How to Decorate Your Porch for Fall: 10 Ideas

Evelyn Long

Sep 27, 2022

how to decorate a porch for fall

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Fall is here, which means cooler weather, changing leaves and fall holidays. It also means it’s time to swap summer decor for autumn decorations. Your porch is one of the first things guests notice when visiting your home. A festive porch can help get others in the fall spirit. Here are 10 ideas for how to decorate your porch for fall. 

1. Add an Autumn Welcome Mat

An easy way to make your porch fall-themed is by adding a welcome mat that matches the season. 

Different styles are available to purchase, including subtle designs with a red, orange or brown background. You could also get a mat with fall leaves, pumpkins or Halloween designs.

Choosing a fall welcome mat is an easy way to add decor that makes your porch feel more festive. 

2. Choose “Rusted” Planters

When looking for fall planters, you can add a unique fall vibe by choosing ones with a rusted appearance. 

You can find these planters in many home and garden stores. They give a rustic feel that helps your porch feel nice and cozy for fall. 

You can add in some pumpkins, dried flowers or fall plants to complete the look. 

3. Hang a Fall Wreath

Wreaths are a way to show spirit for any season, including autumn. 

You can get a natural or artificial wreath made with wood, straw, leaves or mixed metals. These materials are stapes or autumn, sturdy and should last through the season. 

 The proper wreath can bring all the good feelings of fall to anyone who visits your porch. 

4. Add Garland

Hanging a garland is an easy to make your porch a fall celebration. 

You can find or make different strings with artificial leaves, gourds, pinecones and beads at different craft and retail stores. Hang them around the border or your porch, string them around other decorations or frame your door or windows with them. 

Adding garland to your porch creates a noticeable way for others to get into the spirit of autumn. 

5. Use Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a way to recycle your summer florals and add to your porch’s fall aesthetic. 

Globe amaranth and hyacinth are just some flowers that work well in a dried arrangement. 

Make a bouquet to put in a vase or planter, or use them in a homemade wreath or garland. 

6. Hang Quilts

It might seem unconventional, but hanging a quilt on your porch can help create a comfortable fall atmosphere. 

You can choose a quilt with different fall colors or patterns. Hang it against a wall or over a window. 

Be sure to use a quilt made of a performance fabric that can handle staying outdoors. 

7. Incorporate Pumpkins 

Pumpkins symbolize fall, from Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween and harvest decorations for Thanksgiving. 

These gourds make incredible porch decorations and can be placed on porch steps, scattered along the sides or stacked into displays. 

You can choose natural or artificial pumpkins in different shapes and colors to fit your preferences. 

8. Add Some Mums

Mums are colorful fall flowers that bring a pop of color to any fall porch. These plants add life when other flowers and plants begin dying. 

You can place them in pots or planters. Stick to one color to match your display, or get a variety for a rainbow of flowers that can last the season. 

These fresh flowers are a great way to beautify any fall porch display. 

9. Mix Metals 

A variety of metals work well to give a glamorous fall display. 

Silver and gray tones add a modern twist to artificial gourds, wreaths and decor. Choose a metallic paint to give fresh pumpkins a matching update. 

By mixing silver, gold and bronze, you create a modern-day look that will impress anyone viewing your fall porch display. 

10. Make It Kid-Friendly 

When you make your porch kid-friendly, you encourage your or another’s children to join in the fall fun. 

This means having appropriate seating, incorporating fun Halloween decor and leaving plenty of space for trick-or-treating. 

A kid-friendly fall porch is one the whole family can appreciate. 

Decorating the Perfect Fall Porch

When decorating your porch for fall, it’s important to choose the decor that works best for you and your home. 

These ideas can help you plan the perfect fall porch for you. 

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