Decorative Indoor Flower Pots for the Plant Addict (Updated for 2023)

Evelyn Long

Nov 28, 2023

decorative indoor flower pots

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Do you suffer from a positive plant addiction? If you consider each ficus like a child, you don’t want to let them wear just any clothes. You want to show them off looking their best. Treating your baby begonias requires investing in the best decorative indoor flower pots.

What are the best decorative indoor flower pots? We’ve gathered some of our favorite decorative planters on sale around the web. The 14 on this list are sure to delight your decor. 

1. For the Vintage Lover 

Nothing screams classic style like chinoiserie. If you love a timeless look for your decor, you can’t go wrong with this white-and-blue planter, perfect for holding your prized African violets. You won’t kick it over accidentally, as it weighs a full 12 pounds. It matches most interior decorating aesthetics too. It could easily blend into a bookshelf or become a statement piece on your coffee table.

Buy: Midsize Round Floral Planter, $142, From Chairish

2. For Neutral Decor

You can’t go wrong with clay-colored terracotta planters. If you want a stylish look for your home office that won’t raise your clients’ eyebrows, invest in these modern-looking pots. The various sizes will work on desks, shelves or floors. The color also evokes a calming vibe, so they’re an excellent addition to stressful places like at-home offices or dining rooms.

Buy: Antique Terracotta Planter, $49, From Rejuvenation

3. To Show Off the Sun

hanging copper flower pot holding a green plant

When the sunlight streaming through your window strikes this planter, it glows with an inner warmth. Copper looks equally gorgeous when it weathers, but you’ll want to keep this planter sleek and shiny indoors. Get several and vary the lengths of the chains for a layered look. If you ever need to clean it, a glass cleaner product from your local grocery store will easily take care of fingerprints, smudges or water stains.

Buy: Hanging Copper Planter, $49.95, From Williams Sonoma

4. For a Tropical Touch 

Woven baskets make you feel like you’re getting ready to stretch out on a beachside hammock. This light tan basket will showcase your bromeliads and let their colors steal the show. It looks equally at home in your living room and back porch. Add a seagrass touch to your home with a woven aesthetic that makes any room feel more earthy and grounded.

Buy: Wyn Woven 6.3-Inch Planter Basket, $24.49, From Amazon

5. For a Splash of Color 

Who said you have to stick to neutral colors like black and tan? You can find gorgeous ceramics in every color under the sun. The forest green tones in this planter will add a sense of tranquil calm to your bedroom or living area. Use the monstera leaf imprints to emphasize your love of indoor gardening or create a tropical vibe in your living room.

Buy: Embossed Green Monstera Leaves Planter Pot, $32.50, From The Next Gardener

6. To Purify Your Man-Cave

Sometimes, basic is best. This cleanly designed black planter box adds a breath of fresh air to your study or man cave. It won’t clash with either books or sports memorabilia. This planter gets the job done without looking too artsy or feminine. If you’re looking to start an indoor garden that doesn’t clash with your NASCAR posters or framed comic books, this is the planter for you.

Buy: Glossy Black Square Planter, $7.99, From Amazon

7. For Tall Orchids

slate rubber self-watering flower pot

Orchids are incomparably beautiful, but they do require special handling. Showcase your tall, bloom-covered stems in a planter custom-made to balance their height. You can pick it up when you stop in for potting soil. This pot guarantees enough vertical space for root systems, allowing your orchid to thrive without the risk of rehoming it to another planter.

Buy: Tierra Verde 14-Inch x 27.5-Inch Slate Rubber Self-Watering Planter, $59.9, From Home Depot

8. To Put a New Twist on the Herb Garden 

You know those five-foot trees you walk by in the garden section of your home goods stores? Grow them at home with this large planter set. The bigger bronze planter is perfect for trees while the smaller one can hold shrubs or flowers. You’ll love how the varied heights look in your home, especially with the white and gold criss-cross design that lends a modern appeal to these pots.

Buy: Metal and Gold Plated 2-Piece Planter Set, $240, From JC Penney

9. For the Modern Primitive 

Clay planters look at home in any modern decor, but they also complement a rustic farmhouse look. For the ultimate in versatility, turn to this set. They’ll look incredible alongside farmhouse decor, interior design pieces evoking a desert vibe or a minimalist room with earthy decor.

Buy: Olly & Rose Terracotta Planter Set, $34.99, From Walmart

10. For the Sporty Set 

Do you live to ride your bicycle? Let your succulents have a seat in these vintage bike planters and pay homage to your other favorite hobby. The vintage bike design looks great in any room. It’s also perfect for anyone who collects dolls or wants a visual throwback to their childhood.

Buy: White Bicycle Planter, $47.99, From Amazon

11. For the California Dreamers

Few things say California like palm trees and these green-colored planters will look right at home in your solarium. Showcase your love for all things coastal with this pot that has stamped palm leaves around the blue-green paint.

Buy: Colusa Teal Leaf Textured Ceramic Planter, $18.98, From Home Depot

12. For Those Short on Space

white ceramic wallscape indoor decorative flower pot

Are you running out of floor space for all your potted plants? Go vertical and turn your wall into a foliage gallery with this planter set. It’s deep enough for soil and root systems, but you can also use them to hang air plants or succulents.

Buy: Ceramic Wallscape Planters, $29 to $39, From West Elm 

13. For the Feline Lovers 

three cute cat flower pots for succulents

Are you a crazy cat lady and proud of it? If you are, showcase your adoration of both feline friends and vibrant foliage with these adorable planters. Their rosy cheeks and subtle smiles are a sweet nod to the housepets that have captured your heart over the years.

Buy: Osblek Cute Cat Pot Planter, $29.99, From Wayfair

14. To Add a Touch of Ancient Greece

two Grecian head flower pots

You can’t get more classical than ancient Greece. Show off your love of ancient art and architecture with these Grecian bust pots. The cream-colored pottery matches any existing interior design scheme while lending a more-than-vintage appeal to any home.

Buy: Grecian Bust Pot, $44, From Anthropologie

Show Off Your Foliage With These Indoor Decorative Flower Pots

From whimsical to classic, you’ll find planters on this list to delight any taste. Indulge in soul-soothing retail therapy by shopping these decorative indoor flowerpots today. 

decorative indoor flower pots

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