to choose from. 

Perhaps you’re looking to add some greenery to your dining room or grow some of your favorite culinary herbs in the kitchen. There’s no definitive way to assemble the perfect indoor vertical garden. However, whatever plant system you decide on should be waterproof to avoid damaging your walls. 

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2. Windowsill Herbs

Herbs are perhaps the easiest plants to grow for beginner gardeners and thrive whether they’re indoors or outside. Consider planting herbs in small pots and positioning them on your kitchen windowsill. 

Avid cooks will love the opportunity to grab fresh basil, thyme, rosemary and oregano in a pinch as they prepare meals. Better yet, if you’re one of the 6% of Americans who fear spiders, peppermint is an excellent natural repellant against your least favorite creepy crawlies. 

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3. Plants on Shelves

Do you have a bookcase that’s desperate for a pop of color? Maybe your living room has built-in shelving. These are the perfect places to add a few low-light indoor plants. 

Of course, you can find other exciting ways to incorporate plants onto your shelves. Leaning a ladder against the wall is another neat idea to add warmth with natural elements and elevate the space.

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4. Colorful and Unique Pots

Plants have a unique way of making a house feel more like home, but you can take your place from drab to fab by incorporating colorful specialty pots. 

Generic ceramic pots are perfectly fine if that’s your taste — but why keep it ultra simple when you have so many decorative containers at your fingertips?

Whether you prefer the vintage look, something sleek and shiny or a homemade planter’s imperfections, there’s a pot for everyone’s style preferences. You might even decide on a wicker basket to showcase your plants while adding texture to your neutral home design. 

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5. Plant Stands

Give your plants some height with a plant stand. Plant stands might be free-standing units or planters with mid-century modern legs that hoist the pot up directly from underneath. 

Both looks are highly functional and come in several different structural forms that appear great in any space. Tuck your plants in the corner of the room or add depth by selecting two different planter heights next to each other.

The internet is full of design inspiration for plant stands if that’s the decorative style you’re after.

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6. Hanging Planters

Dogs and cats are naturally curious creatures — however, some plants can harm their health if they ingest a leaf or breathe in their aroma. 

For example, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) warns that lilies are the most toxic plant for cats. Even the slightest exposure, such as licking pollen off its fur, could lead to severe kidney damage and death. 

Other toxic plants to animals include daffodils, lantanas, tulips and sago palms. Do some research before purchasing indoor plants, especially if you own a dog or cat. 

Otherwise, hanging planters are visually stunning and keep your plants high enough off the ground and out of reach. You can even plant beautiful hoyas that drape over the edge — even better, all hoya varieties are non-toxic to pets.

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Spruce Up Your Home Design With These Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

There are endless possibilities for decorating your home interiors with indoor plants — and it can be done in any space, whether a large primary bedroom or a tight corner with limited options. Enjoy the beauty of your plants and the improved indoor air quality. 

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