How to Get Rid of a Bed You No Longer Need

Rose Morrison

Jan 4, 2021


Is it time for your old mattress to take a permanent nap? If you have a bed you need to dispose of, you have a hassle on your hands. The trouble extends beyond how to maneuver the bulky thing down your stairs. 

You can’t take your old bed to the curb in most jurisdictions, so what can you do? You have four options for responsible disposal. The best method for you depends on your available resources:

1. Take It to a Recycling Center

You don’t want your old mattress filling up a landfill. However, not all recycling centers have the necessary equipment to handle such bulky items. Before you load up your local hardware store’s rented truck, call the venue to ensure they will accept your goods.

However, don’t throw up your hands if your nearby location doesn’t accept your donations. Many manufacturers now handle recycling in-house, and you can contact the company that made your products to return them for parts. Another idea — place an ad on the free section of a local site, like Craigslist. That way, people who can use your old bed for new purposes can come and collect it. 

2. Break It Down for Usable Parts 

One clever way to get rid of a bed is to reuse its most valuable components. Depending on the brand, you might have tons of usable materials in your mattress. You could have fiber, wood, metal and more. To start the breakdown process, remove the plastic pieces that many manufacturers use to reinforce the corners. Then, cut and tear away the dust cover to get to the materials underneath. 

Once you disassemble it, you can decide what to do with the components. If you’re crafty, you might already have visions of delighting your grandkids with new stuffed toys. You can usually find people to buy scrap metals, such as the springs, and many recycling centers will accept them. You can repurpose the wooden frame to build a birdhouse or painted garden stakes to mark your various plants

3. Sell It for Cash 

If your mattress still offers support and is free from pesky bedbugs and embarrassing stains, why not sell it for cash? You can use online sites like Mercari to make the exchange a snap without an awkward meetup. Granted, you will have to add a considerable fee for shipping if you go that route, but you can also find local buyers on sites like Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace. 

When you create your online listing, take a quality photo of your mattress or your entire frame, if you are parting with the whole kit. Remove any stuffed animals or unnecessary clutter from the picture to highlight the bed only. It’s okay to leave a pile of artistically arranged pillows so would-be purchasers can imagine sinking into comfort. 

4. Donate It to Charity 

Finally, you can also donate your old mattress to charity. As with a sale, you want your goods free from unsightly damage and stains. Organizations accept gently used goods but reserve the right to reject donations they can’t use. 

Health and sanitation laws prohibit some organizations, like Goodwill, from taking donated mattresses because they don’t have the equipment to prepare them for reuse. However, Habitat for Humanity and the National Furniture Bank Association will take these goods. Call before you make the trip to confirm whether your chosen organization accepts mattresses. 

Get Rid of Your Old Bed Responsibly 

If you have an old bed, you can’t cart it to the curb with the rest of your garbage in many areas. Get rid of your bed responsibly and sustainably by using the tips above.

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